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Halle Berry

I'm Moving to Europe ...

with My Boyfriend AND Nahla!!

2/9/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208_halle_gabriel_tmz_getty_ex2Halle Berry is asking the judge in her custody war for permission to move to France with Nahla -- and baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is saying ... over my dead body.

TMZ has learned Halle filed papers with the court requesting the move and the hearing is pending. Sources tell us Gabriel is livid because he believes the move is punitive and designed to strip him of any contact with his daughter.

And Gabriel is particularly upset because Halle's longtime boyfriend Olivier Martinez will be living with Halle and Nahla if the move is approved ... informed sources tell TMZ.

Halle could have an argument that it's safer for Nahla to be in Europe ... especially because her latest stalker -- who broke onto her property multiple times -- has recently been released from jail.


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Ms Berry has tried everything she can think of to deprive Mr Aubry of his parental rights. I have no doubt that the allegations against him are ficticious and do not blame him for having "anger issues" in having to deal with this constant defamation of character and having obstacles between him and his daughter. She didn't get her way in the last court dealings and now she's decided to move out of the country. Since having a boyfriend probably doesn't give her much standing in court, next she will be engaged and married and playing the "I'm more stable" card. All of this because Mr Aubry had the audacity to insist on spending time with his own child. It's disgusting.

955 days ago


Halle has turned out to be not a nice lady, she is not a lady. Never have like her. She is a mean person. Very Spoiled

955 days ago


Come on , she hooked up with him solely to have the kid. I think he is looking for a payday with joint custody and child support that would go with it.

955 days ago


What a shocker ... Who would believe that Halle would be this difficult ... except for snyone and everyone she has ever worked with ... and she is such a great example .. note her DUI's and Hit and Run accidents ... that she plays the race card to get out of serving time ... but c'mon shes trying to make it witha new guy ... and he will be gone soon since she is so easy to get alond with .. just ask a slew of exes ... Halle get over yourself .. you have an Oscar because youre black ... but talent ... you have none and your looks have gone south ... your only fan might be that stalker ... but seriously ... if he met you hed never return since you are a foul mouth. Give full custody to teh father and let this ho bag do what she wants.

955 days ago


who do u think u are miss berry? its not right to want to start a whole new life , when ur not considering the one u had with the father of ur child....grow up..act like a woman instead of a spoiled brat.....

955 days ago

c'mon man    

THANKS DAVE JUSTICE (nottttt). She's NEVER coming back.

955 days ago


Bitch is crazy. Save the child.

955 days ago


I'm Team Nahla!!! My parents were divorced when I was quite young and a major "LIFESTYLE" change at this point, may not be in Nahla's best interests. Running away from a problem never solves it and "shacking up" with Olivier Martinez will only complicate matters especially if their relationship "IMPLODES" like all her previous ones. I don't have "ANY" respect for Gabriel Aubry; however, his concerns about his daughter living so far away in a household with another man her mother "ISN'T" married to are "VALID". I'm not saying there's "ANYTHING" wrong with Olivier Martinez, but Halle Berry hasn't shown the best "INSTINCTS" in choosing partners and the "TIMING" isn't the "BEST". To be perfectly honest, it seems as if Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry need "joint" counseling sessions for at least six months to a year. It's time for the BOTH OF THEM to get past their "EGO" ISSUES and get on the "SAME PAGE" regarding basic issues concerning their daughter. If this move was an absolute "NECESSITY" due to the demands of Halle Berry's profession, it could be justified but "BOTHERSOME" stalkers can be "HANDLED". It's an unpleasant reality that comes with being a well known "CELEBRITY".

955 days ago


Wow! Men seem to fall for Halle in a big way and then BOOM, she enda up being the victim! All her relationships end up that way! Olivier better be careful, and I hope he knows what he's doing? Halle is a bitch for putting her daughter through this. That little girl needs her dad as well. I have seen the photo's of Halle on the beach with Olivier playing daddy with the little girl. She is sticking the knife in where it hurts most of all. In Gabriels heart! I hope the judge denies any move and puts both parents through a full mental evaluation and a lenghty supervision period! They both need to earn their right to be parents if you ask me! Gabriel is behaving with more dignity in all of this and Halle is being a selfish diva bitch! Shame on you, Halle. Oldest trick in the book!

955 days ago


She is one selfish bitch and hopefully the judge will not allow this move!! I am on team Gabriel as this child needs her father too!! There was a time when Halle was going on about what a good father Gabriel was!! Karma will strike and hope it's sooner than later!!!

955 days ago

Gabriela Monroy    


955 days ago

Billy Bob    

What a horror story from this woman. She has a responsibility to make sure this little girl has her father in her life. He certainly wants to be a good dad. I can't stand selfish people who use children in their divorces. It's disgusting.

955 days ago


What is to be expected from a woman who was abandoned by her african american father, raised by her white motherr, yet defines herself as black. No loyalty to those who have shown her love.

955 days ago


I hope tomorrow the solution will come to light in the following headline, "Olivier Martinez dumps Halle Berry". Mud sticks,Mr. Martinez, so run before you're covered in it. For the love of God, save yourself before it's too late.

955 days ago

Kathryn Seguin    

How can she be all prejudice about black people rule & then be involved with a white person?

955 days ago
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