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'CSI' Creator's Wife

My Hubby Makes a FORTUNE


2/7/2012 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who created the "CSI" shows is raking in $25k per episode for EACH of the three series on the air ... this according to his estranged wife who claims she can't figure out why he deserves to keep getting paid ... and even worse, she says she's been totally cut off.

Jennifer Zuiker just filed new legal docs in her divorce from Anthony Zuiker ... in which she claims Anthony hasn't given her a dime in child and spousal support since she called off the marriage last April.

According to the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Jennifer is demanding $1,000,000 to pay her lawyers and accountants while they work out a  long term financial arrangement. Plus she wants a judge to sign off on an order that would force Anthony to shell out $54,282 in monthly support. After all, Jennifer claims she spends $158,827 in monthly expenses including:

-- personal living expenses ............$91,882
-- children's personal expenses ... $5,236
-- costs related to houses .............. $61,710

In an effort to convince the judge that Anthony can afford it ... Jennifer spells out his yearly income -- an estimated $1.6 MILLION ... and that's JUST from the "CSI" franchise.

Jennifer notes in the docs, "It has not been determined what, if anything, [Anthony] is doing to earn those funds."

Jennifer claims Anthony is also banking a bunch of cash from a new show he's developing for ABC called "Chameleon" ... plus, she believes he's also getting paid for various speaking engagements.

However, in the docs, Jennifer admits the kids spend 40% of the time with Anthony ... and sources connected to the couple say its actually more than that.

A hearing is set for March. Stay tuned ...


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this wo(man) shuld be ashamed of herself, she's talkming about hs her husband who worked hard to get his show created gets paid all this money for doing "nothing" yet she is asking for all that money for doing...that's right nothing! She should get child support, help with the house (since his kids live ther) and that's it. Get a job you gold digging c***!

987 days ago


She claims she SPENDS $1.9 million per year ($158k/mo)?

987 days ago


this wo(man) shuld be ashamed of herself, she's talkming about hs her husband who worked hard to get his show created gets paid all this money for doing "nothing" yet she is asking for all that money for doing...that's right nothing!

987 days ago



987 days ago



987 days ago


This person is an embarrassment to our gender. I'm female, created a TV show and sold it, never got married and pay my own damn bills. I suggest she does the same.

987 days ago


He does nothing, she does nothing, yet she wants what he doesn't do? What a screwed up psycho igit she is!
Stop the planet and throw her off!! We would all be better for it. Amazing, just amazing!!

987 days ago


Any judge that awards ridiculous amounts of money for a women to do nothing for the rest of her life, just because she spread her legs, is DEFINITELY on the take from the lawyers in her defense....Just because a man can afford to shell out money, does not mean that the cost of raising a kid increases 6000% more than the average person can do it for......I swear, the entire American judicial system is a complete JOKE. It all revolves around money....No wonder a lot of foreign countries do not want to adopt our system of government. On the surface, it looks all so moral and respectable but, behind closed doors, it is corrupt and a joke.

987 days ago


Look at her personal expenses compared to her kid's expenses? WOW!

Time to dial it back lady and readjust your priorities, looks like it must be a pretty superficial lifestyle you are living if your monthly expenses are THAT high. How embarrassing for you.

987 days ago

Miss Greta    

She sort of looks like Bill Maher in drag.

987 days ago


I can tell you this, after two divorces that cost me millions I will never, ever, get married again. Its either my poor choice in women, my stupid ego (most probably)or women themselves, but man oh man have I made some bad choices.

987 days ago


Notice how HER personal expenses cost around 90,000 dollars, but she spends less than 6k a month on the kids. Pfft. Also, she shouldn't get any spousal support at all considering she's the one who's divorcing him. You can't leave someone, and take their money with you you greedy whore. Give her 6 thousand a month to cover what she spends on the kids, and if she wants more than that, the bitch can get a job. So sick of these women thinking they deserve a full salary just because they were married to a man. I'm sure he gave you plenty while you were together, he shouldn't have to keep paying your stupid ass after you're broken up. Give money for the kids, but that's it.

987 days ago


at what point in her miserable existence, does she feel justified for $91 grand a month for living expenses? $61 grand for house related? that is one hell of a light and water bill. i hope you get ZERO, you bitch.

987 days ago


Sick sense of entitlement and OVER-INDULGENCE!

This woman needs a reality check. What do you do, to earn any of it? He at least has a position to earn it, so why are you sitting there shaming yourself of what an over indulgent lifestyle you live. Sounds diva like to me.

Time to wake up and see what you turned into, seems like you just want this guy for his money. Seems like the money is what has meaning to you and is your priority.

Greed, gluttony.

Keep entertaining Satan with such.

987 days ago


WTF??!! $158K mthly to live??!! I hope this greedy ho' uses some of her stolen loot to get those donkey ears pinned back. She could hear Elvis pass gas!!

987 days ago
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