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Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry

Judge Rules

in Custody War

2/3/2012 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the judge in the Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry custody war has issued his ruling, and we're told Gabriel will not lose custody of Nahla while he's being investigated for child endangerment.

But, we're told, that's not the end of the story. The ruling is complicated and there could be dramatic changes in the custody agreement.

As we first reported, Gabriel had already agreed to take anger management classes. As for Halle, she'll continue with counseling. And, as we reported, 3-year-old Nahla will also undergo counseling.


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jodie sweetin is a meth addict hahahaha

939 days ago


anthony kedis is dope. his nanny is even doper

939 days ago


the actor that was in the original beast master eats at the daily grill every week. he's got a thing for the bartender

939 days ago


hey guess what everyone in the world? ashton kutcher is not funny. and he has a micro falice

939 days ago


steve tisch buys a shi* ton of art... good taste too. nice house. nice lil mistress but hes got a hot as* interior designer assistant. woooo.

939 days ago


THIS JUDGE HAS NAHLA'S MENTAL HEALTH and long term security and happiness in his hands. I sincerely wish he would consider how Halle Berry's boyfriend kissed this precious, innocent little girl on her lips, while all along the mother looked with approval. A predator starts out slowly, gains the confidence of his victim then comes in for the all out sexual molestation with his smiles and gentle words of encouragement. I pray to God this judge sees through what terror Nahla might be facing, being unable to protect herself except, by daddy. Also, I pray to God the court sides AGAINST the celebrity as they normally do. Let us, ALL, keep Nahla in our nightly prayers for her health and happiness and be permitted to grow up as God intended for all precious little children. It REALLY works!!!

939 days ago


MADE A TERRIBLE ERROR. I left out the word,"not." Should be, "The court sides AGAINST the celebrity as they normally do "NOT." SORRY!!!

939 days ago


Sigh.. 3 year olds need a nap not counseling.

939 days ago


It's kind of funny how everyone is thinking that Halle is the reason her child's father decided to act like an ass. REALLY! Now I don't think that all of his rights to his child should be taken away, but I do believe that if he acts out in anger around his child, then yes he needs to take anger management classes. Stop blaming the mother for the father's issues. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!

939 days ago

patricia reynaud    

Halle Berry only doing what a mother should do to protect her child.Some mens act like ******* sometime.I think she shoudn't let him see his daughter if he has anger problem.Because it confuse the child alot.

939 days ago


Halle Berry's human, how 'bout that? Like this type of situation doesn't go on among us "normal" people every day in the courts? She's angry and bitter and trying to wash the man out of her hair but she needs to grow up. That's the baby's daddy and, if we can believe the pictures, Nahla loves her daddy. And, yes, if he needs anger management, so be it. But I'm thinking there better be a class for Halle, too. This isn't the first time bitter parents are spiteful towards one another, celebrities just have to contend with the spotlight. Unfortunately, the children have to observe and live with their parent's insecurities and childishness.

939 days ago


You racist bastards, all of you. You don't know crap about what Gabriel is really like but you don't care as long as you can stick it to Halle. The POLICE HAVE SAID GABRIEL HAS A TEMPER! (no doubt while he's screaming the "N" word at Halle who even Gabriel's friends admit he does). Get over it people, and stop trying to hurt Halle and her kid because Gabriel is White. Most of you posters are purely EVIL people.

939 days ago


you people are making up crap that you don't know what you are talking about. He is being investigated and you are reading crap into this article that TMZ wrote, not the way it was written by the courts, he still has to have supervision when he has Nyla. He is the idiot, not her. He is the broke A$$ that latched on to her, he is worth a mere $4 million dollars, she is worth $40 Million. I agree she should have never hooked up with that jerk. He's a has been. Why would the maid tell the police that he hells at Nyla and calls her name, she has nothing to gain out of it. You haters are pathetic.

938 days ago


The heading would be much more appropriate as `Halle Berry Custody War`as she is the only one at war here. All of the time. This man agrees to EVERYthing. He even flew from country to country with her and Nahla while she was filming. Now he has agreed to classes. Seems he will do anything to keep a relationship with his daughter. Despite her known mental issues, he isn`t trying to cut her relationship off with her daughter....she will probably do that all on her own. What a shame.

938 days ago


I have nothing but LOVE for Halle. She will be just fine.

938 days ago
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