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Dr. Conrad Murray

Jailmates with Michael Jackson's

Ex Brother-in-Law

2/6/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There are nearly 4,000 inmates at L.A. County Men's Jail, so imagine the coincidence that Dr. Conrad Murray is in a cell just feet away from Michael Jackson's former brother-in-law.

James DeBarge -- Janet Jackson's ex-husband -- is locked up after being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and drug charges. DeBarge -- who was the lead singer of the wildly popular band, DeBarge -- has been placed in Administrative Segregation -- the place where famous inmates with security issues are housed.

Murray has been calling the Ad Segregation unit home since his conviction on manslaughter charges last November.

We're told they occasionally run into each other, most recently last Monday when they were each meeting with their respective lawyers in the visiting room.

DeBarge's lawyer, Spencer Vodnoy, tells TMZ ... the singer is "really upset" he's so close to Murray. DeBarge says even though he was married to Janet for less than a year back in '84, he thought of Michael as a brother.


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Lil Roz 316    

Uh... TMZ....can u at least edit/fix this? And btw children, Debarge were extremely popular years ago.

969 days ago


are you kidding? Janet has never admitted she was married. she is a liar like ALL the Jackson's. Born to Lie. Read LaToya's book. what a great read. RIP MJ = rot into pieces.

969 days ago

Zebra Sapphire    

How much does James DeBarge Know if Michael really dead or not and who else suspiously comes to visit Conrad? Randy Phillip maybe?

969 days ago


Sorry to hear that of James Debarge it was like yesterday I saw their Unsung! then I saw them on Dr.Drew and they were sadly gone on those drugs! I'm sure this doesn't make Janet feel good at all! She knew the road he was taking long ago thats why they split, just like when Bobby Brown tried his hand she knew he was to out their, Bobby later admit that when Janet wouldn't be his girlfriend just a friend he started drinking! these are facts! get better James!

969 days ago


Why can't you get it right TMZ????? You have corrected the name of the band as Debarge, but did not correct the fact that the LEAD SINGER was El Debarge. James was a member of the group. Either get the facts straight or delete the darn story! It's not that hard!

969 days ago


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969 days ago


James wasn't the lead singer,that was El... just saying!

969 days ago


MJ you said I look like Madonna,Than you Kissed me. "Madonna come with me" You said I wantend you to know first when I saw you i fell in love and than you kissed me on my sweet pink lips.My Heart all pumped up. Madonna come with me, follow me you said.Than you kissed me.You said I look like Madonna than you kissed me. Dont wait time is running wild thats what it takes. Then I could feel you right tight on my Skin.Madonna, you said, you stole a lonely Mans heart. Then you kissed me (this is a Song I wrote it month ago had it posted on my Facebook month before by Eleonora Illig)

968 days ago


There is nothing wrong with Madonna she is and was a gread Artist one of so many I like and love ......

968 days ago


Duilama, you are stupid and wrong. Eleonora is a wonderful poet and you are silly if you cannot see that. Go waste your time bothering someone else on the internet, because Eleonora's poems are beautiful and amazing.

968 days ago


Also, duilama, you spelled Rihanna wrong. So that also makes you stupid. And stuff. Stupid idiot.

968 days ago
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