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Al Shearer

Say it Loud ... I'm BLACK!

Not African-American

2/8/2012 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Glory Road" actor Al Shearer wants to be called Black instead of African-American -- and a heated newsroom debate reveals almost everyone's got issues with labels. God, PC is exhausting!


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Ok, I saw this clip tonight and the black guy on the show is WRONG about the meaning of "akata". For starters, I am a *****ian who has been here since I was 2. Akata does not mean a "cotton picker". It means a black person living abroad (i.e. America). If you were born in an African country, we would refer to you as "the Ghanian" or the "Cameroon man". Before you makes comments on TV to the world about information you are not clear about, check your facts because I am sure this girl and her family didn't tell you it meant cotton picker.

990 days ago


I agree, I am not African American I am an American who happens to be black. I have never been to Africa and was born here this is my home and I happen to love this country for better or worse. Someday I may go there for a visit but my heart and soul lies here and here is where it will stay. I say this as a proud American!

990 days ago


I dont think these labels are such a big deal. Obviously when we're trying to sound professional we avoid the term black ( shade) and instead use African Americans to refers to those who have African Ancestry and live in America. To me the wto are interchangeable and shouldnt be considered that offensive. I think we've taken a larger liking to the term Black because it doesnt include the word "african" and a lot of Africans dont regard blacks as their long lost brothers of slavery but instead some look down on them.

990 days ago

Fat Mike    

I half agree, African-American implies someone is born in Africa. My parents are from *****ia and Australia, my grandparents are English, Irish, Australian and Scottish. I'm now American, so does that make me English-Irish-Scottish-Australian-African-American? No, I'm American.

990 days ago

Fat Mike    

I can't believe you censor the country *****ia. Morons!

990 days ago


Why don't you just call yourself American. You stupid creep. You are the one classifying yourself to be politically right/wrong. We are all human beings so why not stop your ignorant ways and be part of the human species. I'm sure that the African-Americans are proud to have someone like you represent them. GROW UP!!!!!

990 days ago


If your parents or grandparents or thereafter were born in Africa the you are Africa America. If not, then you are black. Same goes for if you or your mama or your grandma were raised as a slaved, then you can bitch about there hardships of being a slave, if not, shut up, and accept your up comings. You yourself were not a slave so you cant bitch. you didnt go thur it, so you dont have the right to use or play the slave card. I DARE YOU TO PLAY IT.

990 days ago


Scott: 3 hours ago


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I Dont know where your from but im pretty sure your from the states as am I, and I have been living up in Ottawa Canada for the last 7 years and I have heard people use the "N'word up here. And I will stress again to you as I do to them, you must be one of most ignorant people ive seen on here, kick your sister off your ****, walk out of your trailer and educated yourself, okay. Black people are just as smart and clearly more smart then you. you inbreeded hillbilly goof. by you saying the N word your showing just how stupid you are.

990 days ago


"THANK YOU" HELLO!!!! THAT'S WHAT I'VE ALWAYS THOUGHT... JUST CAUSE YOU ARE BLACK DOESN'T MEAN YOU ARE FROM AFRICA... i am Italian but i am sooooo white i am nearly transparent but i don't go by the NEARLY TRANSPARENT ITALIAN... LOL...

990 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

EXACTLY!! I'm a White American, He's a Black American !! Hate to say it but we can thank Jessie Jackson for the "African American" lable back in the 80's. If you are born in America, you are an American first. Thank you Al Shearer...

990 days ago


I wanna' know what the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People have to say about this.

990 days ago

African-American and Proud    

African-American is a synonym for Black, and there's nothing wrong with it. I'm African, learned to speak an African language and got rid of the slave name.

990 days ago



990 days ago


Attn: TMZ staffer (white guy, brown curly hair, gormless expression)
THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CAUCASIAN-AMERICAN! You might as well refer to yourself as a "Master-Race-American".
"Caucasian" is a fascist term coined by a fascist pseudo-scientist in the 1800s to describe people like himself, whom he thought were especially awesome because... they were like himself.
"He based his classification of the Caucasian race primarily on craniology.[5] Blumenbach wrote:

Caucasian variety - I have taken the name of this variety from Mount Caucasus, both because its neighborhood, and especially its southern slope, produces the most beautiful race of men..." (Blumenbach , De generis humani varietate nativa (3rd ed. 1795), trans. Bendyshe (1865).)

990 days ago


I've NEVER heard a black person refer to himself as African American unless it was on TV or at an official ceremony and the like. The move to drop "black" and instead use A. American was started by a probably small group (someone mentioned Rev. Jackson?) who believed that the term "black" caused Blacks to feel negatively about themselves because of all the negative associations with the word black or even darkness. As in "black mark", "black/dark days", "black/dark cloud", "black-listed", "kept in the dark" etc etc. While on the other hand the terms white/light have generally more positive uses. (I won't go on). It's all PC rubbish.

990 days ago
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