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Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry

Judge Rules

in Custody War

2/3/2012 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the judge in the Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry custody war has issued his ruling, and we're told Gabriel will not lose custody of Nahla while he's being investigated for child endangerment.

But, we're told, that's not the end of the story. The ruling is complicated and there could be dramatic changes in the custody agreement.

As we first reported, Gabriel had already agreed to take anger management classes. As for Halle, she'll continue with counseling. And, as we reported, 3-year-old Nahla will also undergo counseling.


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Good! There is no way that child should be removed from a loving fathers care on his custody time. Halle is a wench and only wants to cause pain to Gabriel. Horrible, awful mother.

995 days ago


Halle, is playen the biggest role of her life!! I'm glad the judge is being fair.Fire the nanny!!!Gabriel, should be with his little girl!!Joan Crawford said she was a good mother, to!!

995 days ago


I bet David Justice and Eric Benet are breathing a sigh of relief. Halle only married this guy cause she wanted a kid and knew he didn't have the money to contest her.

995 days ago


I cant believe shes going to show her face at the Oscars to present, I really cant. Shes damaged goods now, everyone sees how she is, and shes just gross. Shes a racist bitch, and if that Judge had any sense, he would give full custody to the father so she can gimp around LA with her new boy toy shes trying to make Nahlas new daddy.

995 days ago


Come on people get your **** together - you have a three year old in counseling because of your bickering!

995 days ago


Hmm, seems to me the judge might be leaning a bit towards Gabriel by letting him keep custody during this mess. I could be wrong, but... Actually, I feel sorry for Nahla for having to go through this. She's old enough to sense all the friction. Plus, she probably has to listen to Halle talk sh*t about Gabriel all the time.

995 days ago


She's an F'ing NIGHTMARE!

995 days ago


Good for Gabriel ! Obviously the judge sees something going on here. Hopefully he rules in Gabriels favor as well, to get the nanny kicked to the curb.

Go Team Gabriel !! Thankfully we dont have a presiding judge who sides with the mother, just because, and who has a level head on his shoulders.

Halle Berry is a piece of work !

995 days ago


Hopefully Gabriels lawyers had those pics of Nahla kissing Oliver Martinez on the lips blown up and presented to the Judge to give him and idea of what Halle is all about. Despicable.

995 days ago


so in other words Halle did not strip G.A. of his share of the custody and TMZ does not have the goods.

995 days ago


I'm happy to hear the judge didn't take custody away from him. That little girl loves her daddy no matter what Halle thinks. I can't imagine some nanny following me around and telling me how to raise my child every single time I was with my child. I'm sure he does have anger, I would. Terrible that a three year old has to go to counseling. I wish Nahla a happy ending.

995 days ago


I had a feeling he wouldnt lose it because if the judges even for one second thought Nahla was in trouble the first judge would have removed her from his care immediately. I also don’t think Halle really believed that Aubry would hurt their child. Obviously she saw an opportunity to get rid of him and she grabbed it without looking at the big picture. This is not good for her side and hopefully she will learn how to sort out her issues with her baby daddy out of court. You both have to be adults and sort out this stuff for yourselves. Running to the authorities every time you have a family issue sometimes will lead to undesirable consequences you might not like. What did Halle gain by filing this suit? Yes Aubry is in anger management which I imagine he needs, but the courts are now aware of how determined she is to alienate Aubry from his child, we know she is in parental counseling because she can’t handle her sh*t with her babydaddy and her 3 year old is going to see a therapist (i bet she didnt think of this when she was filing her suit). Plus the accountant in her lawyer’s office is going to get their bill ready. Why didn’t she just wait for the investigation to be completed and then file a suit based on those results?
Aubry tread carefully because this judge has given you another chance. There are people I know who havent been so lucky when dealing with psycho exs. Get off Halle’s crazy train because your daddy role is up for grabs and Olivier Martinez is auditioning for the role. You cant allow yourself to get drawn in to the screaming matches and her drama. She wants you to lose it and you have to be smarter than her. Think about that baby first. You should both be reasonable and handle your parenting like adults. If you have real concerns that you have failed to work out, take them to your parental counselor. You will both learn a lot and hopefully stay out of the court system.

995 days ago

not surprised    

Another innocent little child being screwed up by one these married one week, divorced the next Hollywood couples. Before you know it one of them will be married again and another child will be brought into the mix, and the heartache for these little children will deepen. So sad for the children they bring into this world. Most stars are to self centered to be parents.

995 days ago


It's such a shame what these two are doing to this little girl. They need to put the crap between themselves behind them and make it work for their daughter! No more nannies unless you're working.

995 days ago

Throwback kid    

It's vey sad that a 3 year old has to go into therapy because her parents behave like teenagers! I don't know much about Gabriel but he is coming off as a selfish jerk. Halle has a long track record of failed relatinships and when they are over Halle says they either abused her or they are racist, she is a professional victim. Halle has severe abondonment issues because her father left her as a child, despite being in therapy for years Halle appears to be more angry and crazier now than ever before. I feel bad for her daughter, at this rate she will grow up to be another screwed up Hollywood kid. halle Berry should get herself in treatment for the sake of her daughter, she has serious mental issues to go with her borderline personality

995 days ago
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