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Newt Gingrich

Sued for

Assault and Battery

2/4/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0204-newt-gingrich-getty-bn-1A Florida man has filed a lawsuit against Newt Gingrich and his security team -- claiming he was roughed up outside the Florida Republican Presidential Primary earlier this week ... because he was carrying a sign supporting another candidate. 

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in U.S. District court in Florida, Edward Dillard claims he was just minding his own business on January 31 when Newt and his wife came strolling up to the polling place. Dillard claims he was standing outside of a canopy which had been set up with a microphone stand, when Newt and Callista came right up to him and shook his hand. 

Dillard claims Newt then noticed his Ron Paul t-shirt and "immediately turned his back" to him and went on to greet other people. That's when Dillard claims several of Gingrich's security team came up to him and tried to "intimidate him into moving from the spot."

Dillard -- who says he was wearing open-toed sandals -- then claims one of the agents "lifted his heeled shoe over Dillard's right foot and dug the back of it into his skin, twisting it side-to-side like he was stomping out a cigarette, causing a fracture to Dillard's right foot."

After a minor tussle, Dillard claims the guy who stomped his foot shouted to other members of his team, "Everyone step on his toes!"

Dillard is suing Newt, the campaign and the security firm for assault and battery and seeking unspecified damages.

No comment so far from Gingrich campaign.


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Somebody should sue him for being married to a frigid, stiffed haired, plastic cadaver. I thought it was against the law to walk around with a corpse.

958 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

Anyone who clearly supports one candidate while attending an opposing candidate's function is itching to cause trouble. Dillard wasn't there to support Gingrich; he was there to rub it in Gingrich's face that he was a supporter of Ron Paul; somewhat of a slap to Gingrich's face is how I see it. It is my opinion, and we know that opinions really aren't worth the breath they come with, Dillard was there to rub Gingrich's face in the fact that he likes and supports Ron Paul. Dillard, in a matter of speaking, slapped Gingrich in the face with sight of the tee shirt, and here he is now suing because he was roughed up. I don't believe that he should have been treated the way he did by the Security Team because I don't like violence; however, he was itching for a lawsuit when he put on that tee shirt and went to that function. He just wanted something to happen to make Gingrich look bad in the campaign. Mission accomplished, Dillard! Shame on you! With every ache pain in your foot, may your conscience (if you have one) have somewhat of an ache too because you were looking for trouble. YOU DEFINITELY STARTED IT!

958 days ago


here they all come out of the woodwork. what do you expect you idiot, you are just trying to cause trouble. newt is the only one that can beat osamaobama. romney is a girly girl, he gets red in the face when embarrased at debates, he starts studdering. he really is a lot like osamaobama. i cannot vote for him, i'm working on election day doing a write in for newt if he doesn't get the nomination and it is very clear osamaobama does not want newt (he is a big flamng scardy cat (we know who wears the paints in that marriage - MICHAEL) folks if you continue to give the nomination to romney then you are throwing your vote away. i think you will be surprised come election day and newt wins.

958 days ago


Why wouldnt he file a police report instead of just going right for the kill and suing... Doesnt that say it all? HELLO!!!!!! Dillard, you're a douche.

958 days ago


Gingrich is a piece of sh*t in an expensive suit to be sure, but if there was an assault committed then why didn't this guy call the police in stead of his lawyer? Or at least before

958 days ago


i would like to turn my back on newt and take a **** on him. however, i am sure it would just blend right in, because he already looks like a big ole steamer.

958 days ago

Capn Jack    

Without a video or witness he doesn't have a case. Come to think of it, I saw the security guard kiss him on the cheek.

958 days ago


Any witnesses? The nutjobs are out in force!

958 days ago


dillard,shut up.

958 days ago


Either way, bizarre.

958 days ago


"Everyone step on his toes!" LOL!!

Newt's new rallying cry!!
I know it was one of his bodyguards who said it, but given his background, (avoided the draft, never served in the military BUT does have a Ph.D. in Modern European History from Tulane University) it just works.
Please, God/Mohammed/Jesus, let the comedy continue - Newt Gingrich for GOP!!
If its it gotta' be bad, let it be ridiculous.

958 days ago


this is old it the other day.also why hasnt tmz covered obamas home boy eric holder giving guns to drug lords which in term were used against a boarder agent to kill him?

958 days ago


Please, tell the full damned story! It was not a sigh for another Candidate. He was carrying a sign for RON PAUL. Is TMZ even blacking out Ron Paul? Really?

958 days ago


you better hurry because when he loses a few more states he is going to run out of money to pay you. as with all campaigns you keep going by the green you have in your account. just like the clown does by threats and promises of money for what ever you need. solyndra sure got its money worth.

958 days ago


I don't believe this one.

958 days ago
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