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Justin Bieber

Tantalizes Crowd with Shirtless

Skateboarding Exhibition

2/4/2012 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Justin Bieber shirtless
A crowd of Justin Bieber fans was thrilled to see their hero skateboarding outside his recording studio in Miami last night -- then he took off his shirt and they went BALLISTIC.

Bieber was at the Hit Factory and a crowd of about 60 fans gathered outside. According to one witness, the group waited about five hours for a glimpse of the Biebs, when he finally obliged and came out to skateboard for a few minutes. 

The most disturbing part ... after he took off his shirt and the screaming subsided, one girl BEGGED for Justin to give her his shirt, promising, "Please, we'll share it!"

Kids today.


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he suck

994 days ago


he can't even good

994 days ago



994 days ago


He sucks so bad it makes me sick. And he calls THAT skate boarding? I'm not an expert but i know going back and forth isn't real awesome. Pardon me while i BARF when he takes his shirt off too.

994 days ago


It's obvious that skate boarding session was staged. His routine was carefully prepared and he didn't do anything that any kid with a few weeks of practice couldn't do.

He's trying too hard to get some "street cred".

994 days ago

Bobo Frog    

There are few things uglier than grown adults jealous of a teenage boy because he has accomplished more in his short stint on this Earth than they will until the day they die.

994 days ago


Thanks tmz now i'm scared for life! This LITTLE BOY needs to keep his shirt on! He has no muscles and can't sing! He will NEVER be in the same league as Michael Jackson! Just like he will NEVER been in the league as Taylor Lautner!

994 days ago


Nice article...hey everyone is back and better then ever.

994 days ago

Anna Benning    

I turned on the tv this evening and your program was/is on. Kim's behaviour is so atroush, I had to change the channel. She and her sister Kris are spoiled brats, who without their mother Kris Jenner would still be nothing walking up and down Hollywood Blvd trying to figure out what they might want to do with their lives. Neither of them have an original stable thougth or idea. Their mother is a genius and fantastic far beyond the normal business woman and if it were not for her, regardless of her daughters good looks wouldn't be anywhere. They are nothing but spoiled, rude, obnixious brats and I wish they would take the program off the air as well because the only thing they have going for them is their ability to literly stumble through each day and see which one gets the award at dinner for creating the most drama. Your lives are pathetic. what are you going to have to say for your own, not your mothers accomplishes in 20 years. Somtimes I think my life is difficult and unpleasant, but watching you, I just thank God I don't even know you. Find a life girls

993 days ago


He has moobs

993 days ago


Tantalizing for a 12 year old and that is disturbing. Other than teeny boppers only degenerates would find a body of a 13 year old tantalizing.

993 days ago


He was showing off for his boyfriend. Not that surprising.

993 days ago

Lady Juliette    

Sorry but I can't tell you that that is Justin Bieber. Who ever that is looks in too good of shape to be the Bieb's.

993 days ago


REALLY?!?! I don't understand why they are so thrilled about something that hundreds of thousands of teenage boys AND girls can do all over the world!!! .... smh...

993 days ago

jamie janks    

Really? Tantalizing? Are you kidding? This dude gets praised for barely making it up that mini quarter pipe? I could do that when I was 12 years old. This kid is all hype. Why does he get attention for doing things that most kids his age can not only do, but actually do it better than him? It's such bull ****. We'll see if his teeny bopper fans are still screaming for him when he's 25 and his fans have moved on with their real lives. Enjoy it while it lasts, Bieber.

993 days ago
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