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Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry

Judge Rules

in Custody War

2/3/2012 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the judge in the Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry custody war has issued his ruling, and we're told Gabriel will not lose custody of Nahla while he's being investigated for child endangerment.

But, we're told, that's not the end of the story. The ruling is complicated and there could be dramatic changes in the custody agreement.

As we first reported, Gabriel had already agreed to take anger management classes. As for Halle, she'll continue with counseling. And, as we reported, 3-year-old Nahla will also undergo counseling.


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These two people need to suck it up and do the best for their daughter. The father may have anger problems, but I don't think Halle is all that innocent either. She has a history of being with abusive she's no angel either. Poor kid, it's tough enough growing up in Hollywood, but with two angry parents as well ??

931 days ago


Good for the judge!!! Halle is being such a bitch and hopefully karma will strike sooner than later!!

931 days ago


Halle is such an evil human. this sounds JUST like what my ex-fiance's ex-wife tried to do with him. this evilness is just another reason i am not with my ex anymore and why he got ride of his ex. crazy / insane cycle!!! Halle's star needs to dim a little - i don't think she's that great of an actress and now will not support ANY of her films. her new love/fiance should stop and think REALLY hard if he really wants to marry her b/c there is still time to get out.

931 days ago


A crazy woman has a baby with a crazy man. I wonder what the outcome will be?? Poor kid.

931 days ago


I am glad Gabriel will not lose custody and that the judge finally did the right thing. If the judge does not fire that nanny he is insane. The child should not have to be around that tense situation and the drama that horrible nanny is causing. Also it is obvious the nanny is a spy and Gabriel should not have to deal with that. Gabriel should be able to hire his own nanny. Also if he gives Halle more custody he is the worse judge ever!

931 days ago


If something happens to that little girl, the judge will not be losing any sleep over it.

931 days ago


What Halle accused him of saying regarding the racial slurs is not only hearsay,it's rubbish. First of all the fellow is Canadian and there really isn't that type of issue prevalent, like it is in some parts of the States (not all states). Second this guy has not said one thing to the public,the media, etc to try and slander Halle. He just seems to be acting (and reacting) in desperation of the possibility of losing his child. Those who believe Halle need to give their head a shake. She has selfish motives - he just wants to continue to be part of her life as he well should be. It takes a spoiled brat to think she can erase him from the picture because he doesn't suit her life anymore. Me thinks she's lost a lot of fans through her public shena****ns.

931 days ago


Gabriel has truly won my respect for fighting for his daughter. He should make all dads proud!

Gabriel, keep FIGHTING for your child!..She's your lil' your exact image...she is your princess, your angel..she is daddy's little girl, CLEARLY!

931 days ago


The nanny Alliance Kamdem was denied her request for a retraining order against Gabriel Aubry in court on Tuesday 24 January and quit at that moment.

931 days ago


F the parents. I don't even care who is right, or wrong at this point. That poor kid. How could they not take a step back. Look at the situation. Realize that a 3 year old kid they brought into this world is in counseling now. A freaking 3 year old kid in counseling?? Holy crap. How could you look yourself in the mirror after playing any part in that as a parent.

931 days ago


I don't know why these women think their children must end their relationship with the Father just because they are finished. I would imagine that she has involved that little girl in everything and tried to ruin the relationship between Father and Daughter. Good for him, he is not going to go away. The ilttle girl should know and love both parents and she should be happy the Father wants to be in her child's life.

931 days ago


I still disagree. When was the last time Aubry earned a paycheck? Gabriel Aubrey outside of pretty boy modeling, if not for Halle Berry, people would not even know who he is.

He's the male version of Ox. He's not stupid either. They both have used their little daughters for money. Ox, Mel Gibson, Aubry, Halle Berry.

931 days ago


I suspect the judge cut Ole Clueless a break because he agreed to start attending "ANGER MANAGEMENT" classes; however, he probably won't be receiving too many more, if he doesn't completely "GET ON BOARD" with the remaining DCFS recommendations. Gabriel Aubry's not completely "OUT OF THE WOODS", yet and he still has at least 15 more years to "CO-PARENT" his daughter with Halle Berry. By now, he should realize that Halle Berry isn't going to "PAY" him to "GO AWAY" and he better "GET SERIOUS" with following through with whatever recommendations DCFS and the court propose.

931 days ago


This one time, Halle Berry allegedly hit and run.

931 days ago


Oh my god, stop this shiv NOW Halle. I know you think you are totally in the right but for fuxsake think about your daughter instead of your own anger. This man is her father. What you say about him is going to be what she will soon reflect upon herself. Do you want to be responsible for that?

931 days ago
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