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with Her Nephew

2/10/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T's wife Coco posing naked with her infant nephew -- an innocent and adorable picture ... perfect for launching loud and heated debates with your co-workers. Trust us.


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Who took the photo first of all and thought hey what a damn good photo opp.. I mean wth...he's a baby a little human whom might see this one day not a toy grow up coco and get a damn normal name and ur husband isn't a drink either hahah slut bucket :-)

869 days ago


The problem that I have with this photo is that despite most of Coco's breast is revealed, her nipple is covered with a huge black bar. Once again the Nipple must bear the shame of being the seen as the obscene part of the human breast.Even advertisers have to use the term 'baby pacifiers' instead of using the nipple word.Janet Jackson's nipple took the blame during the Superbowl breast unveiling.It is time to respect the nipple.We must be thankful for the nipple. Just think, if it were not for the nipple Pencil Erasers would have never have been invented.

868 days ago


WHO took this pic???

867 days ago


This is so wrong on so many levels. There's nothing cute about it.

865 days ago

Carla Trenholm    

@yerppi3: I agree with your facts, but this is still unacceptable.

865 days ago


First of all, that baby doesn't even look THAT it damn well knows what boobs are, and it damn well knows those aren't his mommas boobs. Why should a little kid be exposed to his skanky aunts nudity? That's ****ed up. I don't remember sleeping in a bed with my naked aunt when I was a child...and I seriously doubt most of you do either. That's just weird and wrong.

865 days ago


I dont think its a big deal, its pretty odd but not bad. She is very close w/her sister and nephew. I think, if anything, it means she's ready and really needs her own baby.

865 days ago


Not normal. If my sister did that with my baby we would have BIG problems.

864 days ago


Ice T most likely took the photo, and it's not like a crotch shot, I don't see anything sexual in nature (although I have other thing running around in my mind *both* when looking at Coco's rack)

864 days ago

just sayin    

just ewwwwww

863 days ago

laura c    

i don't see anything wrong with this photo coco is a beautiful woman and ppl are just mad that she is laying naked with a baby. what about all the old Victorian paintings and pics of ladies aw natural?

863 days ago


Wow! What a frickn' weirdo!! Come on!! Who does this ???? I have 2 sons and I have NEVER slept naked with them and they were both breast fed! She's GROSS! and FAKE!!! Yuck what do ppl find so great about this broad! YUCK! I would so mad if my sister pulled some crap like this. CREEPER!

862 days ago


This is sooooooo gross! Coco is a HO. Why do people keep watching her? She's not even pretty, and has 0 class.

862 days ago


not right i am a mom i never was full on nude with my child even when i breast fed i was covered up wtf was she thinkin and wtf was the person taking the pic think he was doing

862 days ago


Ok, the child is clothed. Why TF is SHE naked! LOL
...and it's not about about people being ashamed of the human body.

This is just an incredibly inappropriate thing for her to do.
1. She's not breast-feeding.
2. This is not her child.

If she'd taken a regular pic to be developed at some photo hut, they'd have Child Protective services at her home in a heartbeat.
Additionally, if she were a man, in a bed, posing butt ass naked with his toddler 'niece'? EVERYONE would have a **** fit.

862 days ago
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