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Halle Berry

More Trouble on the Home Front

2/9/2012 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0209_halle_house_Ability-Films_exAs if stalkers and court drama wasn't enough, Halle Berry is also having some serious problems with her home in the Hollywood Hills ... and now she's on the hunt for a new place to live ... temporarily.

Halle was spotted checking out some swanky beach pads in Malibu today ... and sources connected to the actress tell us she's looking for a short term rental while her Hollywood home is under repair.

We're told Halle wants to be in a safe and secure area ... especially with TWO dangerous fans on the loose.

As we previously reported, Halle ultimately wants to move to France to be with her fiance Olivier Martinez ... and she wants to bring her daughter with her ... but she needs a judge to sign off, first.

Until she sorts that situation, guess the beach will have to do.


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Yeah, 'cause they don't have stalkers in France, Halle.

902 days ago


Just another b$&?@'trying to keep her kid from their father. She outta be ashamed!

902 days ago


Ohhh, for crying out loud! This woman seriously needs to grow the p*h*u*k up!!!! What pain in the azz! Halle, your don't have anyone fooled anymore! Get over yourself for the sake of your daughter.

I pray that the judge in this matter will turn over this precious little to Gabriel because this woman comes off as a very hateful, mean spirited, spoiled, ugly woman.

I don't see how Halle could be a positive role model for this child??? She isn't getting her way for a change so she is pulling every trick in the book to get in the way of Nahla and her father!

UNBELIEBABLE!!! I honestly pray that the judge will give Gabriel full custody because if Halle doesn't feel safe, then it will definitely have an affect on her young child!

No parent deserves to be put through this kind of BS that Gabriel is being put through!!!!! Nahla deserves to have a stable home life and it appears as though her dad can provide that for her!

902 days ago


I used to think she was beautiful, now I think she is just plain NASTY.

902 days ago


I am AMAZED at how often Ms. Berry has managed to play the "poor me, he's crazy!" card!! Once is a sad thing, twice makes one wonder but still sympathize, the 3, 4 , 5 and so on makes the boy who cried wolf look like a credible witness.

Now it isn't her, but her daughter (ALLEGEDLY) and the nanny who suffer at the hands of a bully. Oh, wait..she has a stalker. How convenient it must be for her to attempt to pull her own "happily ever after". Ugh! I'm grossed out!

902 days ago


The Judge should give custody to Gab until Halle can get her life in order and sort this mess out with her stalkers.
The stalkers aren't after her baby or her ex-husband, hence, the child would be safer with Gabrielle.

902 days ago


She is a MEAN, HATEFUL, VAPID woman who isn't getting her way for a change, so she is going to come up with every trick in the book to try to keep Gabriel from seeing his little girl!

I hope the judge in this case will give Gabriel full custody after Halle is intentionally making his life MISERABLE! Halle acts like a spoiled brat!

So happy that she can't push this guy around for a change! Gabriel seems like such a wonderful, sweet, attentive and involved father and deserves to be given full custody! ESPECIALLY, after her claims that she doesn't feel safe! Well, if that's the case, then I cannot think of a better reason to allow Nahla to go live with her dad full time!

According to all of the media etc., she seems to be very unbalanced and unstable. I would be concerned about Nahla's saftey while she is with her mother. I hope the judge can see through her.

It is very obvious that Gabriel is the more secure, loving and mature parent of the two. Hang in there Gabriel, Halle's fans are now YOURS! We have so much compassion, love and respect for you!

902 days ago


It seems like she is trying to alienate the father from his daughter.

I don't agree with all she is doing trying to drag him through the headlines. It is obvious the little girl loves him too.


902 days ago

I Chinee    


France and the rest of Europe also welcomed a child rapist Roman Polanski.

902 days ago


Always thought Halle was an overrated actress and is only known for her looks. Cry like you did at the Oscars and the judge might take pity on you. Judge just needs to ask the kid where they want to live.

902 days ago


This woman she's selfish. she's Divorce 2 times, dump baby father, now new fiancé. prepared to face crap after you say i do or after she divorce you. When are these men who date her ever gonna learn

902 days ago


Her hair is too short. She looks like a 12-year-old boy.

902 days ago

two cents    

I can't believe all the hate towards Halle. Depp also chose to live out of the US so he could have peace and quiet and it's worked well for his family. I can't fault her for trying to get away from tmz and the other stalkers.

902 days ago


Aubry is a control freak who even tried to forbid his ex to work outside of Los Angeles, as if he owned her. People, she's not moving to Mars (which, FYI, is another planet). There are planes you can use to go to France, and if Aubry has no money, Berry will probably be ordered to help with the fare. He has been ordered to have only supervised visits with his daughter on numerous occasions, and while Berry is agreeing to everything the judge is suggesting, including therapy, Aubry is digging his heels in. He sounds like a temperamental, half racist, difficult male to me.

Halle Berry is now engaged to a (trained) French actor who has been in American films, but has one heck of an accent, which makes it harder to get work. If you combine that with paparazzi trailing her and Aubry posing a constant unrest, I think moving to Europe (at least for some years) is probably a good idea. It would be unfair and probably against Berry's human rights to demand she stays in America just because of Aubry being Nahla's Dad. He should not have the power to control Halle's life.

902 days ago


if Martinez really loves her and wants the best for her child- he will move to the US!
does he at least not realize the importance of a father in a child's life?
or is he as stupid and selfish as she is?
in ANY relationship/not just this one, when the couple can work based out of anywhere they choose- the person with the child is not the one who should be uprooted- for obvious reasons

902 days ago
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