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Gabriel Aubry

You Can't Be Trusted Alone

... With Nahla

2/10/2012 4:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry
is being watched ... watched by a monitor whenever he's with Nahla ... 'cause a judge ruled he can't be trusted with the child alone, at least for now.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle Berry's baby daddy was ordered into Dependency Court today after the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services concluded its investigation. As we reported, DCFS not only looked at an incident in which Gabriel allegedly pushed a nanny while she was holding Nahla, but other incidents as well.

We're told DCFS had information that Gabriel had yanked the baby from the nanny's arms on at least one occasion and screamed at Nahla multiple times.

We're told DCFS had extensive information that it had reviewed and then recommended a monitor for Gabriel when he has Nahla.

We're told .. the judge agreed this morning and put the monitor in place after a hearing.


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Why would it be an issue for Berry to move to France with her daughter? Quite a few celebrities have chosen to relocate across the pond. If Gabriel wants to visit, he can do it on his dime, provided his visits are supervised. From what I've read, he's a model, that's an iffy profession, is Berry responsible for his living expenses too? At what point does a person say 'enough is enough'. Every man she's lived with or married to had his hand out. A) She needs a good therapist B) She needs a sharper lawyer.

932 days ago


I hope this works. In the case of the 2 young boys killed by their father---you cant be too protective. I just wished that the terms of visitation were different in that case. Will monitoring be enough?

932 days ago


So glad to see the court taking action in protecting a child for a change. If they would have done that with the powell children they would be alive today. The child porn found on his computer should have made there supervised visitation at a public place. As this story says they have investigated other things in this aubreys life and know it will come out soon enough.

932 days ago


Since the judge appointed a monitor, MAYBE the judge will get the real picture of what's going on. Still think she is a whack job and should lose custody.

932 days ago


Please, Believe that there are some really bad mom's out there. Don't care what they are or who they are, bottom line its called parential alienation.I HAVE BEEN THERE.As a Grandmother to 2 beautiful boys/and have had detectives @ my door for sexual abuse the same day that my son was being served for change of domicle to take his sons from him. HIS EX MET A "MAN" ON THE INTERNET AND WANTED TO MARRY HIM.AND TAKE THEM OUT OF STATE. She had nothing but to fabricate lies, and boy did she.My son. and myself were accused of the most horrific lies. The police and the CPS have repeadely found her accusations to be nothing but lies,but yet she she was allowed by a known feminist Judge to rip my Grandsons from their Father and from us. The loss of them to my son, as well as ourselves is beyond description, My Grandsons speak of their pain from the distance from their Faher and of us constantly.

932 days ago


Strange comments on here. It's as if half the commentors are personal friends of Halle & Gabriel and have been in these celeb's living quarters, witnessing how they interact with their child. Something is not right if they have recommended anger management and a monitor for her ex. Wonder what any ex-girlfriends have to say about his personality. By reading some of the comments here, some people think Halle bought off everyone in DCF, the judge, and whoever to "get her way". Sounds highly unlikely that she would punish her child by not letter her have a relationship with her bio Dad.

932 days ago


You all really need to get a life. How do you know he is not abusing her or putting in danger with his anger problems? Just bc you see a few paparazzi pictures that means he is a good father? Do you think he is going to act like that right in front of the camaras? Also just bc you think he looks good does not make him a good father either. He does not even look good to me so I don't know what you all are tripping over. He has little squinty, barley has a top lip and look at his nose it's shaped weird, he also is starting to look old. Also why would you be attracted to someone that has no job and uses a woman for money. I don't know what america is coming to when woman are attracted to guys that have no jobs and tempers, he is a loser. Why do you all think he should get custody? How you even take care of a child with no money?

