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Justin Bieber's Bodyguard

Unleashes Fist of Fury

on Photog

2/7/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Justin Bieber's bodyguard put down an over-agressive photog with one serious haymaker at LAX Monday afternoon ... and the whole melee was caught on tape.

TMZ obtained video of the altercation between the Bieb's protector and the paparazzo -- not one of our guys -- and when the clip begins the bodyguard already has the pap in a headlock.

After several moments of grappling, the photog breaks free to square off with the bodyguard -- BIG mistake ... 'cause that's when the bodyguard uncorks a straight right to the photog's face.

As TMZ first reported, according to Bieber's camp the altercation began when the pap jumped in front of Bieb's SUV and refused to stop snapping pics.

The pap was arrested and booked for felony assault with a deadly weapon. Police believe the fight started when he used his camera to hit the bodyguard.


The bodyguard's battle scars are pretty clear in the photos from the scene.


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Taylor Thompson    

Felony Assault is 5 years... If I am not mistaken. That's a little much, don't you think?

804 days ago


omggg vett goed van die bodyguardd hij komtt op voor justin bieberrr

803 days ago


''The pap was arrested and booked for felony assault with a deadly weapon. Police believe the fight started when he used his camera to hit the bodyguard. ''
Yeah right...

803 days ago


Pap was only defending himself against a non-professional body guard who let his emotions make decisions. Justin probably told him to go out and get him so he did and made a fool of himself.

803 days ago


Poor Justin, bad for the photographer, but he should know the risks... Noticias Justin Bieber

802 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

I didn't watch the video because I don't give a toss about anything Bieber-related, but a "straight right" is never a "haymaker". Not even when it misses. If you really have to throw boxing lingo around learn what the different terms actually mean!

801 days ago

bob reed    

Paps are the scags of humanity who would kill their own family to get a pix of a LaLa type crossing a street. It should be illegal what they do - hopefully this pap gets a few weeks in jail and if we're all lucky some other inmate will take him out of circulation permanently.

799 days ago


haha that chck that walked by was hot :D

795 days ago

Victor J    

Once again we have idiots making stupid comments without seeing the ENTIRE video. What they are showing here is only PART of the video. Do you morons actually believe that the bodyguard put the photographer in a headlock and punched him for nothing? The photographer ASSAULTED the bodyguard FIRST by attempting to hit him with his video camera when he didn't allow him to get close to Bieber. He simply defended himself.

792 days ago

Someone D    

Assault with a deadly weapon are you serious? A camera is a deadly weapon? I guess a fist should be a deadly weapon too give me a break this camera guy got **** on by the system. Do not get me wrong though the Paparazzi can suck a **** but legally speaking a felony Assault with a deadly weapon give me a break that's some dumb ****.

784 days ago


that bodyguard sucks almost got beat up by a photographer lol

781 days ago



727 days ago


This was fake, staged and for publicity only. The bodyguard is a actor. He needs to be recognized so Paramount Pictures friends afforded a little sceme . Boy, what made this look so fake was the LAPD response time. IN LAX? BLLSHT. LAX, you would of had 29 police all over this in 23 seconds and who was filming? Some looney tunes? Oh, that's Warner bros. cartoons. Nickelodeon of course. Everything about this Justin Bieber and his circus of Promotional Publicity, are we dumb? We are the people who laugh at the FAKE VIDEOS you all make up. GET PROFESSIONAL B.G.S DUDE. YOU HAVE YOUR DADDY'S GARDENER THERE AND THAT GUARD YOU HAVE JUSTIN, I CAN SACK HIM IN 30 SECONDS.

727 days ago


lol ALL paparazzi, especially the TMZ papz, are s***my walks of life... this guy tries so hard to "stay cool"... what a pathetic loser... u ALL are living on the streets for ur life... go back to ur families, bithc!

694 days ago
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