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Nick Carter

Nobody Told Me About

My Sister's Funeral

2/6/2012 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Carter
tells TMZ ... he WANTED to attend his sister's funeral in NY this weekend, but his own family made it impossible for him to be there.

25-year-old Leslie Carter was laid to rest at a small ceremony in Upstate New York this weekend after a suspected prescription drug overdose. Several family members were present at the funeral, including Aaron Carter, but Nick was not.

Nick -- who was on the road performing at a concert at the time of the ceremony -- tells TMZ, “I wanted to be at my sister’s funeral, but my family has always had a complicated dynamic."

Nick would not get specific about the circumstances ... but sources close to the singer tell TMZ ... he feels family members went out of their way to make sure he was not included. 

Nick adds, "There are so many emotions for me surrounding the loss of my sister. I am trying to stay healthy, positive, and focused.” 

1:25 PM PT: We called Nick's sister Ginger Carter for comment -- she replied, "That's not true," and immediately hung up on us.


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Sasha Sasha    

Maybe the whole family know Nick did sacrifice his sister for Illuminati so he could get more fame and succes..He's a drug addict himself. Maybe he used to do drugs with his sister too. He doesn't care about her. That's why he lied to the camera and his family said it wasn't true and hang up..It was a sacrifice..Now let see how famous and successful Nick gonna be..

987 days ago


I'm an older person that has attended way too many funerals. The family should have ALL gotten together and planned it togheter via phone conference which with all of their money im sure would not have been a problem. You "ice" the bodiy until everyone can attend, given that they are not Jewish and they have to be buried within 24 hrs or something of that nature. His manager could have cleared his schedule or soemthing. That whole thing is just un-called for.

986 days ago


Yea...Nick doesn't have a sister named Ginger. As for him not being there...sometimes it's better to stay away. If his being there would cause drama and be upsetting then it was best he didn't attend. Just because you don't attend a funeral doesn't mean you care any less for the deceased person. They're no longer in that's just a formality to let people say their good-bye's.

986 days ago


the carter family is pretty screwed up (hello stepmom!) but nick seems to be straightened out now. and the funeral isn't important - the memories are.

986 days ago


why would they not call Nick and tell Nick about the funeral arange ments? Leslie is Nicks sister to He loved her, why are some of you blaming Nick of not being at his sisters funeral He did nothing wrong. Nick is a wonderful person He's one of a kind Aaron is awesome He's amazing,
Leslie was so beautiful and she still is. she always will be. her music is so great I love the song true and Like Wow
shes so pretty, as a bsb fan and an Aaron Carter fan and a Leslie Carter fan it hurts, it hurts the fans to when they lose a singer that they like and love alot. it tears the fans hearts apart to. to the Carter Family
so sorry about your loss to Nick I love you and I'm so sorry you missed Leslies funeral.

986 days ago


Well seems like makes their "Homework" better than some fans!!! Nick HAS a STEPSISTER called Ginger! She is older than him and in the early beginnings of the backstreet boys in europe he talked alot about her and gave even Pictures to magazines. Ginger is from the first Marriage from Bob. Also Bob is now married to a Ginger... so his STEPMOTHER is called Ginger too... with her Bob has 2 Kids! So it is possible that they called his STEPSISTER Ginger! RIP Leslie!! And im wishing to everyone in that family that they gonna find the strength to deal with it!

986 days ago


Sad that haters would be quick to pounce on Nick. Truth of the matter is, Nick had been financially supporting the entire family since he was 14. Everyone was freeloading on him. Even his thief of a mother. Now that he finally refused to shell out the dough, they treat him like crap.

986 days ago


Leslie Carter passed away in Chautauqua County, NY. Residents from Chautauqua County say they live in Western New York not Upstate New York.

986 days ago


Stop with the negative comments toward Nick because he didn't cancel his tour and did not go to the funeral. Everyone grieves differently and needs to make choices that will let them heal! No one really knows him and is on the inside of his family's constant and bitter turmoil for at least the last 10 years now. If I had a family like his, I wouldn't bother with them either! Funerals aren't the be all end all. The person is dead and what good does it do to sit in front of a coffin. Everyone make the effort while you're still alive to make memories with those you love and then use the memories as comfort during those times. That's all that matters here.

And FYI: anyone who was at the NYC concert could see how much Nick cared for his sister and how sad he was. The whole vibe of Irving Plaza was emotional. He got choked up on multiple occasions and even cried with his head buried in the curtain off the side of the stage.

I went on a planned vacation after I lost a family member and missed the funeral. I did what I needed to heal and remember them in my way instead of crawling up in a corner and crying day in and out for weeks. Just because you make different choices than the "norm" doesn't mean you don't care and you aren't sad.

986 days ago


and you thought that it might just be another piece of dirt journalists? I do not trust such items. Nick is not an idiot to miss the funeral sister. whatever the family was not there

986 days ago


Ginger's his father's wife... Not his sister...

986 days ago


LOSER.enough said.

986 days ago


the crazy part of this story is that Nick Carter had a concert performance?? and there were people there ? hope it was free

986 days ago

Charmaine Dolman    

Ginger Carter is the stepmom her dads wife and i am Leslie friend and i went to her funeral and it was small and quite with family and friends it was a very sad day for everybody she will alwasy be remembered for the good things not the bad everybody has problems just everybody knows theres because they r in the publics EYE

986 days ago


It's weird that the Dad married a woman having the same name as his daughter.

986 days ago
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