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Bobby Brown

"Crying Fits" Over Whitney

But Trying to Perform Concert

2/11/2012 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown is distraught and in and out of crying fits
Bobby Brown is distraught and "in and out of crying fits" ... after getting the news that Whitney Houston is dead -- but his New Edition band mates are by his side trying to console him.

New Edition has a concert tonight in Mississippi -- and believe it or not sources close to the group tell TMZ ... not only will New Edition go on as scheduled, but as of now Bobby is also planning to perform.

We're told Bobby is going to try to get through the entire show.

Bobby and Whitney had an infamously tumultuous 15 year marriage.

We're told Bobby started the show by addressing the crowd, pointing to the sky, and saying, "I love you."


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Straight Talkin Texan    

If he performs anyway, then it's official: He has no soul.

922 days ago


Dont Cry....Dont Cry Baby....Dont Cryyyyy Baby....Dry Yours and forget your sweetheart again. He took you down....He made you frown......Bobby Brown and his drugs cost you your Crown....But dont cry.....dont cry...ohhhhhhdont Cry. Rot in Hell Bobby FKN Brown! You Dope addict diva killin POS!

922 days ago


Bobby Brown steals the Crown of a Queen~! You POS Bobby Brown! You happy now *****h? Who wants you now? DOG!Burn in HELL!!!! Punk!

922 days ago


Bobby Brown should kill himself. He is the one who got Whitney all hooked up on dope.

People need to stop acting like drugs are harmless. The stuff will kill you one way or another.

922 days ago


Get real, Bobby Brown didn't do this to her. She's a big girl who makes her own decisions. Not to mention theyve been over for a while....

922 days ago


Stop being stupid. U people are hypocrites. No Bobby is not my favorite person, yes he did play a role in her downfall...thats a fact. But just because u dont get along well as husband and wife doesnt mean u dont hurt. Many of u hav close people (sis, bro, uncle, cousin, etc) that bring out d worst in you...they've done u wrong or u just cant get along...but you love them nevertheless. Dont forget Whitney and Bobby have a children together. No matter who u are that must be hard to face that someone u were married to and had a child by is gone!!!! What no more fights and making up, no more hanging up saying im sorry, no more laughs about who messed up the worst, no more sharing stories that only the two of them could understand, no more sharing whats going on in the kids life....NO ITS DONE, NO MORE SECOND CHANCES, SHE IS GONE, NO MORE..ANYTHING. Dont be stupid this man like anyone of us is hurting over alot.

922 days ago


No one knows how Whitney started using drugs, but we do know that she and Bobby had a connection, and the love was always there - Lucy felt the same way about Desi, Cher felt the same way about Sonny - divorce doesn't mean the love is gone, and that's why he's crying now. My prayers go out to their daughter, her parents, Bobby, and the rest of their family and friends. Rest in peace Whitney.

922 days ago


Bobby didn't kill her,she did it to herself. I LOVE Whitney, but she said it in an interview before, she was not an angel. How do we know she didn't turn him out on the coke?

922 days ago

janis joplin    

Hey Bobby. You are not a real man. A real man leads the woman he loves to a good place in life. You dragged this beautiful and talented lady into the gutter with you.This is ALL your fault punk!!

922 days ago

Lady Smythe    

He should feel bad. He is the POS that started her down the road to ruin. I believe he was jealous because she was a true natural talent and he was nothing. Shame on you Bobby.

922 days ago


I'm reading these comments and all I can say is "GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT"! Bobby didn't get this woman on drugs , in fact , she introduced it to him . Bobby caused nothing that happened to that woman , not saying he did nothing wrong , but whatever she did , she did it to herself . They were both really big back in the 90's . My brother worked for Bobby and he was a devout work-a-holic . Don't be soo eager to blame that man for Whitney's demise . By the way , she admitted on TV years ago that she got Bobby hooked on drugs , but people are still ready to bASH him . Thats whats sad to me . Either way , RIP Whitney ....

922 days ago

cindy lou    

Bobby Brown ruined Whitney Houston and Introduced her to drugs! He should have crying fits for the rest of his life for destroying such an amazing talent and bringing a helpless child into this toxic environment!

RIP Whitney and prayers to their daughter and family!

922 days ago


I dont why he is on stage when he should be greeving with his daughter she just lost her mother... and about the drug subject they both abused them as a couple they should of both fought to stay off of them... and people its called LOVE. LOVE makes you do stupid things!!!! RIP Ms. WH

922 days ago


Of course he's devastated...he wanted her to die while they were still married and he was in the will.

922 days ago


First of all Whitney was a grown woman when she decided to do drugs. If it wasn't Bobby it would have been someone else to introduce her to drugs. She tried it, she liked it and she got hooked and now she's dead. Is it sad that she threw her life away for a drug, yes it is, but she's not the only one who threw their lives away for a substance. Drugs is an equal opportunity destroyer of lives. It doesnt matter how rich you are or how poor you are its a killer. Now she's at peace. Chasing the pipe had to be a horrible way to live.

922 days ago
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