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Roseanne Barr

Already a (Bong) Hit

with Weed Advocacy Group

2/7/2012 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0206_rosanne_EX_01Roseanne Barr's soon-to-be failed run for President just got a little pick me up -- thanks to the biggest pro marijuana group around, which just announced its support for the comic-turned-politician.

The Executive Director of NORML (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws) -- a guy named Allen St. Pierre -- tells TMZ, the group supports any candidate "who will adopt a pro-cannabis law reform plank as part of their political platform" ... especially Roseanne.

St. Pierre adds, "NORML welcomes Roseanne’s public support for ending a failed 74-year-old Cannabis Prohibition."

As we previously reported, Barr announced her intention to seek the highest office in the land and will go after the Green Party's nomination, campaigning to legalize marijuana.

Roseanne has a long history of being pro pot -- her classic sitcom even did an episode on the subject in the mid 90s. Roseanne also lives in two states (Hawaii and California) with progressive marijuana laws. Probably not a coincidence.

If only pot heads vote, she might just have a chance.



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We cringe here in Hawaii when we see her on the horizon. In one business when people see her coming they flip coins to NOT have to wait on her! But the business owners lick her fat behind so she will spend her money there. Kissing her fat ass is mandatory, or she will do to you what she did to her poor neighbors, we have no choice but to kiss her ass. Her reality show failed, her books are slow sellers written like someone straight out of 6th grade.
She throws her money and weight around and she has ferocious lap dogs who do her bidding because they are all bought and paid for. The funny thing is that she has no clue how much or how many people hate her here. Their only interest is her money. She does not care 1 single bit about her fans.....God forbid that you disagree with her stances on anything.
Get this straight you vapid icon worshiping idiots, she does not care one bit about you, she wants to sell her idiotic books, and keep her name in the headlines to promote her new show. She is a holy self medicating, bipolar who will stab you in the chest just as soon as look at you. Does no one pay attention to her blog???? she steps on her own fat tongue every time she opens her mouth.

954 days ago


We cringe when we see her on the Horizon here in Hawaii and she is not hard to miss, believe me! She in fact is the epitome of the 1%. She, her fat ass daughter and stupid son in law throw her money and weight around here and terrorize anyone who disagrees with her or does not bow to her wishes. She is surrounded by a lunatic fringe only bested by her Puna drug dealers and the cops who look the other way, or those attempting to insert their noses in her ass.
She used her neighbors as an example to let our small community know that she will RULE this community. NO ONE except her neighbors have had the courage to stand up to her publicly. In one business people flip coins to NOT wait on her. The businesses kiss her ass to her face, then grumble bitterly about her behind her backs, and she is so ignorant that she has not a clue.
Sadly many people I know are so afraid of her that they will do or say anything so they don't find themselves in her neighbors shoes.
To all those vapid uninformed fans who bow to her get a life, grow up and get real. She is a self medicating BIPOLAR, who writes like a sixth grader and then expects to be taken seriously as an author. Really this is just a PUBLICITY STUNT in YET another attempt to recreate her television sitcom from years ago. She is so desperate to have her face in the spotlight that she will do anything.
John Goodman must be desperate. The Green party must be desperate. She cares only about what she can bulldoze and eat on her property. You know when you smoke a lot of pot, gotta have those munchies. GO AHEAD, GO ON HER WEBSITE AND DISAGREE WITH HER AND SEE HOW YOU GET TREATED.

954 days ago


We are a California based collective looking to support and lobby for pro-marijuana efforts..Go Roseanne!!! Please contact us at collective2010(at)live dot ..we have a movement that needs support!!!

953 days ago


Instead of trying to send regular people into politics, it would be much smarter to get rid of the political system. Politicians have invaded our societies and our governments, and they work on behalf of their best interests. They lie to us without accountabilities, so we really don't need them, or to be paying their celebrity-status expense accounts. Governments could be run like corporations.

Joke: How many Senators and Congresspersons does it take to decipher the Constitution? The answer is over 500 of them. In fact, they take half your income and pay themselves to do.....Nothing that Matters!!!

776 days ago


At least Roseann says what she thinks. That's probably why she has failed marriages. But that is why we love her, although of course we would never vote her into office.

740 days ago
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