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'Homeland'/'24' Creator's Wife

Cops Plea in Driving Death

'I'm Immeasurably Sorry'

2/8/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cambria Gordon, wife of Howard Gordon, was driving in Santa Monica and her car struck an 83-year-old pedestrian, who later died.The wife of the creator of "Homeland" and "24" just pled no contest to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and will not serve jail time.

Cambria Gordon, wife of Howard Gordon, was driving in Santa Monica last July when her cell phone fell from the center console to the floor. She became distracted as she tried to retrieve it and her car struck an 83-year-old pedestrian, who later died.

Cambria was charged with manslaughter with gross negligence, but under the deal the charge reduced to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence.

Cambria, who was not in court today, was placed on 36 months informal probation and she must perform 360 hours of community service. The judge said the community service should have an educational component related to distracted driving.

Blair Berk, Cambria's lawyer, read a letter from Cambria prior to sentencing, in which she expressed "deep sorrow and sincere remorse over the accident," adding "not a day has gone by since July 20, 2011 that I haven't thought about and prayed for Mr. Smerling and his family."

The letter ends with this: "Although I cannot presume to ask for forgiveness, I only hope that the Smerling family understands how immeasurably sorry I am."

The victim's family has filed a civil suit against the Gordons. That suit is pending.


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That is terrible.. there is no excuse.. she should be in jail. maybe she lied rather then saying she was on the cell phone. people with money always get off.

985 days ago


Well isn't that sweet. Cambrias does not even show up in court. I hope her clock get's cleaned in civil court. What an absolute low life.

985 days ago


If this had been a "non" celebrity they would have been thrown under the bus. How is this not GROSS negligence??? Guess the Communist Republic of CA deems the elderly as expendable.

985 days ago


Wow pays to have money! How did her cell phone just "fall off" the center console. I bet she dropped it while texting tried to pick it up (cuz finishing her text was more important) and ran the old person over.
Next time your phone 'just falls off the center console" leave it on floor until its SAFE to pick-up....stupid stupid b.itch.
I hope the family of victim drains her AND her hubbies bank account in civil court.

985 days ago

eric j    

i am immeasurably sorry but i just can't seem to be bothered to show up to court so i will just have my lawyer read a letter, hopefully he can capture my sorrw in this well read letter..AT LEAST SHOW UP AND FACE IT LIKE AN ADULT

985 days ago


That's all she gets? Why am I not surprised? How sad.

985 days ago


I sure hope they will have pay DEARLY in the civil suit, My prayers are with the family that lost this gentleman.

985 days ago


hmmmm, let's see... so you can drop (any item you shouldn't be worrying about while driving) in the car, be distracted, and then KILL SOMEONE... and serve no jail time? WHAT THE FUGGGG?? Is this Brandi the Murderer all over again????

It is people like this that make this a horrible world. Un-evolved neanderthal f-tards. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR DISTRACTED DRIVING. IF YOU ARE BEHIND THE WHEEL AND ARE DOING ANYTHING EXCEPT DRIVING YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Clearly it's just THAT easy to kill someone. DUH!!!

I would have NO problem whatsoever with making an example of this woman and putting her on blast for human ignorance and LACK OF ANY INTELLIGENCE AT ALL.
Apology NOT ACCEPTED, I don't even care if the family is ok with your 'apology', you are a disgrace to humanity!!
If this woman is allowed to drive EVER AGAIN then we may as well all kill ourselves, cuz allowing people like this (Brandi this means YOU) to continue to live, let alone drive, is pathetic.

985 days ago


to be aware of other idiots like this on the road, check @SoCalBadDrivers

985 days ago

Cheryl A.    

INSANE! get off the damned phone and drive.

985 days ago


I am deeply saddened at the death of this person, but on the other side, didn't she see the car coming?

985 days ago


She killed somebody by being really, really stupid and she didn't even have to be in court to face the family. The very least they could have done was make her show up for court.

985 days ago


It seems much more likely that she was "on" her cell phone at the time and distracted. Disgusting, and proof that everything, including justice, is for sale in this country.

985 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

Very few well off white people go to jail, plain and simple. Some obviously do go but for the most part they get off. If she was middle class Hispanic or black- jail time for sure. Privileged white people do not go after other privileged white people.

985 days ago


it's criminal negligence. she should go to prison. at least they'll sue their pants off.

985 days ago
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