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Snooki & Jwoww

We're NOT Giving Up on Jersey

for Spin-Off Show

2/5/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

and Jwoww haven't lost faith in the Garden State just because Hoboken rejected them -- we're told they're still determined to find a New Jersey location for their new spin-off show ... no matter what.

Sources tell TMZ, producers behind Snooki's untitled spin-off with Jwoww are currently working round the clock to find a suitable Jersey replacement for Hoboken -- after the mayor denied their filming permit, citing a laundry list of obvious reasons.

No word yet on an alternative -- but we're told producers are currently eyeing a number of possible locations in South Jersey.

You've been warned.



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Joan K    

So much talent going to waste, boo hoo. I wonder what idiots are going to allow these idiots to show off their assests to the world, hmmmm!

928 days ago



How ****ty must it be if you get rejected by that that ****hole Hoboken lmao.

928 days ago


They better look fast--their 15 minutes are just about up. Thankfully.

928 days ago


Another TV show closer to getting rid of TV in my house altogether. Tired of paying for nothing but CRAP. I'd rather read and go for a hike than watch crap like that.

928 days ago


If we're lucky noone will want them and they'll fade into obscurity! Tired of hearing about these drunken slores!

928 days ago


you know, the other day I was at blockbuster picking up a movie, this STUPID new jersey accent woman was infront of me and talking loud, obnoxiously with her LOUD ANNOYING ACCENT. It made me think how much I hate Italians, I hate NJ and theres no anything in this world that would make me want friends or ppl around me who have that mentality.
SNOOKIE, YOU ARE GROSS. You can loose 100 more lbs and stick make the peach fuzz on my a*s raise up, JWOW, you are 1 step away from looking like the cat woman with all the work you have had on your face. No fame, money can buy you guys class or good looks. While NJ is still fist pumping and wearing ED HARDY, the rest of the world is onto somethng new. I HATE NJ, ITALIANS, UGH

928 days ago


I hate these gross people. I hate that the younger generation watches and immatates them..dont get all happt stupid Jersey Shore..its only the dumb, stupid, unsupervised, little kids that like you, not the older mature ones..congrats! Little 12 years olds think youre cool!! Great, so tjey can soend their time trying to be like you, getting drunk too ealy and aiming to have tandom sex with dudes they dont know! Wow, you guys are so grossssss ewwww! You orange nastyass cows! mTV should be shot having put this show on tv. i hope everyone on thay show and all the people that are involved on this MTV show get hit with a HUGE hit of karma..i hope your orange skin wrinkles and splits, i hope you get an STD on your mouth and private areas, and i hope everywhere ypu go, moms pull their kids closer and say "dont get too close kiddos, you may get something"

928 days ago

I heard Jersey City is the new spot they want...they will not be welcomed here because there are no guidos!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most people with a brain and self respect would make these people realize that there career is as dead as...guidos.

928 days ago


Instead of a spin off why don't they just forget the whole thing. How many seasons of drunken brawls and cuca exposures can they maintain? People are over them now.

928 days ago


Give up already. Find some mental health facility and work on becoming decent human beings. Since your parents didn't teach you any morals or self respect not to mention pride, maybe you can work on that kind of stuff and give up on the greed. Sad girls.

928 days ago


Just what we need, another crappy reality show with the two most annoying b!tches on reality tv.

928 days ago


And the Jersey Shore sucks. If I wanted to see people be drunk all the time and see a bunch of tools sleep with nasty b!tches amd get STD's I would just go to the bar.

928 days ago


Have them film it at landfill on Staten Island. It's the perfect spot for these two!

928 days ago


we don't want these whores in south jersey

928 days ago

Dr Porn    

They actually showed that Oompa-Loompa pissing on herself. I'm mean, is that all it takes to be famous? If that's the case, I'm going to the store to buy a can of crisco, beer and video-camera. Hollywood here I come!!!!!!!

928 days ago
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