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M.I.A.'s Middle Finger Stunt

Was Stupid and Childish

2/10/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

is lashing out at M.I.A.'s bird-flipping grab for attention during the Super Bowl Halftime show last weekend -- claiming the crude gesture was a "teenager ... irrelevant thing to do."

Madonna called in to "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" this morning -- saying, "I was really surprised. I didn’t know anything about it. I wasn’t happy about it."

Madonna told Ryan, "I understand it’s punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy, and positivity, it seemed negative. It’s such a teenager ... irrelevant thing to do ... there was such a feeling of love and unity there. What was the point?"

Madge added, "It was just out of place."

Madonna just called in to Carson Daly too, saying M.I.A. has since apologized to her over the incident.


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Yes, Madonna has done plenty of lewd and over the top things in her career but at least she has enough common sense to not do that stuff at an inappropriate setting like the Super Bowl. Jeez, rock stars and pop stars have been doing lewd stuff at their concerts since Jim Morrison with "The Doors" dropped his pants at a Florida gig in the late 1960...s. He got arrested for it though. He was drunk as hell I hear so he might not even remember doing it.

It's mainly the super strict, prudish, super religious people that freak out when a musician does something lewd at the Super Bowl. There were probably a few million 8-12 year old kids wearing their NFL clothes watching the game and the halftime show. That's how they are. It's understandable.

M.I.A. should have know that. I'm sure she was warned about it but she did it anyway ... to get attention and so forth. What's going to happen is that she won't be invited to do many "live" shows in the future. She might be fined by the FCC too.

987 days ago


c'mon....she did for publicity...her '15 seconds' are up!!! Next....

987 days ago


Check this out "Madonna haters". Madonna's new single is selling like crazy on iTunes and her album doesn't even come out until the end of next month. Her new "MDNA" album has more pre-orders for it on iTunes than any album in history.

"Madonna's 'Give Me All Your Luvin' Crashes The Charts. Pre-orders for upcoming MDNA have pushed the album to the #1 spot on iTunes"

987 days ago

She's baaaack    

Madonna was quite the shocker herself back in the day. Correct me if I'm wrong (as if you people would let it slide)but I think she made her own thunder instead of stealing someone else's. I'm not much of a Madonna fan, but for once in her professional life she realized that this was a huge once in a lifetime gig and she gave it all the props and even if it was bull**** she made sure to rise to the occasion. Then some ghetto azz_wipe decided to flip a camera off and drop an "f" bomb. Why would you do that?

987 days ago


Oh poor maddana That is the way madanna acted all of her life, kind of hurts when some one pees on your party. Karma baby karma

987 days ago


Madonna is lying. She knew this, because the ‘bird’ is also in the video by Madonna. At 2.17 min. See here:

How can she be surprised?

987 days ago

Liz from Australia     

And Madonna is perfect? Get over it everyone, it was just 'the bird'. Have a sense of humour. Madonna seriously needs to consider retiring. She is so out of date its ridiculous and I am sure her kids would prefer her to be home instead of prancing around on stage in leotards (over it) and with a boy young enough to date her daughter

987 days ago


This pig Madonna should talk...she has an album and movie coming out so we have to hear from this has-been again....and it gives TMZ a chance to bring up Ryan...try to make him relevant....does everyone remember all the stuff Madonna did when she was coming up in the business?...and she has the nerve to talk about flipping the finger?...all of a sudden she is the voice of reason?...with her lousy dancing and phony english accent....what a pig!...and I hear her movie sucks!

987 days ago


M.I.A. is a desperate attention seeking nobody. she is untalented and boring and had to stir up some controversy just to get noticed since no one knew her before. What a loser.

987 days ago

ella seneres    

I like to flip of the establishment too, but not on Madonna's time. I thought it was disrespectful to Madonna. I like Madonna for many reasons, but on the top of the list is that she supports various causes. And that is appreciated. Love her music and how she moves her body. You haters out there, you are just jealous you aint her, live and let live.

987 days ago


MIA is an irrelevant ghetto ho. Madge, go back to the country you live in.

987 days ago


And this is coming from a woman who posed completely nude on the cover of her book, "SEX." Hypocrite.

987 days ago

Sabine Mondestin    

She showed her finger ...So what ???

987 days ago


A lot of people are mentioning that Madonna has done provocative things herself during her career and being a hypocrite towards MIA but there is one big difference. As opposed to the MTV VMA awards where Madonna kissed Britney, Superbowl is really supposed to be wholesome family entertainment. Madonna gave her word to the NFL that she will keep it clean for families and MIA just embarrassed her with a stunt that was pointless anyways. And btw, considering the fact that she's 53 years old, Madonna's dancing wasn't so bad. As far as lip syncing goes, many of you forget that legends like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston lip-synced for Superbowl too. Its a tricky venue to perform at. She won't be the first or last to do it.

987 days ago


F**cking Brit should shove her finger up her British a**! Didn't being married to a Brit teach Madonna anything about what a suck up bunch of people they are and walk around as if they got something stuck up their a**!?? Modanna right! M.I.A. is pushing 40 years old and she's behaving like a 13 year old teenager giving the audience her middle finger.

987 days ago
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