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Ben Stein

'Disrespected' by Honda

I Should've Been in 'Ferris' Ad

2/8/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Ben Stein thinks it's pretty MESSED UP that Honda ran a "Ferris Bueller" spoof commercial during the Super Bowl ... and didn't put him in the ad -- and now he wants a NEW CAR to make up for the diss.

Stein was at LAX yesterday when we asked him about the new spot -- which featured Matthew Broderick -- and Ben told us, "They had a guy imitating my voice, they should've had me in it."

But Stein says Honda can make it up to him ... "Just my humble opinion, but since they used my voice ... they should give me a top of the line Honda."



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If he wasn't such a **** they might have asked him.

934 days ago

your own luck    

Somehow that ad just doesn't seem right having Ben Stein play the part of a 70 year old valet. Hopefully, he was kidding.

934 days ago


I totally agree with Ben. I thought the same thing.

934 days ago


My first thought after seeing that add is "where the hell is Ben Stein?". He was the funniest part of that movie.

934 days ago


I can't stand this guy, but it would have been a funnier ad if he was the valet.

934 days ago


I'm sure Honda just didn't want to deal with the negative publicity that would've ensued, as this guy is a scary, far right-wing nut job who, at the height of the mortgage crisis, said that it wasn't that bad at all. As the world was heading into worldwide recession in 2008, he was writing articles saying that it was all "overblown." He's supposedly an economist who always stands up for rich people and incessantly mocks the middle class and the poor. Ben's a bad guy, through and through. Honda did the right thing by not polluting their commercial with him.

934 days ago


Go F yourself Ben Stein.

If you should have been in the Honda ad, then Matthew Broderick should have gotten his beak wet on all the half-@ss ads you've done over the years as the bland professor character.

934 days ago


Sorry Ben, but the free-market spoke, and they found someone who could do your job better and cheaper.

And now you want a handout?


934 days ago


Matthew Broderick totally looks like a plastic surgeried, full of makeup faced woman in that commercial, especially with the towel on his head. He gives me the creeps

934 days ago


Ben Stein is a ****ing pinhead. He needs to go away and stay away and take his Jesus-Dinosaur riding crowd with him.

934 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Ben Stein was in Ferris Bueller? Who knew?

That was a movie about high school kids in the 1980's, not 1932!!!

934 days ago


He was joking guys. GEEZ. What's wrong with nostalgic ads? If you lived through it the first time you love when they re-surface. Ferris was one of the greatest films from my teen years. Long live Bueller!......Bueller?......Bueller?

934 days ago


this guy should play henry kissinger in a movie

934 days ago


He shouldn't get nothing, because he doesn't own the line in the movie that belongs to the writes and production company. And another thing it wasn't even his voice, it was some young dude's voice. - The only connection is, he was hired for the MOVIE over 20 some years ago. He didn't even really own the rights to the line... so... just saying.

934 days ago


Oh Ben Stein, I feel just so sorry for you. NOT. I would've loved to see Cameron and Sloane in the ad...

934 days ago
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