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Gary Busey

Files for Bankruptcy --

I'm Really REALLY Broke

2/8/2012 8:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Busey -- who's starred in more than 70 movies -- is bankrupt
Gary Busey -- who's starred in more than 70 movies -- has less than $50,000 to his name ... and more than $500,000 in various debts ... this according to official documents obtained by TMZ.

67-year-old Busey filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California yesterday. Busey checked the box showing he has less than $50,000 in assets ... and somewhere between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in various debts.

In the docs, Busey indicates he might owe money to everyone from the IRS ... to various lawyers ... UCLA Medical Center ... Wells Fargo ... L.A. County Waterworks Districts ... and a storage company.

He also notes that he might owe money to a woman named Carla Loeffler, who sued Busey for allegedly attacking her at a Tulsa airport back in May.

Interestingly, we shot Gary out in Malibu on Monday -- a day before he filed -- and he didn't seem all that fazed by the whole bankruptcy thing ... dancing his face off in a parking lot.

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A rep for Gary tells TMZ, "Gary's filing is the final chapter in a process that began a few years ago of jettisoning the litter of past unfortunate choices, associations, circumstances, and events."


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Hey Now    

I would think bankruptcy is the least of his problems. Dude is wiggedy wack.

954 days ago


He's really a sad pathetic kind of guy. I think he lost whatever modest amount of intelligence he had before his brain injury. I feel sorry for him.

954 days ago


LMAO Two comments:

1) One thing that the D.A.R.E. program has taught me when I was a boy was Drugs Are Really Expensive.

2) I find it HIGHLY offensive that he's parked in a handicap spot and he's dancing like that. My g/f (Love u Rachel) has a mild case of cerebral palsy in her leg for her entire life and it just makes me sick when ppl park in those spots.

954 days ago


Poor Gary. I'm surprised he's doing so bad financially... I rather watch a movie with him in it than most other actors. HARVEY HOOK HIM UP!!!

In celebration of Gary here is a gallery I found of him getting into messy situations:

954 days ago


I'm soooo SICK of celebritys blowing all their money and then claiming Bankruptcy. Get a real job and pay your bills like everyone else. Its a crying shame.

954 days ago


They're actors, not accountants. Michael Jackson was headed towards Chapter 7. Gary might be wound up a bit tighter than your average bear, but he rolls with the punches better than anyone I know. He's done a lot of stoopid things but has the thick skin to take the heat. Can he be a bit more intelligent about how he handles his life? Yes. Can you? Yes. Can I? Yes. Now he's in the Chapter 7 club; he's in good company.

954 days ago


Glad to see that they showed he had a boy in the car instead of excluding it and twisting the story to make it look like he was acting crazy for nothing.

954 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

unable to hear the clip. I like him. His kind of crazy is good compared to the fakes out there.

954 days ago


Did he parked his car on a invalid parking spot?

954 days ago


Thattttts why he gets to park in the handicap spot

954 days ago


Sweet baby

954 days ago


Does not look handicapped while he is dancing around like a moron. Those parking spots are for people who cannot get around well. Like wheelchair bound or extremely oid folks. Not for idiots like Gary who somehow scored a sticker and then mock the whole thing by dancing around. There is nothing wrong with this dudes legs. To bad a cop did not ticket this selfish prick.

954 days ago


Hey douche bag you are a dead beat and you're parking in a handicapped parking spot...

954 days ago


Okay, I get that he has a brain injury but the guy is also bat sh** crazy. If you have watched him in 3 reality shows, he is just plain loco.
1st on Celebrity Fit Club. He said he was just there to "motivate" but all he did was drive everybody up the wall. He didn't need to lose weight, he was in it for the money.
2nd was Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew. Again, was there to "motivate and inspire". Didn't want to talk at all about his years snorting coke and other drugs he took. Drove other contestants there who really wanted to get sober, crazy. Particularly poor Jeff Conway.
3rd his stint on Celebrity Apprentice. He was the WORST. And he had moments of clear lucidity when he ACTED crazy but wasn't. So he can turn it off and on when he wants too. Poor Meatloaf and John Rich. After dealing with him on that show I would have needed a couple of valium and a long rest in a psychiatric institution my own self. I was exhausted JUST WATCHING HIM.
plus all this gobbedly gook he spouts off. It's like he's a hippy on a permenent acid trip. Peace, love, rainbows, blah blah blah.

954 days ago


Tell me he's not parked in a handicap space? I guess the elderly Americans can walk a little to get some exercise...

954 days ago
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