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'Homeland'/'24' Creator's Wife

Cops Plea in Driving Death

'I'm Immeasurably Sorry'

2/8/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cambria Gordon, wife of Howard Gordon, was driving in Santa Monica and her car struck an 83-year-old pedestrian, who later died.The wife of the creator of "Homeland" and "24" just pled no contest to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and will not serve jail time.

Cambria Gordon, wife of Howard Gordon, was driving in Santa Monica last July when her cell phone fell from the center console to the floor. She became distracted as she tried to retrieve it and her car struck an 83-year-old pedestrian, who later died.

Cambria was charged with manslaughter with gross negligence, but under the deal the charge reduced to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence.

Cambria, who was not in court today, was placed on 36 months informal probation and she must perform 360 hours of community service. The judge said the community service should have an educational component related to distracted driving.

Blair Berk, Cambria's lawyer, read a letter from Cambria prior to sentencing, in which she expressed "deep sorrow and sincere remorse over the accident," adding "not a day has gone by since July 20, 2011 that I haven't thought about and prayed for Mr. Smerling and his family."

The letter ends with this: "Although I cannot presume to ask for forgiveness, I only hope that the Smerling family understands how immeasurably sorry I am."

The victim's family has filed a civil suit against the Gordons. That suit is pending.


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I'm not saying I do these things, but honestly...admit it. ALL of us are guilty at some point of now driving perfectly. Maybe you gunned it through an intersection when you thought you could make it, but the light turned red. These things happen and it's terrible...but I'm not willing to bash this woman for making a terrible mistake that she'll have to live with for the rest of out life. Face it, we've all made stupid mistakes like changing a radio station--we just didn't hit anyone when it happened.

957 days ago


Amy you're an idiot. She claims the phone fell on the floor and she admits to reaching down to get it....what was SO important that couldnt wait til she got to stop light or a parking lot to pull over. Its one thing to look away for a second (we all do it) its ANOTHER to reach down to the floorboard.

957 days ago


@2idiot, ironic considering your name. Anyway, I refuse to believe that you haven't done something similar but lucked out.

957 days ago


Not to mention, it takes a really honest and sorry person to admit to doing that. Most of us would say "Oh, I just didn't see her...she came out of nowhere." She could have lied. But she didn't. She chose to tell the truth which could have landed her in prison. Give it a rest.

957 days ago


Howard Gordon is NOT a creator of 24. That was Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran. But that is a fact, and TMZ doesn't like those...

957 days ago


I, like everyone writing do not know all the facts about this accident or court case. What I do know is Cam & her husband. They are members in our community. Cam is a charitable, hardworking person who has been recognized by our congregation for her charitable work. She is someone who cares about people. The Gordons are also caring, active parents with young children they are raising and by any measure, would not take the loss of Mr. Smerlings life lightly. I take her words as true and truly believe Cam is hurting. For me, this is a wake up call, that cell phones, make-up, shavers, food items, etc. are such a huge distraction and that we all need to put that stuff aside when behind the wheel.

957 days ago


If she were sorry, she would have shown up and apologized to the victim's family in person. Shame on her and the justice system.

957 days ago

Proud Veteran    

Paris Hilton got jail time for driving on a revoked license and this woman killed someone while behind the wheel and walks free?

This is just sick! It shows me that living in California with their warped and obviously corrupt judiciary is insane.

957 days ago


How does she not get time, she was negligent concerning a cell phone no less. She even has the audacity to not show her face in court. Hopefully the victim's family will take her and her husband for all they have.

957 days ago

A viewer    

What the?. I just heard on the radio about a guy who was given 100 hrs community service for stealing a heavy duty mixer from a school cafeteria. So an irresponsible, "so sorry" murderer only gets three times what a mixer thief gets? The man's life was worth three mixers?.. Please, what is wrong here??

957 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Do you know how rich & socially connected "the Gordons" are? They are really tight with "the Davids". You've heard of "the Davids", haven't you? Larry David, co-creator of "Seinfeld" and creator of "Curb your Enthusiasm" and his ex-wife Laurie David, hypocritical jet-setting and environment polluting "environmentalist". Oh yeah, "Cam's" an environmentalist too. She "cares" about her own family & her own life and the environment, she just couldn't care any less about the man she killed, didn't even show up to court. Because texting or talking on her cell phone was WAY more important than the life of a "lowly". Lovely.

957 days ago


Well, money really does talk. My condolences to the victim's family.

957 days ago


How sad for the victim's family that this woman gets off essentially scot free. I hope they sue her til she's homeless. All over a stupid cellphone.

957 days ago


Typical, money talks bull$hit walks. Sick of this, she KILLED a person over a damned cell phone, she belongs in jail. I hope the family sues for wrongful death

957 days ago


she should go to jail just for not showing up and sending a letter! what the hell is wrong with people?!

957 days ago
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