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Kim Kardashian

I Will NEVER Date

Another Football Player

2/6/2012 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian isn't secretly dating Mark Sanchez ... she's not interested in Tim Tebow -- in fact, sources tell TMZ, the reality star is completely DONE with football players in general ... all thanks to Reggie Bush.

In case you haven't heard -- there were reports Kim and Mark were seeing each other on the DL whenever she was in New York. There were other rumors Kim came on to Tim Tebow because of his old-fashioned values. But we're told ... it's all BS.

Sources close to Kim tell us, her break-up with Bush in 2010 was so rough ... she has lost her taste for NFL players entirely -- and has no plans to play the field in the near future.

Now that she's moved on from NBA players too ... she's only left with baseball, hockey, soccer and golf. Hey, Tiger's available!

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Does anyone really think any man is going to marry this freak show again?? No, they'll use her like Brandy's brother did on tape, then chuck her overboard. Well past her expiration date.

991 days ago


I'm so sick of Kim K!!!! When ever I see her I change the channel right away.

991 days ago


Stop the friggin' Kardashian stories!!! Who cares!!!

991 days ago


But she is on the look out for a big black buck that's not into sports. Because no decent white guy would bring this slut home to his mother, or want her to father his children.

991 days ago


Shouldn't the caption have read "Neither a football player or basketball player will ever date Kim Kardashian again." She still has plenty of other athletes to con, baseball,hockey,soccer, and golf.

991 days ago


At least some men will be safe from this loser.

991 days ago

i'm a lawyer!    

how about being single for a while? maybe eventually dating someone not famous? she sucks.

991 days ago


feelicks: about an hour ago
can anybody name all the deadly sins this girl plays with constantly... ill start with greed...
After we list the deadly sins, let list the deadly diseases!

991 days ago


Yes Kim. Its is better to be pissed-off than pissed on.

991 days ago


Ira Black: about a minute ago
So Kim Kardashian wants attention, is it true she does business in China. And did not some say that animal cruelty is fur. And to think that clothing companies do business in China where 'fur farms' entail caged animals of all kinds, raccoons, fox, cats, all kinds of animals with fur, where they are beaten and skinned alive. Kim should view the PETA videos, but then she doesn't have a conscience anyway. Her porn video disrespects the Sacrament of sex while she flaunted marriage as if something one uses to make money off as in a scam. What a role model
Regardless of what thread you post comments on, you're still a moron. The "Sacrament of Sex" REALLY? AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!'

991 days ago

arale norimaki    

TO KIM SUCKdashian Oh, you are being ridiculous. He's a professional football player.

991 days ago


never in the history of intertainment reportting have we ever seen it where a celb calls themedi two and three times a week to ofer EXCLUSIVES.
In this new day and age wher people can become famous for nothing and have nothiing to ofer society expct for gossip about what freakish behaviour them and thier familys are up too.we get exculsives on kris jenner having sex with someone other than her husband,kourtneys new bastard child, kholes husband going to stripp clubs,Goald medal atthletes who dress up in womans clothes,teenage kyle andkendall, trolling bars for sugardaddys adn then theres rob who does nothing but mouch off of his family and party and then there is the queen bee of it all a porn star who is married but not realy and how she scamed all of america and the humpries family into thinking she was getting married just for the GIFTS< magazine covers and oh yahh the 17 mil she got from E net work to marry.Then you have the collective bunch of losers abusing the porrest of porr to make slut gear for tweeens. so they basicaly prey on the weakest peole in the world to make them moeny and then screw them out of thier fair share.
we get the values rammed down the troaths of our youth corupitng society. with KIm on TV promoting porn and how to spice up your marrige she recomds looing at GAY PORN>
we have this ONE inteity the KKK putting on TV bad launguage, sex out of marrige, public sex, sex out of wed lock children out of wed lock,ADULTERY, greed and no regard for feeelow man kind ( sweat shop workers) and using pyschichs. pretty much all TEN COMANDMENTS being
won ton broken by fame whore ing greedy family.
anythign that is wrong is being promoted as right by the kkk. The kkk wants to put thier faces on our everything our shoes our clothes or Tv our adult diapers our books.
They have smeared everythign with the worst morals imajoaineble and then you wonder why people are protestiing byt the tens of thosusnads.Why is beaucse there is alot of peole who wanto safe guad what our youth are exposed to and we have this KKK group who is controlling the media with
all thier freakish behaviour. Not repoerting on any thing of any intertianment or news vaoule but just them carrying out thier bad morals on a day to day baies,
Peole dont hate them beaucse they are jealous thats just them saying that people hate them beaucse of the BAD VaLUES they are pushing on a country that was bulit on christiane
vaules. The KKK thinks that the sheapard is alsleep watching the sheep so they move in kill the weak.
they think america has lost its moral compass and wanto capitalize on it for finacial gain.
None is jealous of them beaucse we know that having mony doesnt make the charter of a person .
we know e are livng better lives than they are.
so get over it KKK were not jealous we just wnat
your anti chritaine values to not be pushed on our youth and our society.
Not to mention the childrent hat are being abused by
your greed.
MYbe americans need to just call the white house switch board and vent your over all discust at E net work and KKK.
we are not powerless to stop the eviel KKK!!

991 days ago


Translation: Mark Sanchez turned her down. I wish Kim and her freak ass would go away.

991 days ago


Thanks for letting us know; god knows how may millions of Americans would not sleep tonight without you having shared this very important Breaking News item. I can take a breath then call the UN and tell them to cancel the emergency Gen,eral Session meeting now, whew! you're so thoughtful, moron

991 days ago


MAYBE SHE SHOULD TRY DATING A WHITE GUY FOR A DAMN CHANGE!!!!!!!! AND hanging out with Loser Leann who has not one smidgen of class is a HUGE mistake. Nothin to gain in THAT.

991 days ago
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