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with Her Nephew

2/10/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T's wife Coco posing naked with her infant nephew -- an innocent and adorable picture ... perfect for launching loud and heated debates with your co-workers. Trust us.


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so now she's a pedophile> There is no reason for her to be naked with this baby unless she is a surrogate nursing mom. And then she would only need to have one boob exposed. She should be arrested. If that was an uncle in the photo, rest assured the police would be at the door.

984 days ago


And the Million Moms are worried about Ellen doing an ad for JCP? someone needs to forward this photo to the police immediately. Who does she think she is? Above the law posing with a child in the nude? She is a porn star and porn stars are not allowed to put children in their photos without any clothing on. Period.

984 days ago


totally INAPPROPRIATE, I doubt her intentions were pedophile like, but sorry, thats how it looks! A few things, that kid is no infant! He's a toddler, second, NOT HER BABY, third what the hell is the reason for this? It's creepy, and I find it rather disturbing. WHY ARE YOU NAKED? weirdo.

984 days ago


TMZ, why are you posting a picture of Jerry Sandusky? You're going to end up polluting the jury pool.

984 days ago


THIS is absolutelyyyy DISGUSTING && i take it as a form of CHILD MOLESTATION. would you like your aunt or uncle to sleep nake next to you? NO. but of course shell get away with it because shes coco & shes a hoe.

984 days ago

Big D    

So many haters. I think its a nice photo, showing the closest that a woman has with a baby. There's nothing wrong with it.

984 days ago

LMAO ya right    

chid porn, child porn, child porn. if this happened with anyone else they'd be in jail. what the hell is wrong with our system

984 days ago

Big D    

I meant closeness not closet. Need more coffee

984 days ago


This is weird, and she is weird... she is not this babies mother, and what is the point of this? She probably tried to breast feed this baby, because she doesnt have one... the mother needs to be analyzed as well.

984 days ago


If a guy posed nude with he penis near a baby's face, he would be arrested IMMEDIATELY!

This seriously is not okay.

984 days ago


@yerppi3. I really don't know what planet you are on. There is a double standard, but that is slowly changing as well. Most women who are sexual predators are women in a position of trust. Let me get one thing straight here... I really don't think Coco is capable of hurting any child, or anyone that in the way. I have questioned some of the pictures that she has put out there for the world to see, but that could be my own insecurities because I am not happy with myself, the way she has embraced, and loves herself for who she is. She is making it okay to be a normal size, and not be ashamed of it...way to go Coco. My only problem with this picture is should be mom or dad, and no one else in bed with that child. I have experienced the same with my ex and his now kids barely knew this woman, and my children's father it was okay for his girlfriend to sleep, or even be in bed with my children. Wrong...that is a lined crossed. Here in Canada...he lied to the court, and Social Services, because it is very wrong here to do that...related or not. Only acceptable with mom and dad.

984 days ago


So what's the big deal here folks??? SHe is laying next to her baby nephew and happens to not have clothes on. Is the fact that she had giant hooters upsetting everyone? if she had teeny tiny boobs would it be ok with everyone? It's not porn, it's not sick in any way. If you have ever watched Ice Loves Coco you would see that they are pretty normal people. I actually like her from what I see on TV. She is kind, loving and caring, a tad ditzy but a nice person.

984 days ago


She is an Aunt, an Aunt does not pose nude next to her Nephew. That is not normal.

If an Uncle posed nude next to his Niece's face, he would be arrested for child porn or have sexual abuse charges filed against him.

What she is doing is child porn. Think of the sick child predators in this world, who want to see nude adults next to children, her photo is seriously ill and troubling.

984 days ago


If any of you are parents, if Uncle Teddy posed nude next to your child then put it on the world wide web, would you not be livid and pissed?

If I had a child and a relative posed nude with my child, I would have them arrested! Period. Not okay for anyone to do this, it is a form of kiddie pornography.

She went too far.

984 days ago


Can't stand that disgusting,bleached out, Jayne Mansfield wannabe.She looks like an absolute slut! An intelligent person would not be nude with a child.SICK!!! Their show is so stupid.She is so fat and unattractive, in her skin tight hooker clothing she wears.!! Boycott "Ice loves COCOOH!!

984 days ago
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