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Joe Jackson

Hocks Perfume in Tacky Mall

2/3/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson selling perfume at the Julian Rouas Paris kiosk
Joe Jackson must have been having an out-of-body experience Friday ... the man who played the role of marionette to one of the most successful musical groups ever spent the day hocking cheap perfume at a Las Vegas mall.

Joe was the special guest at the Julian Rouas Paris kiosk, which is hocking "Jackson Perfumes."    A famous sketch of Michael Jackson looms large amidst the perfumes. 

And the whole operation may be illegal.

As TMZ previously reported -- Bravado International -- which owns the trademark to all things Michael Jackson -- is suing Julian Rouas Paris, alleging the company never got permission to use Michael's name or image.

But that didn't stop Joe, although it appears he dozed off during the slow period.

The good news ... there's no line if you want an autograph.



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Carla S.    

::He gave Michael a lot of hormones to keep him stunt his growth and keep his voice high ::

LOL, gullible much? MJ did not take hormones for his voice, you can hear his voice naturally transition on record as he hit puberty, he recorded every year of his life, it's not rocket science. It's genetic - 5 of the 6 Jackson brothers have soft voices, so do many of their children. Secondly, MJ was 5'10, so how was his growth stunted?!

Seriously, people believe every little rumor, it's hilarious.

1002 days ago


It's not "hocks" unless he was at a pawn shop; he was "hawking".

1002 days ago

rich lather    

there's a reason michael was always trying to distance himself from his family, except for katherine and janet.

1002 days ago


Michael is his mums child.

1002 days ago


I say the.guy should be able to make money off his own son. He should.of got help by whoever owns.the mj name. They should of worked together I feel sorry for him.

1002 days ago


dear mr. copy editor:
"hocking" is pawning something.
"hawking" is selling something.

1002 days ago


If this is true, then why not show his face? for those who made ill comments about MJ, shame on you guys, GET A LIFE, YOU GUYS HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO?. He was not convicted of being a Phedo/molester. Let the guy R.I.P.

1002 days ago


It is not right that the media makes fun of Joe Jackson this way! I feel sorry for him! I am sure that Michael would have included Joe in his new will had he made a will later in 2009 before he died. Because Michael had understood and forgiven Joe. Michael still loved his father. And Joe had changed and become a nice person later in his years. It is the change that counts, which needs to be appreciated. The only reason Joe is selling perfume is because he needs money. And Michael as a son should have provided for his father! If you were to compare Joe to today's fathers, Joe did not abandon his 9 children! He gave up his dreams of becoming a boxer or a musician and worked several jobs at a time just to provide for his children. He took a genuine interest in his children's talents, dreams and potentials and did not let them go waste. At that time, it was difficult for African Americans to be successful in any field. He helped his children believe they will be successful and work hard to become successful. If he beat his children, he did no different than the African American fathers of that time. That's how Joe was raised and African American kids.

1002 days ago


Ummm that's the Fashion Show Mall on the strip and is FAR from tacky. With stores like Louis Vuitton, etc, tacky isn't exactly an accurate description.

1002 days ago


Joe Smowwwwwwwwww

1002 days ago


TMZ writers have no educational qualifications, so what do you expect-literacy? Real journalism? Sheeesh!

As for Joe, it's not the first time he's humped MJ's bones, I'm sure.

1001 days ago


BTW, it's not only puppet master and marionette that you screwed up, it's HAWKS, not HOCKS, stupid.

Did you get your education reading a box of cornflakes?

1001 days ago
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