932 days ago


****something is going on in Gabriel's mine watch him get the Epic revenge.mark my word on this one. this guy is a weirdo

932 days ago


Hallie is going to mess this child up if she does not LEARN to get along with men. How this plays out is almost predictable. Has any type of relationship worked for her?
She is lucky that the father wants to be involved in the child's life. Also what is I hear about ANOTHER man that has gone nutters over Hallie?
Its like this woman is addicted to drama and looking for a night is shining armor to rescue her instead be mature mother for her daughter. She is a grown a** woman not a damsel in distress.

"Someone HELP!! My ex wants to see his daughter AND Madonna's stalker, oooooh, I mean a stalker is after me!"
I have this creepy feeling he was allowed to wander off.
Amazing what a few crisp Bens will do. KARMA Hallie. Be careful.

932 days ago


The reason people are doubting Halle is because the person making the claims against the father is a nanny that works for the mother not an independent observer, he should be glad that the courts are giving him someone who can't be "bought" it will prove his case to the court that he's not an abusive father - if he's telling the truth, she's the one who should be worried.

932 days ago


hello from a Mother who loves her children more then anything else ...screaming at children or talking in a loud and firm tone....remember your parents trying to implent an acceptable social standard? - COME IN TO YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW AND CLEAN THIS MESS UP, screaming or not?? This and 'yanking' a baby from 'arms' (here give me her/him exists in a loving yet 'normal couple under life stress of bills, education, no nannys, work etc.) and perception of 'shoving' is every tripped and someone perceved you shoved them...nanny on quick celb money grab or not...a concerned yet open mind required!

932 days ago


He is a spoiled model that's why he throws fits when he dosn't get his why, telling the nanny she is just a nanny and saying racist stuff again, someone should tell him he is just a guy that thinks he is all that with no job. What kind of guy says racist and has a mixed child also has no job and uses baby mommy for money? That's why he dated her in the first place and this baby is his cash cow to keep getting money from her. I understand why you would like him he is a winner isn't he. Why you all would like a racist abusive guy especially black woman, do you hate your own race or something? If they investigated obviously their was something serious going on for them to make this decision.

932 days ago


Please. Remember that there are 3 sides of every story.There is ALOT more to wanting to take a child from their father. To move on. No need for "him' anymore, HUH, since you found another replacement, and have gone on with your life. Your child is not just YOURS.. Her life has not nor should move in any direction because of only you. because of yours.She is not your personal property.

932 days ago


Poor Nahla needs to have monitored supervision when with the 2 time hit and run, suicidal, truth twisting mental case of a muther who has a history of maligning all of her previous lovers.

932 days ago


That 's right i'm here for the comments.....LMAO at ALL you people.

So because a JUDGE ORDERS changes it's Halle Berry's fault??????????? What country do you people live in? DFS made the recommendations. DFS asked HIM to partake and engage in counseling and family therapy. HE CHOOSE NOT TOO.

As an employee of my states International Adoptions and Foster care Family services i can say that WE DON'T TAKE SIDES. IF you make an allegation we look at ALL factors. Is there an ongoing dispute, and BOTH parties are interviewed and investigated. We don't play he said she said......It's more like HE SAID SHE SAID....WHO CAN PROVE THE MOST.

I'm sorry. But at what point is this man responsible for his actions? In his custody agreement he AGREED to the nanny(whatever). In COURT PAPERS he agreed to the stipulations of the joint custody agreement. IN Mediation he AGREED to his monetary portions, including but not limited too travel and all that. HE AGREED.

Now he doesn't want to play by the rules that HE AGREED TOO. THIS is what irks my skirt. You can say that he agreed because he was just trying to get Halle Berry to go away or whatever BUT HE AGREED to follow a certain set of rules.

There could have been an interm agreement placed by the court( i had one) while they hashed it out in court. I had an intern agreement for better part of 3 1/2 years while i was fighting for my son. I didn't give an inch on ANYTHING i DIDN'T AGREE WITH. He had those same options. HE CHOOSE TO SIGN......

It's his kid tooo-----AWESOME- ------but he still has to play by the rules that he signed on for.

932 days ago
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