Country Star Rodney Atkins Ducks Jail in Wife Attack Case

2/8/2012 11:30 AM PST

Rodney Atkins
can rest easy on that pillow he allegedly tried to suffocate his wife with ... because the country star just struck a deal that will keep him out of the slammer ... if he stays out of trouble for the next 12 months.

TMZ broke the story ... Atkins was arrested back in November after his wife claimed Rodney tried to suffocate her with a pillow after a night of hard boozing and arguing.

Atkins maintained his innocence ... but he struck a deal with prosecutors in Tennessee, in which they agreed not to prosecute him ... because he completed anger management, drug and alcohol evaluations. Atkins also promised to complete 30 hours of community service and keep his nose clean for the next year.

Assuming he keeps his end of the bargain, the case will be dismissed and the charge will be expunged from his record.

Atkins released a statement to The Tennessean saying, "I am so thankful for all those that chose to withhold judgment while keeping my family and I in their prayers. God Bless. Onward and upward.”