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She'll Be Left Holding the Bag

If NBC Gets Fined

2/6/2012 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

M.I.A. will end up paying any fines imposed on NBC as a result of her finger wag during the Super Bowl halftime show ... sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ.

Our sources say ... the NFL has indemnified NBC ... because the NFL is responsible for the halftime content. 

But the NFL was smart, given the history of performers who wanted to do something shocking to get attention during the biggest TV event of the year. So we're told ... M.I.A. signed a contract with the NFL for the halftime performance, and in that contract M.I.A. agreed to indemnify the NFL for any money it might be forced to pay if the FCC comes down on the Peacock Network.

Remember, CBS was hit with a $550,000 FCC fine after Janet Jackson's famous wardrobe malfunction, but that fine was thrown out by a federal appeals court.

Sources tell us ... aside from the fact that the NFL doesn't want to pay a huge fine, the organization wants to send a message to performers -- don't you dare screw with us.

We don't know if the NFL got a similar indemnity clause from Madonna.


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Sin D    


990 days ago


You should go back to ENGLAND - I was rude to flip the AMERICAN people. Grow up!!!!!

990 days ago


To the NFL team owners: Fire Goodell.

990 days ago


The only money she has lately is what she made from the halftime show. How many people didn't even know who she was. lmao Pay up ____.

990 days ago

Eric Seguin    

This forum is filled with d**cks. I don't understand why someone as talented and fresh as MIA is getting this horrible wrap. I didn't even notice the "effin" finger. I'll tell you what I did though, Madonna hoaring it up as usual, squatting in front of the camera to expose her black&whities. And, to top it off the v-jay-jay reference by Nicky Minaj. Please give me an 'effin break America!

990 days ago


She is stupid. If you hate America so much, then get the **** out!

989 days ago


We are living in an age when celebrities are doing dumb stuff to get noticed. Rapper M.I.A. wanted to get noticed so she flipped the bird in front of millions of spectators. She should now expect to flip the wallet too and shed millions of dollars.

989 days ago


She looks pretty big for a five year old. What a classless person.

989 days ago


I thought she was a back up dancer - no idea who this "star" was/is? I saw this in real time, you couldn't tell what she was doing. Has she ever explained what the purpose of the bird was?

989 days ago


She should pay the price for her actions, and then should be deported. What about that?

989 days ago


really? what is the big deal anyway? Is this what's making headlines nowadays? like you people haven't seen worse.. I bet half of the people putting her down about what a "classless" thing she did curse and make obscene gestures on a regular basis .. y'all are a bunch of hypocrites. anyway i'm done following this story.. what a waste of my time.

989 days ago


Retarded, talentless, and fugly.

989 days ago

Oh hell no.    

How dare she do that in our country. She knows good a damn well she would not have pulled that in England. I hope she does get a fine and they need to band her from this country just like they do our artist in England. I've never heard about her until now but I will gurantee this I will never buy any of her stuff. Flip america flip you.

989 days ago


So, the big red blotch over her finger does.....what?

988 days ago

Justice Waits    

Filthy rap singer. How dare NBC even put this ghetto garbage on nationwide TV?? I sure don't want to her her filth.

987 days ago
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