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Katy Perry Divorce

Taking Back Her Name ...

Along with Her Millions

2/8/2012 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perrys not only keeping all the cash she made during her marriage to Russell Brand -- she is also taking back her maiden name
Katy Perry
's not only keeping all the cash she made during her marriage to Russell Brand -- she's also taking back her maiden name ... according to new divorce docs.

Katy's response to Russell's divorce filing -- filed yesterday and obtained by TMZ -- states the ex-couple reached a "comprehensive written settlement." As we first reported, that includes Russell passing on their community property -- aka 50% of Katy's approximate $40 million in earnings!

The doc also includes a check next to the box -- "Respondent's [Katy's] former name be restored to."  It goes on to specify her full name ... Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

Most amicable Hollywood divorce. Ever.


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Ghost Rider    

Good for her. Who would want to keep that nutcases last name anyway?

990 days ago


I GOT DIVORCED AND I LIKE IT! I GOT DIVORCED JUST TO TRY IT! Call me Katy! I've got a mic you can sing into.

990 days ago


Refreshing! Kudos to both of them.

990 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Outstanding! He maned up and took responsibility for his own life. He did without trying to take advantage of or hurting her. He could have easily but did not. That takes guts and discipline from deep inside. Whatever I said negatively about this man I take back. Soak Up The Love Babies OOOXXX

990 days ago


It's unfortunate that they are ending their marriage. Just bad pairing. But it's good that they seem to be ending it on good terms. Unlike some others *ahem, kim...*

990 days ago


I could never see them together - for many reasons.

990 days ago


I saw this coming when they took counseling before getting married... What where they thinking...

990 days ago


I have to give Russell a lot of credit. At least he's not a money hungry, thieving bas*ard like most hollywood husbands. He does not want her money and I applaud him for that. He's a real MAN! You are a hell of a guy Russell!

990 days ago


There has to be more to it...stay tuned.

990 days ago


Who signs their divorce docs with a heart and smiley face?!
Totally Katy - at least she is true to herself. It's nice to see a divorce in Hollywood go smoothly.

990 days ago


For all of you all saying that a woman wouldn't do that, you're all a bunch of hypocrites. VERY VERY VERY FEW men OR women would walk away from 20 million! You got MEN AND WOMEN drinking DONKEY semen for a CHANCE at just 50 grand!! So get off your "I'm male we are so much more admirable" soapboxes cause you are ALL lying to yourselves if you'd pass at 20 million. I'd say 5% of the BILLIONS of people in this world would actually pass that up, and Mr. Brand is clearly in that 5%. Kudos to him, but stop ****ting yourselves to act like you would do the same.

990 days ago


RIP Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Marriage

990 days ago


Not surprised one bit that he passed on her money. He's a good guy. Read his books.

990 days ago


Russell is smart. I bet he'll more than make up for that $20 million he could have gotten from Katy by getting more TV and film roles in the next few years.

If they had a bitter divorce settlement, it would generate a TON of negative publicity that would hurt his career for a long time. Russell is still kind of in the early years of his career and he can't afford to have thousands of people mad at him and saying nasty things about him on internet blogs like this one.

Russell has a new talk show on "FX network" coming up this spring. I'm sure he wants the fans everywhere to think he's a cool guy like Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmell, Dave Letterman, etc.

Let's face it, Katy has millions of fans all over the world. They might not be "little monsters" like Gaga's fans, but all of those "Katy Cats" might want to claw Russell's eyes out for taking her hard earned money in a divorce.

Those fans were happy to give their hard earned money to see Katy at her concerts and buy her CDs, perfume, clothes, etc. They want that money to go to her. If the roles were reversed, Russell Brand fans wouldn't want the money he got for his TV shows and movies to go to Katy in a divorce either.

990 days ago


They really were in love at one time, that's why the no pre-nup worked.

Sad. (sniff)

990 days ago
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