'American Idol' Contestant's Dad I Was Not in Rehab When My Son Auditioned!

2/5/2012 10:30 AM PST

Ethan Jones made it to Hollywood this week on "American Idol" and told a story about how his dad was in rehab -- but Todd Jones wants to clear the air ... he was not actually in rehab when his son auditioned.

Ethan explained on the show (see below) that he was in a band back in St. Louis with his dad, but pops had to leave the band to go to rehab. Steven Tyler, no stranger to addiction, even said, "I want to meet your father when he gets out." 

But Todd tells TMZ he's out of rehab for six months and couldn't be with his son at the audition because he was attending a funeral.

Jones says he'd love to take Tyler up on his offer to meet feels it would be "enlightening" to hear Tyler's experiences.