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Halle Berry

Wants Out of U.S.

Because of Death Threats

2/9/2012 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry does not want to leave the U.S. for France with daughter Nahla because the food is so good over there ... she wants out of this country because she fears for her life and the life of her child.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle is asking a judge for permission to move to France with Nahla ... something Gabriel Aubry is trying to block.

We've learned there have been and are serious threats to Halle's life and she feels the move is a life or death situation.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Robert Hoskins, a mentally unstable man, escaped from a mental institution last week.

We've learned he has made threats against Halle's life -- specifically to "slit her throat."

Hoskins is no stranger to the law -- he has threatened to slit Madonna's throat in the past and was actually shot by her bodyguard in 1995 after he trespassed onto Madge's property.

And as we first reported, another stalker who recently trespassed onto Halle's property multiple times has just been released from jail.

Friends of Halle tell us ... she is particularly concerned because Starmaps and some Hollywood bus tours literally take tourists to her doorstep.

And Halle's friends say ... the actress is very concerned that baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is parading Nahla in front of paparazzi almost daily and possibly putting her in harm's way.

Bottom line -- Halle's M.O. for wanting to move is rooted in security ... not revenge.


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Spin, spin, spin. What a bunch of horse manure.

950 days ago



ViableV: about an hour ago

Easy solution: beef up security! Leaving the country and depriving your child and the child's father of each other is NOT the answer because a stalker can follow you there too you stupid c.u.n.t!


Only an "AZZ BACKWARD" RETARD such as yourself would call someone you supposedly "DON'T" have a relationship with a "stupid c.u.n.t"!!! Since you're SO MUCH MORE CONCERNED with Gabriel Aubry's feelings as opposed to the "SAFETY AND WELL BEING" of his daughter, perhaps "YOU" wouldn't mind PAYING THE ADDITIONAL SECURITY RELATED COSTS FOR YOUR HERO!!! NAHLA'S SAFETY AND WELL BEING SHOULD BE HIS "ONLY" PRIORITY -- NOT HIS CONVENIENCE!!!

950 days ago


100% B.S.!! Judge: Take this child away from that nutjob ...STAT!!!

950 days ago


Halle, when you lay down with dogs you come up with fleas. Please get the hell out of there. Gabriel is holding her hostage because he hasn't gotten over her leaving him. Get over it you broke leech!

950 days ago


#99 Are you for real? You have seen nothing that proves she is a wack job? How about every relationship she is in she claims abuse of some sort. She can't just deal with the fact that her crazy a$$ can't keep a man as beautiful and rich as she is. She's pissed that Gabriel left her a$$ like everyone else in her life so she wants revenge, simple as that...get it? She has done everything in her power to keep this man away from a daughter you can clearly sees he loves very much...who does that? Halle the berry in the fruitcake that is who. First the babysitter story, when that didn't work now let's say I fear my life and have to move to France. Open your eyes girl I don't believe every person commenting on this page is wrong. BTW her being Black has nothing to do with this...why would you even bring the race card into this?

950 days ago



950 days ago


I'm glad Halle is engaged to marry Martinez he seems like a nice, stable guy who has hung in there with Halle through the entire trauma that Gabriel himself has created, and since Halle was in counseling for some time, no doubt regarding why she chooses abusive men, Martinez looks like her first good decision. Also, I wondered when Gabriel’s constant parading of Nahla in front of the cameras, daily, would eventually bite him in the ass?

Since Gabriel is French Canadian can easily move or frequently visit Nahla in France (no doubt the court will make Halle pay for it).

Here in America everything has become Halle's responsibility: Gabriel's bad temper, trying to protect her daughter so that she is not injured in the cross-fire when Gabriel pushes the nanny into a wall while the child is in her arms; not to mention is verbal abuse that the social workers and the police have said Gabriel has committed against Halle, and whomever else tried to intervene.

Yet, there probably are men stalking Halle frankly all the time, but now thanks to Gabriel's (he can do nothing wrong/it must all be Halle's fault fans who are not in the courtroom), she has to worry about violent stalkers wanting to hurt her and some sick way probably Nahla too because Gabriel is playing the injured party; meanwhile Halle is paying for all the litigation because Gabriel has not worked as model in years (he just won't do it), and this is after Halle financed his failed restaurant which was at least hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain.

Also, remember how Gabriel uses their child to keep Halle from taking movie roles? She can't leave the child behind because this is the third time the social workers have recommended that Gabriel not be left alone with Nahla and that an adult always be present, so how can Halle leave Nahla with Gabriel for even a few days or a several weeks to film a movie?

The judge needs to give Halle a break and grant her request to leave the country with Nahla, and then perhaps Gabriel will take what he's done to both Nahla and Halle seriously.

950 days ago


So whats wrong with gabriel moving to france too? Then it wont take him to long to get his monthly allowance from halle. And he can see his daughter all the time. They will all be better off leaving the country if there is danger among them.

950 days ago

Betty Burgh    

She makes enough to have the best security money can buy. I don't think the judge should allow her to take Nahla to live in France. You know the saying "Wherever you go, there you are". Doesn't matter where Halle Berry goes there is always a **** storm in her presence.

950 days ago


Ninety percent of you, are sipping on some serious Hater-aide. Halle is not that powerful, to be able to keep "Daddy" from moving to Europe. If I were him, I would be hiring a real estate agent, to purchase me a flat right next door to Halle & company! The only thing, that could ever keep me from having a relationship w/my kids....would be death. Halle is right to look out for her daughter's safety. Gabriel is correct to make sure that he is a part of his daughters life. If Gabriel was smart, he wouldn't fight Halle's request...instead make it conditional that Halle help him get a home in the neighborhood.

950 days ago


Amazing that some can't believe she is scared considering the judgement and hate some people commenting on this board have toward's Halle is disgraceful, evil hearted, bias and sad. Are some just as concerned with other actors or parents who who take their children out of the county for whatever reasons. NO.

950 days ago


If that is the case then Gabriel Aubry should support Halle Berry's decision to move out of the U.S. with their daughter. The safety of his daughter should be his #1 concern.

950 days ago


Correction TMZ - It's rooted in revenge. If she is so sincerely worried about stalkers - move out of the country and don't let the door kick her in the azz but the child stays in the States. Believe it or not most children in this country grow up safe and sound.

950 days ago


If she is sincerely worried about stalkers - move already - go to France or Cuba or whereever and stay there. The child stays in the U.S. with her father. Hard to believe but there are children in the US who actually grow up safe and sound. The mother - move already.

950 days ago

On to her    

She's full of it! And has done everything in her power to frustrate Gabriel's Custody/visitation. Let her go and leave the baby to her Daddy!!

950 days ago
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