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'Fear Factor' Staffers

Killing Donkey Semen Episode

Was an Expensive Mistake

2/4/2012 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0126-fearfactor-ex-tmz-01"Fear Factor" staffers aren't just pissed NBC execs pulled the plug on their donkey semen episode because it's hilarious -- they're pissed because ANOTHER stunt on the show was extremely expensive to stage ... and now it's going to waste.

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, in addition to the donkey semen stunt -- contestants had to jump a car through a moving train ... a stunt that cost roughly $150,000 to put together ... and now, will never see the light of day.

On top of the train disappointment -- we're told some staffers were baffled by NBC's decision to yank the episode ... because the semen challenge was "hands down the nastiest concept" out of the bunch of other stunts that were killed BEFORE coming to fruition.

As one source put it, "There's lots of other gross stuff, but how do you top donkey semen?" A good question.


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I think the "boys" at TMZ like the photo of the Donkey Spew in a glass, a little too much.

989 days ago


Leave animals OUT of human stupidity! If anyone is gross enough to drink ANY semem just to be on TV - they SUCK period.

989 days ago


I am so sick of this nasty ass story and the nasty ass photo that comes with it. Please... PLEASE kill this topic or give me a way to click a tab and not have to read it. Thank u.

989 days ago


The producers of fear factor are comparable to a pimp. Pimps engage prostitutes to do degrading acts for money. The producers are doing the same thing to people in the general public for money. Sad and disgusting!

989 days ago


This was the most disgusting idea ever in the history of TV.
Just reminds me of why I don't watch this garbage. You idiots could have someone very ill. Cancel this crak of a show !

989 days ago


Yep....Just sick. Plain and simple, sick. Who cares how much it cost. They were dumb eff's for doing it in the first place. No matter how indifferent and insensitive this world can get, I think there will always be that one thing that crosses the line...

989 days ago


There are lots of ways to top donkey semen, I can think of a few!

989 days ago


Hey, you morons, pull your heads out of your bank books for a minute and give your heads a shake. Seriously, do you hear yourself? You are more concerned with money than you are about your own culture or humanity. You even left the donkey sperm and the donkey urine in the sun all day, so that your fellow-Americans who are going to drink it can pull in bigger laughs. You are so brainwashed and absent of intellect, I wouldn't pay you to watch a donkey.

989 days ago


Here's the funny side of it!Fear Factor Star “Addicted” to Animal Sperm

989 days ago


staffers were baffled ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DUH,,,The General Public is not ALL GAY,,,,FF AND NBC ARE SICK,,,WHO CAME UP WITH THIS SICK STUFF,,,MILK IS PASTURIZED ,,BUT THIS ,,,,,

989 days ago

buzz kill    

Does anybody even care about how the donkey feels about the situation.

989 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...get rid of this post already...makes me feel icky..and tired of seeing!!!!!

989 days ago

hung and dashing    

"Fear Factor" is the expensive mistake. What a horrid little show it is and has always been.

Producers talk about "losing" $150-grand or so? What's it worth to all those people they had degrade their humanity by drinking beast of burden semen and piss? That would seem to not even have a price tag and yet producers moan about losing $150-grand for a stunt in which more people exchanged their lives and limbs potentially for some game show chump change? It all demonstrates what horrible people are associated with "Fear Factor", NBC and COMCAST which owns them all.

989 days ago

Pauly Wee    

I am SO SICK of this story. Why does TMZ KEEP reposting this over and over. We get it, it's disgusting..The picture is disgusting. It's old news now. Let's move on PLEASE!!!!

989 days ago


NBC should have aired it, as soon as they said what the stunt was, viewers could change the channel and stay and watch. So it is okay for them 6 years ago to show contestants eating various animal penises and testicles but not this? Really? Get over it...they should air it just to see how many viewers they get, bet it would be the MOST watched episode ever! And everyone who is against it, they would be watching too!

989 days ago
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