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This Strip Club Needs a Carpet


2/8/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ne-Yo makes it RAIN at a strip clubNe-Yo went on a redecorating mission last weekend at an Atlanta strip club -- dropping so much money on naked booty-shakers ... he literally covered the floor with singles ... and TMZ has obtained the pics.

Ne-Yo hit up the strip club on Saturday night with his fiancee/baby mama -- the one in leopard print -- and sources tell us, he rained down between $3,000-$5,000 in ones.

We're told he didn't drink a drop of alcohol either -- keeping mostly to himself in the VIP room for two hours between midnight and 2AM.

Just enough time to take over the entire club.


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The way some of yall are responding to this, I guess if you saw Teabow or married Manning at a strip club you would just fall over and die.

958 days ago


He should have saved that money for some shiny rims.

958 days ago

Joey Boots    

wow that must be like 200 bucks in that pic!

958 days ago


For all you conservatives, a man goes to a strip club and he's not classy. So what's classy cause you all know so much. And why is it that he has to donate his money to Africa. He worked for his money and he should spend it in whatever manner he seems fit as long as it's not hurting anyone. When the white singers are buying drugs with their money I never see anyone say why don't you donate the money to a trailer park.
Why don't yall donate your money if you care so much.

958 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Note to Ne-Yo: Don't wear the rosary to the strip club next time. Also, stay classy.

958 days ago


That's pretty f%$ing disgusting.

958 days ago


For all of the people making the nasty comments, most strippers are not nasty at all but real working people, not hookers or hos. They have children, families and a life outside of the club. Most strippers dance, serve drinks, mingle with the guests and have fun laughing and talking*no not spreading their legs*! Stripping is risque but not all about who is getting laid. If a girl wants to be an actual HO then chances are the club will fire her. Yes there are dirty clubs and dirty girls but not all clubs or strippers are nasty. Get your facts straight and stop buying this pathetic attempt to make Ne-yo seem like a bad guy.

958 days ago


Ew... I use to like Ne-yo not anymore. Just nasty.

958 days ago


Ne-Yo is supposedly in the closet regarding his sexuality and only keeps his pregnant "beard"/girlfriend around for his public image.

958 days ago


How dare he wear a Cross while doing that. It's obviously just another piece of jewelry.

958 days ago


To those of you who comment about African americans going broke ha, every race has people going broke for stupid reasons. Bottom line when it comes to this money you either know what to do with it or you dont, stop making everything about race.

958 days ago


1st he is not a rapper he's a r&b singer, 2nd why dose his nationality have to be an issue with people ? don't white people go to strip clubs ? 3rd how really cares were he puts HIS money ???

958 days ago


atleast he keeps the lord in mind while turning out tricks, case in point the cross necklace
hypocrisy anyone?

958 days ago


Please take off the diamond studded cross, what a shocking, hypocritacal fool. God judges the heart, but from this pic, YOU FAIL.

958 days ago


jesus crist...... why do all black people act like this when they have money they cant keep and ****en job, or keep there kids fed or pay rent cus they are always getting evicted left and right.. but they always have money to throw on a hoe............or they are always on welfare..... dont be bad cus it is all true. they are always talking crap about the people bringing them down. but it is not the people it is all of them who bring them selves down.... Ignorant ass fools..

958 days ago
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