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Joe Jackson

Hocks Perfume in Tacky Mall

2/3/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson selling perfume at the Julian Rouas Paris kiosk
Joe Jackson must have been having an out-of-body experience Friday ... the man who played the role of marionette to one of the most successful musical groups ever spent the day hocking cheap perfume at a Las Vegas mall.

Joe was the special guest at the Julian Rouas Paris kiosk, which is hocking "Jackson Perfumes."    A famous sketch of Michael Jackson looms large amidst the perfumes. 

And the whole operation may be illegal.

As TMZ previously reported -- Bravado International -- which owns the trademark to all things Michael Jackson -- is suing Julian Rouas Paris, alleging the company never got permission to use Michael's name or image.

But that didn't stop Joe, although it appears he dozed off during the slow period.

The good news ... there's no line if you want an autograph.



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I wouldn't doubt if Michael never gave his father a stipend, but only put it in his mother's name. But his mother very likely gives Joe an allowance, but I bet it isn't much. Hence his constant attempts at making money. However, could be he has access to lots of money, but just has low self esteem and wants desperately to be "somebody".

939 days ago


To reiterate a previous poster's comment: "Hocking" would be 1) To pawn an asset, or 2) To extract from one's lungs, as in "hocking up an oyster" lol. What the pitiful old man Jackson is attempting to do is "hawk" or represent/market a product. C'mon TMZ - get an editor, or at least a proofreader.

939 days ago


It's sickening how much of a vulture he is! He would've never been getting away with this crap if Michael was still alive.

939 days ago


The final curtain for Joe Jackson. Sad, lonely man all alone in a big old shopping Mall and not a soul around him. The chickens have come home to roost Joe. They don't want you any more. Now he knows how Michael felt. Alone with thousands around him.

939 days ago

mj fan forever    

Of course it's illegal, and of course the lawsuit did not stop him from trying to make money off Michael!!!! Even if he pretended to change the name of his perfume, it is well known that Joe is selling it because of Michael!!! So, that nasty woman is selling her maps with judge's permission, Joe is selling his perfume and greedy unnatural mother Katherine makes her shady business every time she can, along with the Jackson family of parasites, exploiting Michael's name, his children, which are growing up without any guide!!! Everything without the slightest shame and without nobody who is able to do something to stop all of them vultures once and forever!!!! It is very unfair!!! Shame!!!

939 days ago

Cindy Jacobs    

Joe Jackson is a disgusting human being. Can't he just let his RIP without continually trying to make money off of him?

939 days ago


You call the mall "tacky" just because old Joe was sitting there? C'mon TMZ, one bad apple dont't spoil the whole bunch....

939 days ago


I am lost for words. Why can´t this old man just enjoy his retirement? Take a stroll and feed the birds (the birds with two wings) or something? I am sure Mama Jackson gives him enough money to get by. But he is obviously determined to sink as low as he can get....:(

939 days ago


Who would have thought that he would be the first Jackson to actually go out and get himself a job?

I wonder when the rest of them will start hawking burgers or washing cars?

939 days ago

Old Schoolteacher    

Isn't it better said hawking NOT hocking? Hocking is meant for pawning not selling.

939 days ago

paul a.    

There is something very sad about this story....

939 days ago

Matthew B. McNally    

Joe Jackson is one of the most despicable humans to walk the Earth. A man who pimped his children, for personal wealth. A man who has NEVER taken responsibility for the results of his verbal, physical, and psychological abuse. He should be shunned wherever he goes!

939 days ago


How is it that you got a crystal-clear photo of the perfume booth, but the alleged photo of Joe Jackson is so blurry and taken from so far away, that you can't even tell it's him. That could be anybody. Joe is a creep and this sounds like something he'd do, but come on.... get better quality photos!

939 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Sad, on so many levels.

Meanwhile lawyers for the estate are bathing in Dom Perignon and eating live babies for dinner.

939 days ago
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