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Kim Kardashian

Divorce Turns Ugly

Reality TV On Trial

2/7/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
The Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries divorce has become a bitter fight, and we've learned Kris' lawyer intends to put reality TV on trial ... but that could blow up in his face.

Sources tell us ... Kris and his lawyer, Lee Hutton, want to "expose the M.O. of reality TV" by proving Kim had no intention of staying married to him, but just wanted big ratings for her reality show.

Now here's the irony. The duo wants to prove their point by asking the judge to allow TMZ and TV stations to broadcast the trial -- something that the judge might find a tad hypocritical ... not that we're complaining.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim filed for divorce on grounds of "irreconcilable differences." Kris has countered that he wants the marriage annulled based on fraud.

Kris has a couple of problems with the fraud claim. First of all, he's the one who proposed. Second, the publicity has made him famous and marketable and he'll make millions more than he would have otherwise.

And another big point in Kim's favor ... We've learned the prenup is extremely long and complicated ... accounting for what would happen years into the future. Why would she go through the time and trouble of having a long prenup if she planned on pulling the plug on the marriage within a few months?


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This crapdarshian family saga has gone on long enough. Marriage & all that followed and will follow are all done for the show....he got paid plenty to play along. the only time it will end is when they are all dead...well maybe not since they will come back as ghosts and the stupid public will watch that show as well....grow up all of you.

997 days ago


"Why would she go through the time and trouble of having a long prenup if she planned on pulling the plug on the marriage within a few months?" That is Mike Walters, heard him say it. I can tell you why, GREED. Plain and simple. She has lawyers out the kazoo and in trying to cover her fat ass, this is what she had them do. Now, to Mike Walters, did she let you pee on her? Is this why you are so bound and determined to shove this family down our throats? Used to like him, until he started with his KK crappola, now I cannot even be bothered to watch TMZ live anymore.

997 days ago

Fat Mike    

Wow, I just fell asleep for 12 hours and this is the only story you've managed to make up in that whole time. Youre slipping people!

997 days ago


TMZ much of your K stuff is biased in favour of K's. Why is that? Could it be your legal connection. I sense a bit of a threat in a comment here almost daring Kris to file for televised court divorce. Personally I think both scammed for the publicity but something happened in there to make it start to get ugly. This is all part of the plan. They are genuises I will admit with this marketing but at some point people have to get sick & tired of it just as many are of most of the reality shows that are starting to decline. The manipulation of the public has finally started to come to lite. Reality is not real reality at all but manipulated reality. Its starts with a true base but branches into non reality.

997 days ago


Did anyone watch TMZ a couple of weeks ago when they filmed Kim and Harvey stated how much he loved pizza and she said she would make him some? He replied: I LOVE PIZZA! So, yes, I do agree with most people that TMZ may be in the Kartrashian pocket. And as far as televising the reality show in court...I only hope that the judge will watch it on his own. Kris' lawyers have done that for sure. And anyone who thinks that Kim was sincere throughout the show must have been watching a total different show. It also speaks to how they too have been scammed and the lack of insight that they have. Kim is definitely full of sht and hope the best for Kris. Let's not forget that Kim is 31 years of age and acts like she is twelve. She should have gotten to know Kris a lot better than she did, especially since she was married before. Yes, he's is immature, but that's all anyone can blame him for. It is Kim who is the famewhore, greedy, self-absorbed, unintelligent, shallow.

997 days ago


Prenups always go years into the future.
Everything about this marriage was staged. And if the divorce gets televised they're both in on it.

997 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

OMG!Kim is GREAT!She keeps making money on you FOOLS that buy into her BS.You go girl you have proven there are 10,000,000 suckers(MARKS)born every day.F them all Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!

997 days ago


TMZ, I have had enough of the Kardashians. I vow from this day forward, I will not post on any of their stories, UNLESS Kris Humphries gets his annulment. DONE. @Mike Walters. Enough already, you don't have a chance in hell of getting with that slut KK, you are not a sports figure or rapper. Face reality, you and TMZ are being used and too stupid to know it/or getting enough money to make you guys not care.

997 days ago

She's baaaack    

If all else fails here's hoping that odd looking young man was tested for STDs immediately before he was roped in by that monkey woman because the minute he dipped his wick he probably came up with a host of curable and incurable STDs. Now, THAT would make for some good reality TV.

997 days ago


The lengthy prenup was just part of the fraud. Those are easy to write. I'm sure the Kardashian lawyers have many written prenups ready to go, especially for Kim. This family is a joke!

997 days ago


Because she is a fame whore. If a man proposes and a woman accepts just to create an experiance for herself and make $12M in the bargain, that is fraud. That he was ignorant of her intentions makes him naive, but not a partner to her actions. And ANY prenup for a famous person would be long and involved. No good lawywer would have otherwise. Say, does Chris sit on your board?

997 days ago


Comment #73. Comment of the year.

997 days ago


Fatt butt got paid how much again to get married? 10,000,000 was it? Fraud much?

TMZ reported this soon after the marriage amongst other crap of how the picked p radio transmission of trying to get the other idiot Kardasian sister to talk marriage to her boyfriend.

Now it seems like since this is going to go to court...TMZ has flip-flopped and has taken pygmy-butts side.
Strange bed-fellows.

997 days ago


also, what about he was betrayed and used and he's doing THE RIGHT THING>???

money isn't EVERYTHING

997 days ago


Kim is smart to have the pre nup, but it was all false--- r u playing dumb TMZ? She acted as if it was all real., all the while knowing it all wa fake and for ratings. Duh! It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out.
Kim please go away . I think the people have spoken. Not to be mean , but u have to know when to walk away.

997 days ago
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