Puddle of Mudd Singer's Wife Screw the Damn Prenup ... I Want His Music Money!!!

2/9/2012 1:00 AM PST
Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin's smoking hot wife doesn't give two damns about the prenup she signed before her marriage -- and now, she's asking a judge to throw it out ... awarding her half of the assets Wes accrued during their marriage.

Jessica Nicole Scantlin filed the legal docs in L.A., claiming she "will seek for the premarital agreement to either be set aside on the grounds that it is either unenforceable or she was coerced into executing it."

Jessica claims Wes -- who filed for divorce in November -- coerced her into signing the agreement right before their wedding back in 2008, knowing she wouldn't refuse because her family had already sunk an enormous investment into the ceremony.

As a result, Jessica insists she's been screwed out of her interest in the music Wes wrote while they were together -- music Jessica claims she inspired.

Jessica and attorney Brian Kramer are suing to invalidate the contract -- asking the court to grant her "one-half interest of all past, present, and future revenues" generated by the music Wes created during the marriage.