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Halle Berry

I'm Moving to Europe ...

with My Boyfriend AND Nahla!!

2/9/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208_halle_gabriel_tmz_getty_ex2Halle Berry is asking the judge in her custody war for permission to move to France with Nahla -- and baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is saying ... over my dead body.

TMZ has learned Halle filed papers with the court requesting the move and the hearing is pending. Sources tell us Gabriel is livid because he believes the move is punitive and designed to strip him of any contact with his daughter.

And Gabriel is particularly upset because Halle's longtime boyfriend Olivier Martinez will be living with Halle and Nahla if the move is approved ... informed sources tell TMZ.

Halle could have an argument that it's safer for Nahla to be in Europe ... especially because her latest stalker -- who broke onto her property multiple times -- has recently been released from jail.


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Halle is a crazy person ...remember she crashed 3 times and left the scene of the accidents each time .. the last time she returned to the scene ..she was drugged and drunk and got by with murder and now she is trying to take this little girl away from a fine loving father. The other guy she's living with oould be a child molestor, she's so dumb and spoiled she wouldn't know. And maybe she doesn't care for there are screws lose in her brain ... HALLE BERRY SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL FOR ALL THE CRIMES SHE'S COMMITED ALONG THE WAY. GABRIEL IS A GREAT DAD AND THE NANNY IS BEING PAID OFF BY HALLE BERRY. IT'S HOW SHE GOT OUT OF ALL THE BAD THINGS SHE DID BEFORE SHE EVER MET HIM AND HIT AND RUN CAR ACCIDENTS SHE HAD .. SHE'S A DEVIL AND SHOULD NOT HAVE CUSTODY OF HER DAUGHTER .. SHE'S PRETTY AND GOT BY WITH ALL THIS IN LA AND BEVERLY HILLS near the BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL WHEN THE LAST ACCIDENT SHE RAN FROM AND THEN TURNED AROUND AND CAME BACK TO APOLOGIZE... SHE IS FRIGGIN CRAZY AND NOT A MOM AT ALL ... TAKE THE GIRL AND GIVE HER TO GABRIEL WHO LOVES HIS DAUGHTER .. NANNY A LIAR MAYBE DO YOU THINK WHEN HALLE PAYS HER??? Nobody is going to take your child or mine as a nanny and get by with it .. think about it ... Halle has the money .. she pays people off!

950 days ago


Oh, Halle, how far will you go to spite your ex. You broke up, like lots of other couples. Get over it. I don't know who's worse: Halle or Pilar Sanders? Every week, Pilar comes out with something more and more extreme. She's trying to humiliate Deion to the point that he'll throw her a huge settlement to shut her up, because she has no legal means to get the prenup thrown out. Next week, I bet she'll accused Deion of molesting the kids.

950 days ago


She is truly proving herself to be a spiteful person. That kid of hers isn't made of gold - give the kid a break - she has to learn sometime to grow up and when she does she will end up hating her mother for being so vindictive.

950 days ago


This bitch is hell bent on making sure that precious little girl has the same effed up 'daddy issues' she had. Shame on you, Halle. I will NEVER go to any of your movies ever again.

950 days ago


I bet half of the hating commenters here are themselves living in some kind of abusive relationship that they can't deal with, maybe even deny. That's why they hate Halle Berry who is trying to deal with hers.

950 days ago

D Barrone    

I Dont think that Halle should take Nahla to France. The father of the child has rights, he should be able to be in his daughters life and in the same country. I am a mother of four and my children adore their father, and I wouldnt have it any other way. A little girl needs her Daddy in her life.. Halle dont hurt your baby this way because you are upset with her Daddy, in the long run Nahla will resent you...

950 days ago


Sorry Halle, but it's not fair maybe six months with you six months with her dad but not just pack up and go no real contact you can afford to fly holidays birthdays and so can Gabe. She can learn french... and be an American too if things dont work out your boyfriend will have to stay in America...

950 days ago

Alberta Williams    

Halle need ta stop the madness! What did Gabriel do that was so bad..then she's got the nerve to have some strange man living with her daughter! Double triple no No Halle...women need to stop moving NOT your baby daddy's type of men into their homes...sooner or later he'll be checking her daughter out sneaking a peek!

950 days ago


again, ms berry pulls some whacked stunt. when is she going to accept her child is not hers alone but also mr aubry's child. These THREE need some serious counseling and the parents need a reality adjustment if there is any prayer of a chance the child will not be a total f'ing hot mess by the time she's twelve.

950 days ago


Halle is really nuts and the only reason why men get with her is because she is good looking. Even my husband thinks she is nuts.

950 days ago


Sounds to me like Gabriel has a good argument. If Halle has a dangerous stalker maybe Nahla would be safer if her father had full custody of her. Then her mother could live wherever she wished, wtih no worries

950 days ago


Hally is a nut case.

950 days ago


She has no right to take that child to Europe. That is his child too. She thinks because she is a celebrity she can do whatever she wants. She needs to think about that child and not just herself.

950 days ago


WOW! Halle is an ugly, ugly person inside. She should be thankful that Nahla's daddy wants to be a part of her life.

950 days ago


Epic bit#h! Every time I hear about these two Halle just gets bit#hier and bit#hier! Give the guy a break. He is the child's father!

950 days ago
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