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Halle Berry

Wants Out of U.S.

Because of Death Threats

2/9/2012 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry does not want to leave the U.S. for France with daughter Nahla because the food is so good over there ... she wants out of this country because she fears for her life and the life of her child.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle is asking a judge for permission to move to France with Nahla ... something Gabriel Aubry is trying to block.

We've learned there have been and are serious threats to Halle's life and she feels the move is a life or death situation.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Robert Hoskins, a mentally unstable man, escaped from a mental institution last week.

We've learned he has made threats against Halle's life -- specifically to "slit her throat."

Hoskins is no stranger to the law -- he has threatened to slit Madonna's throat in the past and was actually shot by her bodyguard in 1995 after he trespassed onto Madge's property.

And as we first reported, another stalker who recently trespassed onto Halle's property multiple times has just been released from jail.

Friends of Halle tell us ... she is particularly concerned because Starmaps and some Hollywood bus tours literally take tourists to her doorstep.

And Halle's friends say ... the actress is very concerned that baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is parading Nahla in front of paparazzi almost daily and possibly putting her in harm's way.

Bottom line -- Halle's M.O. for wanting to move is rooted in security ... not revenge.


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Bottom line -- this comes right after things didn't go her way in court. As for the parading, he's taking the child to school vs her having her boyfriend constantly hold, hugging, and/or kissing the child.

987 days ago

Miss Greta    

Why doesn't she get herself one of those Israeli bodyguards? I'm sure Justin Bieber can recommend some good ones.

987 days ago


what complete bull. she could just move to a more secure house in LA or another state. as for him parading nahla, he takes her to school, just as when halle takes her to school, there are paps there taking pics of her or when she's on the beach in malibu, but that's not parading her daughter in front of paps. move your daughter to another school where paps can't get pics of anyone coming or going. it's pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain what she's trying to do. i feel for gabriel and for nahla.

987 days ago


RIGHT!!! She is a wack job and can't stand the thought of him being a father to his daughter. EVERY relationship she has she talks ish about the guy (after the fact)....She should realize how lucky she is that he wants to be in her daughter's life....her boyfriend certainly won't be around for long she drives every man away she comes in contact with. What a shame one of the most beautiful woman and she can't keep a man to save the life of her. Hmmmm wonder why? WACKO!!!!

987 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Yeah. Didn't you guys know that France has one of those state-of-the-art stalker forcefields around it?

987 days ago

Buddy The Elf    


Say anything to move the kid away from her dad. Hag.

987 days ago

tracy davis    

wow, Halle's PR team must be working overtime to keep spinning this BS. For every story that paints Halle even the slightest bit negatively, another story comes out to make her look like a saint. No one is buying it anymore. How convenient that Gabriel and the stalkers are coming after Halle. Are they working together? that will be the next bs story. Team Gabriel.

987 days ago


BS! BS, BS. Since day 1 wanted to move to France with her new BF. Is one excuse after another. 1st Gabriel is monster. Now pleads the security thing. Get a bodyguard. You will need it in the States as well in France (crazy people usually follows you everywhere) I am soooooo TEAm Gabriel.

987 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I'm positive that at least one psycho WILL follow Halle Berry to France. In fact that psycho will follow her to the ends of the Earth.

Who's that psycho? Why it's none other than Halle Berry. That's right, the same psycho who on more than one occasion, said she tried to commit suicide.

987 days ago


Now she's copying loser lowhan & kim kartrashy's lies about being in 'danger', lmao - Halle you're a mini-IQ witch lol

987 days ago


This is a bunch of bullsh*t. If she's so concerned about these stalker guys, move into a gated community and hire a security team and/or bodyguards, like certain real celebrities do. As for her claim that Gabriel parades Nahla in front of the papparazi, that's a bunch of bull too! He's seen taking her to/from school. She's the one always parading Nahla in front of the paps, such as the staged shots of her lover kissing Nahla on the beach.

987 days ago


just found out she is going to be in the cloud atlas; too bad one of my favorite books of all time. she better not suck the life out of it like she does everything else.

987 days ago


Is being an Academy Award winning movie star these days all that it is cracked up to be?

987 days ago


Doesn't Madonna live in Europe (safe Europe)?

987 days ago


boo hoo thats you make millions of dollars a movie
you can afford proper bodyguards
im pretty sure France will have crazies too. get over it and yourself. and that baby needs her dad

987 days ago
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