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Crotchety Old Man

Calls Cops on Biebettes 'I WANT THEM ARRESTED!'

2/7/2012 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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A sad old man in Miami just couldn't take a heavy dose of Bieber fever last night -- demanding police arrest an adorable young group of Bieber fans for disturbing the peace outside his business -- and shocker ... the cops told him to pound sand.

The old man's the owner of a Miami recording studio called the Hit Factory -- and the girls were camped outside creating a ruckus, expecting Justin to show up for a recording session ... as he did earlier that week, during the infamous shirtless skateboarding bonanza.

But last night, the owner was afraid of another crazy Bieber-obsessed mob ... and in a hilarious overreaction, he called the cops and demanded all the young girls be arrested ... claiming they had already caused $10,000 in damage earlier in the week.

The girls pled their case, trying to explain why it was absolutely imperative they be allowed to stay -- as one explained, "[Justin is] amazing! He's everything!" Another added, "I touched his hand! He smells like cotton candy!!!" All good points.

The cop acquiesced -- instructing the girls to keep out of the street and stay quiet.

Promising to be good, another girl replied, "We're not gonna scream. We're gonna scream low."

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Bieber Fever


No Avatar

Ozzie X    

I've lost all hope for the youth of Miami.

902 days ago

Keyser Söze    

So what is worse: the youth of America who gets hysterical over nothing... or its babyboomers who bitch and whine over nothing?

902 days ago


Really? I heard he smelled like ProActive and Doritos.

902 days ago


Come on old man, leave them alone! Would you rather have the Insane Clown Posse there? Give them a break.

902 days ago


if it was a group of teen guys the cops would have called them a gang and ran them off....once again proof that teen girls can get away with murder and that cops dont treat everyone equal

902 days ago

Pudding Tang    

A Biebette holocaust would be nice.

902 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Geezers complaining in Florida, what else is new?

902 days ago

Sin D    

Was he wearing a wife-beater T-shirt,burmuda shorts pulled up right below his man-breastseses and black socks with sandals?

902 days ago


Most teenage girls are harmless. Yes if it was boys...the cops would have ran them off. I say just leave the girls alone and let them have fun. You were a teenager before. I remember how excited I got over stupid stuff when I was a kid. It's part of growing up. Hey teacher...leave them kids alone!

902 days ago


I didn't read any reports of damage. I think this guy needs to relax a bit and let them have fun, if they're not wrecking anything that is. Cranky old fart!

902 days ago

northern gypsy    

perhaps requesting to "have them removed" would be more appropriate...having said that..."crotchety" for trying to protect your property...i don't think so !!!

902 days ago


If I were the old guy I would break bread with the girls and tell them if they promise to stay quiet and behave themselves and not cause any more damages or he would promise to bring out Justin Beiber at X time for 15 minutes for a visit. After his 15 minutes are up they need to vacate until the next time. Wash rinse repeat. Sounds like a plan to me.

902 days ago


The man is a moron...and the girls are complete wastes of life.

902 days ago


Having myself recorded at the Hit Factory, I find this hilarious as the building is fenced in...and all around it is DEEP DEEP DEEEEEP ghetto. Like...very dangerous neighborhood to be standing around in.

902 days ago


So that's how you attract young girls....cotton candy.

902 days ago
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