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'Jersey' Angelina P.

Don't Call Ahmad Bradshaw ...

"A Hot Black"

2/10/2012 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Super Bowl champ Ahmad Bradshaw knows about scoring -- but he might want to reconsider when it comes to Angelina Pivarnick ... who described him as "a hot Black." Umm ... here are a few tips, Angie.


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Just because she did not say "a hot black MAN" makes this questionable? You do realize that "African-american" is even worse because then you are assuming all black people are from Africa, right? What should she have called him?

952 days ago


How about ******?

952 days ago


Why does one of your employees look like peter griffin

952 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

It's not that big of a deal. It's not like she said he was a hot colored guy or something actually offensive.
I'd say he's more upset about her giving him herpes by now. I'm betting he's already starting to grow herpes sores on his genitals.

952 days ago


The point wasn't that she should say African American, the point was you don't refer to someone as a black, or "a hot black" or just a color period. Even if she was trying to give a compliment, she phrased it wrong.

952 days ago

Mary P    

For goodness sakes.. really? So we see Regina King in Jerry Maguire tell Gooding Jr. he was a splending, proud black man - but it's cool because she's black? Half the headlines in looks are "Hot Latinos". Are we going to go postal when someone says "There goes a hot white chick"? Guess that stupid Wayans movie in "white face" was all good because it's not white people being dumb. I cannot believe the crap people are taking offense to these days. I'm white, call me white - hell PLEASE call me a hot white! As a mom of 4, including a set of twins, I'd LOVE to hear that from more than just my hubs.

952 days ago


I hate people who can't take a compliment. Call someone a "hot" black and they focus on "black".

952 days ago


Well someone should have sent me an Email because "black" is still listed as the accepted colloquialism on most places on the web. I had no idea that African American had now replaced it (if it has)! Some people (almost always white) think that if you are white you shouldn't be able to tell anyone isn't white (which Stephen Colbert mocks on a regular basis because it's so sad and stupid to be beyond belief!)

952 days ago


Hey there TMZ! You ripped off my grammar lesson. Where's my cheque?
Angelina from 'Jersey Shore' -- I'm Not DATING Ahmad Bradshaw ... But We're REALLY Close
24 hours ago

Dear Angelina: For the record, 'black' is an adjective not a noun.
And while I'm sure you're not at all racist (white women have a long history of opening their legs in the name of racial harmony right, ...right?) you don't want to sound illiterate (as well as just plain ignorant) do you?

952 days ago


There are no hateful words, it all depends on context. We throw the term "black" around my neighborhood all the time (which is equal parts white, latino, asian and black. The context in which she used the word "black" is ignorant, racist and disgusting as hell. Fools often betray themselves with their language...

952 days ago


This dumb**** used "circle" language outside her talian circle. That's how some talians speak in their circle but you cants be taken that laguage outside da circle beeeeaaaaaaccccchhhhh.

952 days ago


Umm this is just a little side note but Kasey Kahl from the Bachelor is also in this video (He is to the right of Angelina) Very Interesting

951 days ago


She is such a typical white!

951 days ago


seriously? why do u put angelina on tmz? or anything that puts her in the spotlight? shes an idiot!!

951 days ago

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