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Pilar Sanders to Cops

Deion's Friend Attacked Me!!!

[UPDATE from Deion]

2/7/2012 8:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deion and Pilar Sanders
Pilar Sanders
called cops to Deion's gargantuan Texas mansion yesterday ... claiming she was ATTACKED by one of Deion's female friends ... while the NFL legend stood by and watched.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Pilar told officers a woman named Laura arrived to the mansion to see Deion ... but Pilar told Laura she was not welcome in the home and asked her to leave.

We're told Laura refused ... and after some words were exchanged, Laura threw an object at Pilar ... striking her in the eye.

Pilar grabbed her phone and called 911 ... and told police Deion was present during the altercation, but didn't do ANYTHING to diffuse the situation.

Cops tell TMZ ... no arrests were made and the situation is under investigation.

Pilar's lawyer tells TMZ, "Pilar was taken to the hospital emergency room as a result of the injuries she sustained during the assault."

The lawyer adds, "This is an opportunity for Deion to use his 'Century-21 celebrity status' to set an example as to how to lovingly care for his wife and children during divorce proceedings."

10:05 AM PST -- Deion Sanders has broken his silence on Twitter ... saying, "My AUNT Laura Jones was at my home fixing my phone system and was attacked. We have proof. We apologize for these weekly ignorant lies! TRUTH."

He added, "Enough is Enough we're so tired and exhausted from the lies and foolishness. My kids are being affected weekly with these false allegations."

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aunt laura hmm? now things are starting to get interesting...what exactly does aunt laura do for a living? which phone co does she work for? juuuust out of curiosity...i may need her services in the future. i'd like to hit the best, ya know.

990 days ago


I would question Deion about his motives, I have not seen one shred of his honesty ar devotion to anything except himself. I hope she cleans him out.

990 days ago

Sgt Wilkens    

This chick is nuts.

990 days ago


...and ladies - if you are considering paying an a$$hole a visit (who happens to be going thru a divorce), you deserve to be punched in the face upon arrival. back off until the smoke clears. just a lil' tip for you f*ktards who can't seem to get it in your head that people are still married - until they AREN'T. regardless of the cir***stances. capiche?

990 days ago


classy classy. these idiots should be removed from the planet. they're a waste of resources.

990 days ago

Shanky Dog    

Pilar get out of Deion's House already! You didn't pay for it move on!

990 days ago


I don't believe Dion, he is a nasty piece of work and doesn't want to pay child support or alimony of any kind and he is terrorizing his wife, since he couldn't get her evicted from the home, and his money grubbing relatives and/or girlfriends are all to willing to help him. Dion is a disgusting human being and Pilar should ask for an order of protection to keep Dion and his cohorts away from her and their children because he's currently on the war path. Also, if Pilar went to the emergency room and her eye was treated it proves that she was attacked, I doubt she did that to herself.

990 days ago

Sienna Sacha    

Clearly, Deion is a liar. .. he's about on the verge of a Rae Carruth type of incident. .. .If I was Pilar, I wouldn't ever be alone with him. . . .he is a very dangerous sociopath

990 days ago


Dang, she is REALLY making herself look bad.....LOL. Money-hungry h*e.....worst kind of gold digger....She certainly isn't going down without a fight.....

990 days ago


I don't know who these people are and care even less. I do care about language, though. Harvey, we "defuse" (take the fuse out of) situations and bombs, and we "diffuse" (spread out) our germs when we sneeze in a crowded room. Big difference.

990 days ago


I am not a Deion Sanders fan, but in this case; she is a nut! I live in Dallas and I remember when he divorced his 1st wife. She was a class act and is now a published author. Pilar is a gold digger and every day, she just makes herself look worse and worse!

990 days ago


I remember Pilar from Football Wives major, major b * t c h, serious self entitlement issues, not pretty, super fake and so stuck up. Karma is a b*tch too Pilar, get used to it!

990 days ago


All accuations and not one ounce of proof. Did her wigs get lost in the mail?

990 days ago


The a-hole needs to grow-up!

990 days ago


First of all Mr Sanders needs to leave since he is holding the purse strings he can get another place for now second those kids should not have to see or hear any of their trash talking to each other until they can get along well enough for their children. The kids need to stay in THEIR HOME and not have to leave!!! Y'all need to grow up!!!

990 days ago
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