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Michael Lohan Has It His Way

Let Me Work at BURGER KING!!!

2/10/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan filed an application with a local Burger King in Palm Beach, Florida
Michael Lohan
is finally gearing up to ask the burning question that may or may not have been on his mind for years -- "Would you like fries with that?"

Sources tell TMZ, Michael filed an application with a local Burger King in Palm Beach, Florida yesterday after he was released from a residential treatment facility -- which he was sentenced to as part of a plea deal in his domestic violence case involving ex-GF Kate Major.

According to sources, Lohan was moved to a 3-bedroom suite in Palm Partners halfway house after his rehab release -- and the counselors at the treatment center recommended he get a real job to pass the time ... until his final release on March 16th.

We're told the job's primary purpose isn't to make money -- though $7.75 an hour ain't bad -- it's to help residents like Michael slowly assimilate back into normal society.

So far, it's unclear if he locked down the burger-flipping gig.


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Uh guys, don't you realize that if Milo is making the burgers then he might be messing with the meat. No telling what he might put inside someones burger or shake. You know he reads all the nasty stuff people say about him. So maybe in his whacked out brain he might feel he is getting even. Look your food over closely people if you see Lohan with his hands on your food. Ewwwwwww

922 days ago


7.75 ain't bad??? you can't be serious i earn $30 bucks an hour..... how is 7.75 ain't bad thats so absurd!

922 days ago


I can just see it now Milo behind the counter taking orders:

Milo: Do you like Lindsay?
customer: uh No!
Milo: Then no burgers for you, next customer
Milo: Do you like my daughter Lindsay?
next customer: No I do not!
Milo: Then get out! no burgers for you, next
The boss then changes Milo's position and he is now the cook. To be continued......

922 days ago


So he thinks FLIPPING A BURGER and FLIPPING OUT are the same thing? Might want that "qualification" work for him as as employee sweeping up at the NUT HOUSE.

922 days ago


aaaaw, you poor pathetic little thing. you go ON with your cardboard crown. you ARE the burger king! YAAAAAAY!

922 days ago


This would be good for his recovery. Give up the Ego and humble himself and get a JOB instead of living off the media and interviews about his family. Good for you Michael it looks like your taking action for your recovery. I hope you stay far away from Kate shes nuts.

922 days ago


Milo is now the cook and is standing in front of the stove:

Milo: How do you turn this on?
employee shows him.
Milo: Now what? what's this thing?
employee: it's a spatula.
Milo: What's it used for? Smacking gals on the fanny?
employee: Not funny Mr Lohan
Milo: Where's the beef?
employee: Not funny Mr Lohan
Milo not paying attention leans against the stove and puts its hand on the grill. Milo just stood there for a second with a dumb look on his face before jumping around like a toad on a hot skillet. Milo's face was also turning red and he was sceaming his fool head off.
The boss has now moved Milo into the wrapping the burgers position.
To be continued........

922 days ago


Hmmmmm.....any guesses as to who has formed a bond with the "dislike" button??

922 days ago

Jay W.     

Burger King sucks ! Jack or Carls is where you need to be.

922 days ago


TMZ, just letting you know there are no Burger Kings on Palm Beach, It would have to be in West Palm Beach!

922 days ago


I guarantee you he s not working at a Burger King on PALM there are no tacky BK on PB.

922 days ago


Would you like fries and Drama with that ?

922 days ago


IF he gets the job, my guess is this will be the scene of his next breakdown.

922 days ago


sexual harrasment lawsuit coming soon..when he tries to show co workers his whopper Jr.

922 days ago


You mean he doesn't want to become a counselor like the rest of them?

922 days ago
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