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Kim Kardashian

Divorce Turns Ugly

Reality TV On Trial

2/7/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
The Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries divorce has become a bitter fight, and we've learned Kris' lawyer intends to put reality TV on trial ... but that could blow up in his face.

Sources tell us ... Kris and his lawyer, Lee Hutton, want to "expose the M.O. of reality TV" by proving Kim had no intention of staying married to him, but just wanted big ratings for her reality show.

Now here's the irony. The duo wants to prove their point by asking the judge to allow TMZ and TV stations to broadcast the trial -- something that the judge might find a tad hypocritical ... not that we're complaining.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim filed for divorce on grounds of "irreconcilable differences." Kris has countered that he wants the marriage annulled based on fraud.

Kris has a couple of problems with the fraud claim. First of all, he's the one who proposed. Second, the publicity has made him famous and marketable and he'll make millions more than he would have otherwise.

And another big point in Kim's favor ... We've learned the prenup is extremely long and complicated ... accounting for what would happen years into the future. Why would she go through the time and trouble of having a long prenup if she planned on pulling the plug on the marriage within a few months?


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TJ. Church    

That last bit KILLS me! "Why would she..."? She expects people to ask that question. She went through it to disprove his correct fraud claim, knowing he'd make it later!

943 days ago

TJ. Church    

That last bit KILLS me! "Why would she..."? She expects people to ask that question. She went through it to disprove his correct frUD claim, knowing he'd make it later!

943 days ago


any liar knows, go big or go home. the more complicated, the better. BYB (bet your butt) she knew exactly what she was doing, and so did he. And we (the public) bought into it.

943 days ago

Allie F.    

Why are the kardashians even news? White trailer trash, famous for what? Please, these people only suck the oxygen out of the room. Totally crass and disgusting.

943 days ago


Seriously, anyone that likes this Kris guy is seriously an idiot. I'm not saying I like Kim very much either.. however, Kris is a S***BAG.. GET OVER IT!!! You got divorced.. ok.. you obviously didn't want to! But you're making yourself look like a petty little school girl.. just take the settlement and walk away! He's a tool.. plain and simple.. so is Ray J for that fact! They're 2 people that will stop at NOTHING to get someone to pay attention to them! Grow up guys! Move on and show some class!!!!!!!!!!

943 days ago


KK is a LOOOOOOSER. Maybe if people would quit watching their show it would force her to take it down a notch and get a REAL job like REAL people have. Who do you know wakes up in the morning with make-up on? It's soooooo fake, and people will do anything for a quick buck. What's so entertaining watching puppets play to the camera 24/7? If I had a camera in my face 24/7 I sure would act differently. SKANKS=TRAILER TRASH

943 days ago


Enough of these low life Kardashians ....

943 days ago


Am I expected to know who these people are? Have they made some advance in science or other contribution to society that I've missed? My first exposure to the woman was an article on vocal fry. Yuck.

942 days ago

Lake Cuomo    

I was exactly in the same position as her 20 years ago, get caught up in the fairytale, but reality shows you you didn't marry a prince. She, like me, grabbed the wrong guy. If you watch the early shows with him in it, Hump-Dump definitely is not treating her family with any respect, or displaying a long-term desire to be around them. Look at the Wedding Rehearsal, see Hump-Dumps dad give really contemptuous looks towards the family-very telling. Every show, he's demanding everybody respect and be super-careful about his things he's strewn like garbage, but disrespects her stuff, apartment, throws her into the ocean with expensive earrings then mocks her when she loses one.

942 days ago


It's like, you know, kinda, like, you know, like, you know,
my Dad was a Lawyer like thingy kinda you know.

942 days ago

Jesse J    

Oh my WOW, REALLY? Kim has built her empire, ALONE, by selling her fashion idea's, scandal comes from the press following her every move. Kris has no right to any of her money. Did anyone even watch the show? Kris is SO DISGUSTING, Annoying, and MESSY! I wouldnt want to stay with him either. Like she said, she never lived w/ him b4 their marriage. She never new he was like the way he is. I certainly understand the attraction though. He's cute, and the epitome of a dumb jock. Sex can make people blind. 3 mo is long enough to find out that your lust is not love. He was constantly putting her down, making fun of her friends, and constantly disappearing without notice. That's not someone anyone wants to be married too. I didnt even know who Kris H was b4 they got married. He should suffice with the money he has made off this whole thing. He sounds like a leech. & for everyone hating on Kim, seriously get a life. Shes more successful than you. SO WHAT? Stop feeding into the hate, if you dont like it, dont look

942 days ago

The World    

Here's a thought: Have a fake divorce. After all, it was a fake marriage uniting two fake people. One with a fake brain and the other with fake boobs.

942 days ago

ketan Joshi    

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941 days ago


All classless pimps.........Maybe pimp mom K can sell her "BIG HIPPO ASS DAUGHTERS TO SOME PERVERT SHEIK. Then BYE BYE kartrashians..............LOL

940 days ago


Only the most stupid, gullible, zombies could believe any of these shows are "real"!
Two words to bring Reality Shows into perspective: Balloon Boy!

939 days ago
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