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Gabriel Aubry

You Can't Be Trusted Alone

... With Nahla

2/10/2012 4:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry
is being watched ... watched by a monitor whenever he's with Nahla ... 'cause a judge ruled he can't be trusted with the child alone, at least for now.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle Berry's baby daddy was ordered into Dependency Court today after the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services concluded its investigation. As we reported, DCFS not only looked at an incident in which Gabriel allegedly pushed a nanny while she was holding Nahla, but other incidents as well.

We're told DCFS had information that Gabriel had yanked the baby from the nanny's arms on at least one occasion and screamed at Nahla multiple times.

We're told DCFS had extensive information that it had reviewed and then recommended a monitor for Gabriel when he has Nahla.

We're told .. the judge agreed this morning and put the monitor in place after a hearing.


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I just get sicker and sicker reading about this story, and yet...I can't stop. Like a train wreck; I can't look away. Part of me wishes this psycho who was apprehended is successful in his mission to off this C***, because this kid would be better off with NO mother in the picture than THIS monster. Is that wrong? :-/

993 days ago


And didn't this crap start AFTER Halle got PISSED that Gabriel had the nerve to step out with someone hotter and younger than her? She can move on, but he's not allowed????

993 days ago


@Mia...on the chance that Gabriel IS using Halle for money, there's just as good a chance that in her very vain and shallow way, SHE used HIM for his good looks in creating this kid. In that case, they both deserve the misery they bestow upon each other. Poor Nahla that scenario, two selfish a-holes collided, and now there's a victim in it all: Nahla. What I will NEVER understand is how this woman has literally gotten away with FELONIES...and didn't someone DIE from one of her drunk-driving accidents. She has a do***ented history of mental illness, suicidal, hit-and-runs, etc. DO***ENTED. What crimes has Gabriel committed until now....and might I add....ALLEGEDLY committed by someone on Dingle Berry's payroll. If she is in the right on this (which I highly doubt), she deserves the back-lash and popular opinion criticism for crimes already committed in which she NEVER paid the price.

993 days ago


Check out the real client list.

993 days ago


WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME A CELEBRITY was found guilty of wrongdoing by the LA court system? How does the public know the DFS is not getting their palms greased in this case? Once, again, this is L A. where Gabriel has been ordered for certain tests and hardly a trickle for Halle who seems to have a severe personality disorder as proven by her own history and behavior. It is true, no one knows what goes on behind their closed doors, so, why is Gabriel the "bad guy" and Halle is the "saint?" It is obvious the court and DFS is siding with Halle and she plays it for all it's worth. Has she abandoned moving to Europe or is it just more talk to gain sympathy for herself for which she has demonstrated being a master of.

993 days ago


Surprisingly the daughter is ugly looking

993 days ago


I read on another site that Nahla is autistic and her dad may have award time dealing with her autism.

993 days ago


she's gone crazy, the child belong to both of them

993 days ago


Let's just concentrate on the daughter. Both of the parents are probaly crazy as a bag of rocks. But in light of the innocent boys that were recently killed by their piece of s*** father----will monitoring be enough? CPS failed them--let's hope it doesnt happen again.

993 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

Halle is a real nut job. Over the years I sympathized with her. I often wondered why a woman as beautiful as she is cannot keep a man. All of the men that she was with either beat her *ss or cheated on her. I always believed in the motto that "after two, it is not them, it is you". After 2 divorces, its got to be her. She stopped messing with black men because of the way that they did her (as she claims). She went on to white men ,but realized that a man is a man. No matter what color he is. There are dogs in all colors not just black. I guess she will be on to another race next. She will never find happiness until she finds it within herself. Sure men can tell you that you are the most beautiful thing in the world ,but if you dont feel it or believe it yourself, their words are useless.

993 days ago


I believe this all stemmed from Halle's death threat by that escape stalker. Halle stalker excaped and she was fearful for her life and Nahla's life. I think their saying Gabriel is endangering Nahla life because he keeps "parading" around town with his daughter everywhere. So Halle probably filed some paper to get them to against child endangerment. I could be wrong though. In any case, I dont think he should lose his rights as a parent. That would certainly be wrong on her part to deny her kid a father, but I'm not going to jump to conclusion just yet, at least not without having all the facts!

993 days ago


I don't believe at all that he is a threat to that child. Halle Berry cannot be trusted, as she not only is an overrated actress (screaming does not mean on can act, she did not deserve the Oscar), but she also seeks out the paparazzi to photograph her and Nahla. She is just a bitter woman who is ruining a man's reputation with lies. I can't stand her.

993 days ago

Jen M.    

For what its worth... I sat across from Gabriel Aubry and Nahla a few months ago on a flight from LA to NYC. It also turns out they even ended up staying at the same hotel as too, The Hotel in NYC. During the entire almost 5 hour flight to NY, I watched Gabriel be a caring papa to Nahla. He sat uncomfortable for a great majority of the flight so he wouldn't disrupt her when she feel asleep practically on top of him. He watched over quite well and I was very impressed with his fatherly skills and being so protective of her. She never once cried and seemed quite happy to be with her daddy. When the flight was over I walked behind him towards baggage claim and he carried her the whole time and only seemed concerned for her well being. Shame on you Halle for not co-parenting with your once boyfriend and the father of your child. Halle- Stop making mountains out of molehills. You're not perfect.

993 days ago


Grow UP...

993 days ago


Grow already and be parents to that little girl. My word....

993 days ago
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