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Puddle of Mudd Singer's Wife

Screw the Damn Prenup ...

I Want His Music Money!!!

2/9/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin and Jessica Nicole ScantlinPuddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin's smoking hot wife doesn't give two damns about the prenup she signed before her marriage -- and now, she's asking a judge to throw it out ... awarding her half of the assets Wes accrued during their marriage.

Jessica Nicole Scantlin filed the legal docs in L.A., claiming she "will seek for the premarital agreement to either be set aside on the grounds that it is either unenforceable or she was coerced into executing it."

Jessica claims Wes -- who filed for divorce in November -- coerced her into signing the agreement right before their wedding back in 2008, knowing she wouldn't refuse because her family had already sunk an enormous investment into the ceremony.

As a result, Jessica insists she's been screwed out of her interest in the music Wes wrote while they were together -- music Jessica claims she inspired.

Jessica and attorney Brian Kramer are suing to invalidate the contract -- asking the court to grant her "one-half interest of all past, present, and future revenues" generated by the music Wes created during the marriage.


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Bill Leslie    

I guess we are calling her gold digger.

951 days ago


Hopefully she takes him for everything he's worth - half a sandwich and some pocket lint.

951 days ago


The entire point of a prenuptial agreement is to stop sketchy-ass ridiculous **** like this from happening. It's hard to even take this seriously.

951 days ago


She's pitchin' a,
She's pitchin' a,
She's pitchin', always pitchin' a fit.

951 days ago

Alan Cordova    

What a golddigging hoe.. just like the rest of them. But he had a pre-nup so u can see that it was all about the money from the start smh..

951 days ago


This is just bad reporting. Too often the story is just not correct with its facts. This is called LIABLE as TMZ is writing something which is not true and damaging a person's reputation. But the credibility of TMZ is not the same as a major news source. It is just trash.

951 days ago

buzz kill    

They call it a pre-nup for a reason, its a contract! You signed it, live with it. Just another looser bitch who can't make it on her own. Thank God I am not rich, at least I don't have to deal with some phoney cu*t who just wants my money.

951 days ago


I don't buy that she was coerced into signing that pre-nup agreement. Come on. If she didn't want to sign the pre-nup and go ahead with the wedding, it wouldn't be a big deal.

Wes could easily write a big check for the expenses of the wedding if it was called off.

951 days ago


Lmao!!!! Your skank ass aint getting sh@t!!! I love when these pro's get burned!!!

951 days ago


It's actually LIBEL, but thanks for playing.

951 days ago


As a writer I get ideas from all sorts of places. If I write a story about a bus, should the bus get a royalty. Even if she did "inspire" him, he wrote the stuff not her. Next move, she'll do like Deion's wife and try to make him miserable, to extort more money. Hang the lawyers and the gold diggers!

950 days ago


Seriously? All of their BIG music came out way before they got married. I can't believe she thinks that she should get past present and future percentages...Try getting a job B*tch!!!! And stop free loading off you semi famous husband!

950 days ago


Music she inspired? Is she high?

950 days ago


its already grossly unfair that women get the judgements against fathers and husbands as it need a father/daddy just as much as a mother...i love my kids more than life itself and i support them physically and emotionally and i will until the day i die...this woman gives good women a bad name...i hope the judge makes an example out of her sorry ass...

950 days ago


i work with this girl!!! she busts her ass at work and works 40 plus hours and does freelance makeup and styling jobs on legit artists... she is actually seeking money she designed tshirts for and thats it!! u cant believe everything u people ! grow up . if u met her u would love her she is the sweetest person i have met.. she has said repeatedly she wants money to go to his son!! how gold digging is that?? oh wait its not!!! dont believe what u read she never wanted money just what tshirts but it doesnt say that does it? no bevause its wrong info and not accurate!!! i am on jessica side wes last psot on tmz said everything u never know the hurt scars verbal abuse this woman went thru and it pisses me off!!! she supports herself right now and tries to keep her head up with all this.. hope u people sleep good

950 days ago
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