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with Her Nephew

2/10/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T's wife Coco posing naked with her infant nephew -- an innocent and adorable picture ... perfect for launching loud and heated debates with your co-workers. Trust us.


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This is sooooo wrong on soooo many levels. I love my nieces and nephews as they were my own...But they're not! Coco this isn't your child. And it's just wrong. Have your own child, then pose all you want. And frankly, in your case, it would still be wrong. I am not being "Hater". The lines that people cross to get attention are out of control. This is wrong. Children need to be off limits. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Now let me tell you how I really feel...

951 days ago


SOOOOO sweet!!!!

951 days ago

Leigh would be a little different if she was the Bio mom of this lil one.....what is she thinking? Why wouldnt the mother say anything? NOT NORMAL AT ALL

951 days ago

The Neko Nation    

The luckiest kid in America!

951 days ago


The mom apparently was taking the pictures, and I doubt she or Coco had anything pornographic in mind. You wouldn't think twice if you saw a painting in a museum with this theme. I think this might be the kid Coco helped her sister with while he was being born. It was done in a birthing pool. So the bond might be stronger than you all are thinking, both between Coco and her nephew and between Coco and her sister.

Still odd that it was released for public consumption, though. Was it intended to be private, maybe on a family website, and someone saw $$$ signs?

951 days ago


I don't get why you, as a woman, would want to make it a habit of walking naked in front of your male nephew no matter what age. While I understand this wasn't sexual, it was also very inappropriate. There is NO reason for woman to be laying naked on a bed with a child that ain't her's. seriously, I can't imagine a reason to be laying in a bed naked with a child that is. I mean, you only need one booby out to breast feed... no reason to expose both boobs and your V-jay jay. I mean, what goes on through her mind to even think this was a good idea? Not only to get naked with her nephew, but to photograph it, and then POST it for the world to see... I mean, seriously?

951 days ago


Amazing to see so many sexualizing something natural: to be naked. There again, I am from another culture and this is no big deal to me. Why are you trying to make this dirty?!

Having said this, we all know this is a publicity stunt, so why even bother to get upset? That´s what she wants.

951 days ago


I'm a woman, and to be HONEST I would like it if my sister did this with my son. Regardless of his age. This is maybe something a mother will do with her own child at this age, but NOT someone else. Coco clearly wants ATTENTION. This is very distasteful in my opinion. not WISE girlfriend. idk

951 days ago


I was trying to write I would NOT like it, if my sister did this with my child. I do NOT approve of this at all....

951 days ago

She's baaaack    

#191 BrAnBa - Natural? I think not. Skin contact is one of the best things an infant can have with a human. That is where the human picks the infant up and cradles it against his or her skin. Breast feeding is natural. That is where the female cradles the child and puts it to her breast. What this whore is doing is displaying her parts in a "motherly" way. The baby is a prop. She probably put her hand on it's poor stomach for leverage to lift herself off the bed when the shoot was through.

951 days ago


sorry nacho, but your dead wrong here. No one cares about her giant fat fake boobs. Do you have bros or sis's? Do they have infants and toddlers? Would you or your wife, or your girlfriend, ever, under any cir***tances ask if you could disrobe, get into bed with the sleeping child, have a photo taken of yourself and the infant and then tweet it? There is nothing innocent about this, as she is a known porn star who makes her money posing nude. Under no cir***stances should a child be allowed in these photos with anyone other then her Mother, Father, or in rare, rare cases a surrogate nursing mother. That is if the mom can not produce milk and the Doc thinks it's mandatory the infant be on breast milk only. Even then, the surrogate lactater probably would not be a porn star to begin with and the milk would be pre-pumped and delivered to the family frozen for them to use for feedings. She made a mistake and so did the family member who gave permission for the photos. Innocent or not, it was a big mistake to put a child in the photos with Mrs. Ice-T.

951 days ago


she is a fat bitch with no talent. She needs attention because she has very low self esteem. She buys her sister what she wants and that is why her sister allowed this picture to be taken and posted. She should be arrested already!

950 days ago


COCO are you LOCO? Does ICE T not satisfy you anymore? Now you like to have your fake breasts an inch away from a little baby boy? THIS IS CHILD PORN! IT does not matter if the little boy is her nephew and had the parents permission. It is CHILD PORN! She must be bored getting her picture taken laying on a bar spread out, walking out of the ocean pulling her hair back. Now she is doing child porn in her bed. ICE T DO SOMETHING! SHE'S NUTS!!!!

950 days ago

brianna simpson    

how would do that

950 days ago


this is too much

950 days ago
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