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Gabriel Aubry

See, I Didn't Lose Custody

2/6/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0206_gabriel_nahla_SplashNow there's pictorial proof of what we told you Friday ... that Gabriel Aubry did not lose temporary custody of his child while authorities investigate him for alleged child endangerment.

The judge in the Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry custody war issued a series of rulings Friday -- among them, he rejected Halle's request for a restraining order temporarily blocking all contact between Nahla and Gabriel.

Gabriel was out with his 3-year-old today ... taking Nahla to her school.


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Wonderful! It's good to see the child with her daddy, just as it should be. Efforts to be spiteful to the father by the dreaded Halle "the Dingle" Berry were fruitless. Get over yourself you stupid witch and let the father and child enjoy their time together!

957 days ago

Rozanne Terranova    

Stop it already!!! This man has every right to spend time with his child without being harrassed by Halley Berry. I really like her, but losing respect very fast. She fights with everyone she has a relationship with. Enough already, for the sake of the little girl. STOP!

957 days ago


It's so obvious that he's a much better parent than what psycho-b*tch has portrayed him to be. Does he have a nanny? NO!! Halle needs to wise up, shut up and let Nahla be with her Daddy without making it difficult for him.

957 days ago


And furthermore, what does Halle know about how important it is about a Father being in his daughter's life? Sorry she didn't grow up with her Dad being there for her, BUT don't mess up your daughter's life on purpose!!

957 days ago

Glory Bee    

ummmm, contrary to the ranting of one of the people posting, it isn't because Hallie's black, it's because of her behavior. I was a fan once. But now she's completely turned me off. Adding her to the list of "won't see", which includes Woody Allen and Angelina Jolie.

957 days ago


BITCH is crazy. She needs a chill pill. OK.

957 days ago


Rachel: 58 minutes ago
It's good that this little girl got her dads nose instead of the She-Devils original thick, broad and bulbous African nose
I'm no Halle fan, but I have to call u out on that African nose comment. She has her white mother's nose. Go ck out the pics.

957 days ago


Halle Berry: What is wrong with you? Don't you realize that your stupid accusations are only hurting you and your child. You expect people to believe that the man you spent years with (and fell head over heals in love with), and had a child with is now somehow a child abuser. You really need help Halle. Why don't you go get yourself a good therapist and stop hurting your child. You are the child abuser. YOU need to relax and let a girl and her father develop a relationship. Everyone knows that a girls relationship with her father is key. Halle.....get some help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sick of you.

957 days ago


Berry went and picked a gorgeous man to have a baby with and now she wants him out of the picture. She's a psycho bitch like Demi Moore. They both need to be in a psych ward.

957 days ago


@Lucille you keep chirping about ethnicity. Why? Aubry could have Native American ancestry along with European. But all you see is what you want to.
I see a tired little girl who does not want her picture taken with her Father who looks irritated that his precious time with his child is being made into a circus. Is that nice or considerate of the paps or you to say and do the things you do?

957 days ago

Sir topham hat    

Halle has been forever tainted. Heck, I'm surprise Gabriel is into women, I thought for sure he was apart of the clergy. This dude is a loser and again, Halle has been forever tainted in dealing with this clergy type of person. I was wondering if Gabriel's middle name is sandusky.

956 days ago


GO Gabriel! Team Montreal!

956 days ago


The kid is fine. It is the parents that need to grow up.

956 days ago


Halle is jealous of her daughter having a relationship with her father. It will one day come back and bite her in the butt if she keeps trying to destroy it. A father/daughter bond is a very important one that can effect the childs whole life. What a selfish woman who thinks she's above everyone else.

956 days ago


THIS IS FOR SIR TOPHAM HAT! You are a miserable SICK, VICIOUS, INHUMAN, MIND IN THE GUTTER, where YOU belong!!! You have given Gabriel every reason to drag you into court for hinting defamation of character! I did not think Halle Berry could sink any lower, but, YOU have even topped HER! I hope someone will come along and beat the living daylights out of you for that last sentence in your post. Couldn't happen to a nicer piece of DIRT!!!

956 days ago
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