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Halle Berry

I'm Moving to Europe ...

with My Boyfriend AND Nahla!!

2/9/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208_halle_gabriel_tmz_getty_ex2Halle Berry is asking the judge in her custody war for permission to move to France with Nahla -- and baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is saying ... over my dead body.

TMZ has learned Halle filed papers with the court requesting the move and the hearing is pending. Sources tell us Gabriel is livid because he believes the move is punitive and designed to strip him of any contact with his daughter.

And Gabriel is particularly upset because Halle's longtime boyfriend Olivier Martinez will be living with Halle and Nahla if the move is approved ... informed sources tell TMZ.

Halle could have an argument that it's safer for Nahla to be in Europe ... especially because her latest stalker -- who broke onto her property multiple times -- has recently been released from jail.


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With this BS she is putting him through, it's no wonder he has anger issues. Regardless, young children need both parents, and she should put her childs needs first. I see a boatload of therapy in Nahla's future, unless these clowns get their crap together...

990 days ago


Funny, I used to feel sorry for Halle Berry because of her past marriages to David Justice (Abuse) & Eric Benet (Infedelity). I now see a different side to her, a selfish side - and for some reason, I just don't believe her accusations against Gabriel. She wants to move to Europe to be closer to Martinez? As if that relationship will last. I doubt it. Good luck Gabriel, you fathered a beautiful child with a spiteful woman. I wish you all the best.

990 days ago


It's been clear from the moment they broke up that she was up to no good claiming anything and everything against him so she could have her daughter all to herself. I hope Gabriel prevails in this because Halle just does not play fair at all. No wonder she is divorced so many times and has so many breakup's. She's a nutcase.

990 days ago


What will she do when Olivier dumps her for a French beauty? Move back to the USA? Gabriel should disappear from their lives that way when Nahla grows up and finds out that her mother kept her from her father she will HATE her mother with a vengeance.

990 days ago


wow, I had no idea she was a total bitch. If she ever thought she would move to another counrty she shouldnt have had a child with a man in america, you cant take her away from her dad, what gives you the right, dont take your issues out on your daughter, she NEEDS to be with her dad. another hollywood child doomed to be f***ed up because her mommy is! poor little girl, maybe she should take a look at those pictures of her daughter holding on to her dad as he brings her to school. you want to take that away from her. man im pissed off now!

990 days ago


This is so much bull$shit. If the judge allows this to continue, he/she needs to step down from the bench.

990 days ago


Halle....stay the heck over there and never return because you are getting on my last nerve with all your foolishness...Karma is a bit@h and your turn will come...

990 days ago


You know Halle, if you didn't want your kids father involved in her life, you should have gone to a sprem bank. Now deal with it.

990 days ago



990 days ago

Pogue Mahone    

She should have the freedom to move if she wants and they aren't even together anymore and were never even married; why should she always be chained to HIS needs and there's nothing stopping him from going to France to visit the child!

990 days ago


seems to be no end to what Halle will do to keep Nahla to herself- including taking her out of her birth country to live where she does not yet know the language!
Gabriel could move to France if absolutely necessary to be able to see his daughter regularly- but should not have to!
the judge should not allow Halle to make the move- and if he does it's because he is star struck and that just reinforces our already formed opinion (based on what we consistently see) that the rich and famous get a whole different kind of preferential justice

990 days ago


What a beeyatch she is! What makes her think her relationship will last with her latest? 10-1 she hates her new boyfriend with a passion with-in a year. As she gets old she gets really freaking ugly inside...and out!

990 days ago


Halle, take your Hoe AS to Europe and leave the child over in the states with her father.

You are going to REAP what you SOW, you nasty BETOCH. Its only a matter of time before Oliver drop you crazy AS, just like the rest of the men. You can't keep one to save your life but you keep your legs open like a 7-11 (all night /day) LMAO

You disgusting. Good riddance for Europe.

990 days ago


Is anyone REALLY surprised? This has been her plan for awhile and the reason for her many trips to family court. I'm so disappointed that, as a man, Olivier would be okay with her actions.

990 days ago


This woman is so vindictive and i can only hope the judge in this case sees right through her bull sh**.

990 days ago
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