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Deion Sanders' Aunt

Yeah, I Beat the Crap

Out of Pilar

2/8/2012 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deion Sanders aunt Laura Jones just gave a SHOCKING blow-by-blow to her violent altercation with Pilar
Deion Sanders
' aunt Laura Jones just gave a SHOCKING blow-by-blow to her violent altercation with Pilar inside Deion's Texas mansion Monday -- admitting she grabbed Pilar's hair ... and beat the holy hell out of her.

49-year-old Laura -- who's married to Deion's uncle -- called in to Dallas K104 this morning, claiming she stopped by Deion's house to take care of some housekeeping items (a job Deion pays her to do) and Pilar flipped.

According to Laura, Pilar objected to her being in the house, and demanded she "get the f**k out." The argument escalated quickly, and Laura says Pilar brushed against her in a threatening way ... so Laura responded by grabbing Pilar's hair and hitting her.

This is where it gets NUTS -- Laura says Pilar then ripped Laura's dress clean off during the melee, leaving her practically naked, and tumbled backwards down the staircase. Laura says Pilar then grabbed a bunch of knives from the kitchen, and brandished them while she called 911.

Right then, Laura says Deion came downstairs to see what the ruckus was about -- and Pilar yelled at the dispatcher, "My husband is attacking me!!!"

According to Laura, the cops showed up minutes later -- and Pilar refused to put away the knives ... so they cuffed her and threw in the back of a cruiser. Laura says the children were present the entire time.

But Laura claims charges were never filed against Pilar because Deion intervened -- and got Pilar off the hook.

Laura also submitted an alleged audio recording of the fight -- claiming she acquired it during her brawl with Pilar ... who's allegedly been recording everything in the house to use as leverage in her divorce.

Pilar's lawyer Larry Friedman tells TMZ -- "Pilar was not booked, charged, or arrested by Police. She acted appropriately in response to an intruder in her home."

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it is pretty clear why she stays in the house $$$
She wants to provoke him enough to make a mistake she can use against him to get more $$$ .

I thought he already kicked her out ??? Did I miss something . Wasn't she already out and refused to take his $10 000

955 days ago


Pilar should just pack her stuff, take her children and GET UP OUT OF THAT HOUSE!!! For starters, the house isn't "community" property per se, and it belongs to her husband who wants her GONE!!! Pilar "DOESN'T" have the right to toss Deion's guests out of "HIS" HOUSE. It doesn't matter how many times Laura has been there, her presence there was approved by Deion. Pilar initiated that altercation with her "OWN" children in the house. She should have known better. It's time for her to leave because the environment is becoming too "HOSTILE" for all concerned parties. It's time for her to put her "raptorial" GREED aside and do what's "BEST" for the well being of her children.

955 days ago



955 days ago


Stay classy Sanders family!

955 days ago


Deion filed for divorce when he found out she was going to do NFL wives in LA. Obviously, Laura has a key to get in and/or invited over by Deion. Deion's aunt has to be a young wife to Deion's uncle-just threw that in lol. This is just like a reality show and should be picked up by "E. Deion has to be embarrassed out his mind, who wants this kind of insanity broadcasted all over the web.

955 days ago


It sounds like Pilar kicked her butt. Sometimes, (most of the time) family needs to stay out of it.

955 days ago


Another case of low life with money. Judge Joe Brown would be so proud of auntie. She was told to leave and she should have left.

955 days ago


I don't care who's money bought the house. The reality is, Pilar has lived in that house for a long time now. How is it that people are saying it's not her home? Secondly, they must still have feelings for each other for there to be so much anger going back and forth. This isn't a one head monster, this is a two headed monster and in the case of this article, a three headed monster. Funny how we all speak about things we don't know. I know from personal experience that things go on behind closed doors that only the people that live there know. Calling his soon to be ex-wife crazy because she's angry? Lots of people get angry, and lots of people have reasons why they are angry. I'm not taking her side either, I'm just stating my observations. Deion and Pilar need to leave the media out of this mess and settle things privately.

955 days ago

Mary P    

Deion knew he was going to be set up by Pilar, trying to make a scene then blaming him. I'd bet $100 that his lawyer said Pilar was crazy and with her going back on the stuff like the pre-nup making up lies, then crazy stuff she had no proof of, and her amped up antics, he was just waiting for Pilar to go psycho so he could prove she had ulterior motives.

955 days ago


Deion just claimed the other day that Pilar was lying about this and nothing happened. Turns out He is a liar. Jeez, what else has he lied about?

955 days ago


Laura Jones should've ripped that dumb c*nt's hair out. who the f*ck does Pilar think she is kicking people out that are supposed to be there to work when it's not even her house.

955 days ago


Now yall know pilar cant fight all she can do is toss her hair and shop she mad she got her a** beat ha ha

955 days ago


Pilar needs to move out, realize her time is up, and quit acting like such a diva byatch, she is such a snob, I couldn't even watch Football Wives cause she made me sick. She should consider herself lucky for living the life she lived cause she is fake and fugly, and Deion sounds like he finally woke up to what he is dealing with. Freak of nature Pilar needs to move out call it a day and stop with the drama.

955 days ago


Sounds like Deon's trying to force her out of the house, why would a women come and disrespect you in your house, telling her to get the "F" out of her house....stay tuned

955 days ago


And it is her house by law, by law

955 days ago
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