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with Her Nephew

2/10/2012 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T's wife Coco posing naked with her infant nephew -- an innocent and adorable picture ... perfect for launching loud and heated debates with your co-workers. Trust us.


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I don't think it's dirty but I don't get it. If she were the mom I would , but she's just the aunt. I don't see it as something that was done sexually but I don't get why you would release a picture like this either. So I guess I'm torn. Women give birth vaginally, they nurse with their boobs, naked women and babies are not instantly dirty or sexual because of the nakedness in my opinion. Kind of wondering why her sister thought this was a good idea?

931 days ago


Hmm. I don't think I would be comfortable with any of my sisters laying naked with my son.. and he's only 4 months old. I just don't see why they would be naked in bed with him. It's not a sexual thing, or anything like that, and I'm not afraid they'd scar him for life... it just doesn't make any logical sense. Simple as that. Why does she have to be naked with someone elses baby.... why take a picture of it... why post it online. Again, it just doesn't make any sense.

931 days ago


wow just wow

931 days ago


WHY???? Thats gross! Its not even her baby! I find that very very very weird.. creeped out. Who does that??????? What these CELEBRATIES wont do for fame now a days.."looookk atttt meeeeeeee!!!!!"

931 days ago


This is just disgusting!!! I cant believe she thinks this is ok?! I agree it was a big deal for MJ to sleep in the same bed with a child, but its ok for her to do this!!? DISGUSTING!!!!!!!

931 days ago


Anyone that considers that picture to be "innocent and adorable" needs to have their head checked.

931 days ago


If this was any else in the known world, a unknown CPS would be at her door so fast, they'd leave fire trails like the Back to the Future car.

931 days ago


EXACTLY RaineeDrops, this child should not be an accessory in a nude photo PERIOD! If this were my child I would turn this pedophile in in a heartbeat. It's NOT acceptable. Don't give me the "it's natural" crap, I would NEVER have posed with my sleeping nephew naked ever. This is not the child's mother. I have seen pictures of breast feeding mothers or mothers with their child on their bare chest but nothing like this. WEIRD.

931 days ago


This is wrong.

931 days ago


I don't find it sketchy since the child is so young (i.e. too young to know the difference). What is creeping me out is the thought of Coco naked. She is hideous when clothed, and from what I can see in the blacked out pictures her without close is even worse.

931 days ago

Fidelis Connell    

This is soooo wrong!!! If my sister did this with my kid she would be reported to the police!! it is sooo inapporite it's not even funny!! Disgusting!!

931 days ago


That girl is one white trash pig...seriously...who does that?? Its not even her kid....just plain weird....gross. Not to mention...she looks like a hooker off a corner. I dont think it matters how many times that pig showers...she still looks used an abused.

931 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

This is totally a disturbing photo.... Coco needs to have her own child and stop posing with other people's children. Someone really has to keep it real and let her know that she should keep her clothes on, she's not even sexy. No more botox her face is starting to look like Joan River.

931 days ago


The bigger question is why would she tweet such a photo?

931 days ago


so now its ok to use children as props for naked adult photo's and post it on the internet..even if the child was hers , it still would be disgusting...child services should be called. I live in Canada and if I seen this here on line or anywhere I would be phoning the authorities..what is wrong with the people in LA LA land..

931 days ago
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