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Demi Moore

Secretly Attended Miley's

Penis Cake Party

2/3/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus
Just 9 days before her whip-it induced medical emergency ... Demi Moore partied under the radar at Miley Cyrus' BF's birthday bash in L.A. ... you know, the one with the penis cake ... more evidence that Demi was desperately clinging on to her fading youth.

Multiple sources who were at Club Icon on January 14 tell us ... Demi was hanging out with her daughter Rumer and some young friends ... mostly kickin' it in the VIP section.

We're told Demi was drinking Red Bull all night ... a drink she's been obsessively sucking down for years. We're told she left with Rumer sometime after midnight. 

A few days later, Demi was seen clubbing with Rumer around Hollywood ... and on January 23rd, she was hospitalized after inhaling nitrous oxide in the form of whip-its, a drug that's super popular with high school kids.

People familiar with the situation tell us ... it's not hard to connect the dots. The woman who became famous for what people thought was eternal youth became a believer in the illusion, and it manifested itself in various ways -- partying with her daughter and her 20-something friends, obsessing over her body image, and finally using drugs that appeal to people more than half her age.



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Demi is a real life Norma Desmond from Sunet Blvd... funny thing is that Gloria Swanson was 50, Demi's age, when she played Norma Desmond.

963 days ago


I guess the kaballah religion has not helped her much. Try Jesus, Demi!

963 days ago


Shadough: Who cares if a man can reproduce at 60? The question for me is not should he because that's nunya. The question is Why would he want to? And buying 20 year olds? So a man can do that, I guess, if he wants to. But he's buying beauty because a broke Hugh Gefner down the street wouldn't get 20 year olds. But Demi is alsobeautiful. Just as beautiful as a 20 year old, but just in a different way. Most 20 year olds give the aura of DTF. So that's what's appealing about them, not whether they can reproduce. I doubt guys at bars are saying, "I want to F her so she can give me offspring." So your argument is really lame

963 days ago


Also, why do Hollywood ladies have a hard time finding roles after 40? Well, let's see... Who are the moving-going public? The majority is teenagers. So what kind of movies are out there? Things that appeal to teenagers... Also, when there's a love interest of the main man character, like Bruce willis, they'll put someone half his age like Mila Jovovich with him. It's so obvious that men take on younger women because they themselves want to feel young and in the IN CROWD. Women, well, I think that there are so many divorces nowadays that that leaves the "role" of a woman open to much more. Where earlier she'd be at dinner with her husband, come home, wait for her kids to come home with dates while watching the news with hubby or gettin it on with hubby while kids are away, or "knitting," Now they're divorced, the men are out, the kids are out, and a woman over 40 has no one to knit for, no one that wants a sweater because her kids now are at the club, wearing slutwear, not sweaters.

963 days ago


They also don't mention how Demi and Miley have a new movie comming out and it is not uncommon for co-stars to attend events held by their co-stars. I'm sure there were other people there much older than Miley.

963 days ago

Joe Davis    

Way to keep it classy, Demi!

963 days ago


Grow the eff up! And while you're at it take Madonna with you.

963 days ago


I never knew Demi was such a wackadoo until I saw her on Letterman (I think it was) years ago when she came out in a bikini with ginormous fake t-ts. She looked so ridiculous and so desperate for attention. And as a recovering addict, I KNOW drinking Red Bull is off limits . . I would think she did too!

963 days ago


Doesn't she own a town in Utah? And didn't she leave Hollywood to raise her children there for some sense of normalacy? I think she shoul pack it up lock, stock and barrel, move back and run for mayor. If she's lucky, her age appropriate personal trainer is still pining away for her ther and can be her support and hopefully feed her until she gets back on her beautiful bony feet. Rock it Demi, own 50 cause 15 looks way worse on you than 50.

963 days ago

Queen Karma    

1-The penis cake is weird, makes no sense and add that it is very old, as in not shocking.
A penis cake for a giuy's birthday? What is he gay? Then it is choc, and Liam is White so in other words, Liam is a gay guy who prefers Black men.
Miley is trying to be funny and shocking, but she is licking the wrong end of a penis.
The penis cake is not shokcing and is old as in bridesmaid biy one at bachelorette parties. No big deal or anything shocking.
2-Demi Moore needs to act her age. She is hanging out with her daughter and other 20 somethings she could be their mother.
Ashton Kutcher is looking like the mature one here, and you that is sad, but at least he is han ging out with people his age

963 days ago


PS tweet this Ashton, you are a douche.

963 days ago


What a tool,,,$$$ out the butt and she gonna starve to death!!!She looks like the crip keeper on meth!! Wize the hell up,, put some weight on and cmon to PA,,,

963 days ago


It is just ridiculous for a woman her age to be partying with kids half her age! She needs to focus on trying to act her age!

963 days ago

Montclair Grandma    

As more and more news items about Demi Moore come out they reveal a woman without class and a lot of emotional/behavioral
problems. Still not defending Ashton for the way he handled himself, but keeping Demi on an even keel must have been a tiring job for all concerned.

963 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..." Demi desperately clinging onto her youth" know TMZ...sometimes words can really hurt...cut her some slack already, give her a chance to repair whatever is wrong with her and stop picking on her...think of her kids at least..this is like celeb-bullying...enuff..

963 days ago
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